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ISAIAH 29:24



Editor's introduction (Quaker Heritage Press) [12 KB]

[Volume 1]

Testimony of George Fox Concerning Isaac Penington [5 KB; p. 1]

Testimony of Thomas Ellwood Concerning Isaac Penington [26 KB; p. 3]

The Way of Life and Death made manifest, and set before men [207 KB; p. 14]

Some positions concerning the Apostasy from the Christian spirit [p. 18]
Some Principles guiding out of the Apostasy, to the Christian spirit [p. 60]
A Testimony of great concernment to all called Christians [p. 90]
A brief Account of what we are, and what our work is in the world [p. 92]
An Addition concerning the doctrine of Justification [p. 96]
The scattered Sheep sought after [77 KB; p. 101]
A Lamentation; with a call to mourning and lamentation, &c. [p. 104]
Some Propositions concerning the only way of Salvation [p. 111]
The fundamental Principle of the Gospel [p. 116]
A short Catechism for the sake of the Simple-hearted [p. 120]
Babylon the Great described [145 KB; p. 134]
The Sins of Babylon [p. 148]
The judgment of Babylon [p. 169]
Some plain Queries drawn out of the Book of the Revelations [p. 182]
Some Considerations, helping out of the Suburbs of Babylon, &c. [p. 184]
An Exhortation to the Present Powers [p. 187]
The Jew outward: being a Glass for the Professors of this Age [74 KB; p. 195]

The Axe laid to the Root of the old corrupt Tree [117 KB; p. 226]

Some Assertions concerning Faith, its Nature, Rise, &c. [p. 239]
A necessary warning, of great importance to all called Christians [p. 249]
A brief History of the state of the Church since the Apostle's days [p. 261]
An Exhortation to the present Age, relating to the workings of the mystery of Iniquity, and the mystery of Godliness [p. 268]
To the Parliament, the Army, and all the Well-affected in the Nation, who have been faithful to the Good Old Cause [13 KB; p. 276]

A brief account of Some Reasons why the Quakers cannot do some things, and forbear doing some things; for which they suffer, &c. [7 KB; p. 282]

Some Considerations proposed to the City of London, &c. [6 KB; p. 285]

Some Considerations proposed to the distracted Nation of England [11 KB; p. 287]

To the Army [2 KB; p. 292]

A Question proposed to the Rulers, Teachers, and People of England [18 KB; p. 293]

An examination of the Grounds or Causes which are said to induce the Court of Boston, to make that Law of Banishment &c. [213 KB; p. 301]

Examination of the Appendix of John Norton's Book [p. 353]
Answer to another Paper called "A True Relation &c." [p. 373]
The Authority which Christ excluded out of his Church [p. 377]
Some Considerations concerning the state of Things, &c. [25 KB; p. 391]

A Warning of Love from the Bowels of Life to Professors [21 KB; p. 402]

Where is the Wise, where is the Scribe? &c. [24 KB; p. 411]

[Volume 2]

The Root of Popery struck at [53 KB; p. 1]
Somewhat concerning the Ground of Error, and the Way, &c. [p. 22]
An Epistle to such as observe the Seventh Day for a Sabbath [9 KB; p. 25]

The New Covenant . . . distinguished from the Old [120 KB; p. 29]

Some Queries answered [p. 49]
A Brief Explication of the Mystery of the Six Days' Labor, &c. [p. 71]
Some Considerations propounded to the Jews [p. 76]
Some Queries and Considerations proposed to the Cavaliers [18 KB; p. 84]

Some Queries concerning the Work of God in the World [20 KB; p. 92]

An Advertisement to the Powers and People of this Nation [p. 96]
Consideration of a Position conc. the Book of Common Prayer [67 KB; p. 101]
A Warning of Tender Bowels to the Rulers, Teachers, &c. [p. 121]
Of the Kingdom, Laws, and Government of Christ &c. [p. 125]
An Answer to that Common Objection against the Quakers &c. [20 KB; p. 131]
A Loving and Faithful Advertisement to the Nation, &c. [p. 136]
The Great Question concerning the Lawfulness or Unlawfulness of Swearing under the Gospel [24 KB; p. 140]

Somewhat spoken to a Weighty Question concerning the Magistrate's Protection of the Innocent [39 KB; p. 151]

Some Considerations for the Serious and Wise in Heart [p. 160]
A brief Account of what the People called Quakers desire in Reference to Civil Government [p. 163]
A few words to such as have felt the Power of Endless Life &c. [p. 166]
A few Words about the present Work of God in the World [p. 167]
Concerning Persecution [66 KB; p. 170]
A brief Account of the Stubbornness which by many &c. [p. 194]
Some Directions to the Panting Soul [23 KB; p. 200]

Concerning the worship of the Living God, which He teacheth &c. [17 KB; p. 200]

Some Questions and Answers relating to Conversion &c. [p. 214]
Some Questions and Answers for ... the Jews Natural [103 KB; p. 218]
Some Questions and Answers for the Direction, Comfort, Help, and Furtherance of God's Spiritual Israel [p. 233]
Some Questions and Answers Conducing towards the further Opening of the Path of Redemption [p. 245]
Some Questions and Answers Showing Man his Duty [42 KB; p. 266]
Some Questions & Answers Concerning the Seed of Israel, &c. [p. 277]
To all Such as Complain they Want Power [32 KB; p. 287]

Some Queries to the Professors of this Age [10 KB; p. 301]

Some Observations on that Portion of Scripture, Rom. 14:20. [14 KB; p. 305]

Three Queries Propounded to the King and Parliament [20 KB; p. 312]

A Salutation of Love to the Commissioners of Peace, &c. [7 KB; p. 321]

A Weighty Question Propounded to the King and Parliament [18 KB; p. 324]

Concerning the Persuasions of Reason and Faith in Religion [p. 329]
Some of the Mysteries of God's Kingdom Glanced at [61 KB; p. 332]
Some Questions & Answers of deep Concernment to the Jews [p. 353]
Some Queries concerning the Order and Government of the Church [29 KB; p. 361]

Some Deep Considerations Concerning the State of Israel [31 KB; p. 374]

Some Questions and Answers Concerning Spiritual Unity [p. 385]
Concerning God's Seeking out His Israel [45 KB; p. 388]
Concerning the Seed, or Inward Principle, whereby Life &c. [p. 394]
Concerning the Two Covenants [p. 398]
To Friends in England, Ireland, Scotland, Holland, &c. [23 KB; p. 409]

One more tender Visitation to the Men of this Generation [6 KB; p. 419]

Concerning the Church, or Church State under the Gospel [42 KB; p. 422]

Some Queries to the Professors of Christianity [p. 436]
Some Observations upon the Eternal Judgment [p. 437]
Concerning the Substance of our Religion who are called Quakers [36 KB; p. 441]
Concerning Christ, and Reading the Scriptures aright [p. 446]
Concerning the Gospel Ministration [p. 450]
Concerning Christ's being Manifested without and also within [p. 451]
A few Words concerning the Principle of Truth; what it is, &c. [p. 454]

[Volume 3]

Some things of great Weight and Concernment to All [39 KB; p. 1]

A Question to the Professors of Christianity [114 KB; p. 18]

Some Queries concerning Christ and his Appearances [p. 35]
Some Propositions and Considerations conc. Church Worship [p. 51]
The sounding of Bowels towards thee, O England [p. 55]
A Faithful Guidance to the Principle and Path of Truth [p. 57]
Some Questions and Answers from the Tenth Chapter of John [p. 63]
To Such as are not satisfied with a Profession, without the true Life [24 KB; p. 68]
Concerning applying the Promises [p. 72]
A Postscript concerning Deceit and being Deceived [p. 76]
Observations on some passages of Lodowick Muggleton [64 KB; p. 78]
A Brief Account of my soul's travel towards the Holy Land [p. 99]
Some Things relating to Religion, proposed to the Royal Society [43 KB; p. 106]
Concerning the Ground of Certainty and Assurance in Religion [p. 108]
Of Tenderness of Spirit, and Persecution [p. 111]
A Query concerning Separation [p. 112]
Concerning the Washing away of Sin from the Conscience [p. 113]
Questions and Answers concerning the Church of the New Covenant [p. 116]
Some Queries to professors who speak of high Attainments [p. 122]
Of the Church in its pure, declining, and declined state, and recovery [164 KB; p. 125]
The Way of Salvation in the Covenant of Life Opened [p. 144]
Some Queries concerning the New Covenant [p. 156]
An Exhortation to all People, especially the Desolate and Distressed [p. 158]
A Visit of tender and upright Love to Professors who are sincere [p. 161]
A Brief Account of the ground of Certainty and Satisfaction, &c. [p. 173]
A Question answered about the way of knowing the Motions, &c. [p. 176]
Somewhat touching the Gospel Rest, or Sabbath [p. 183]
Some Queries to Such as Complain of want of Power to become, &c. [p. 186]
Postscript containing more Queries concerning the New Covenant [p. 192]
An inquiry after Truth and Righteousness, and after the People, &c. [14 KB; p. 196]
Some Queries on the Fifty-fourth Chapter of Isaiah [p. 198]
The Holy Truth and People Defended, in answer to a letter, &c. [97 KB; p. 202]

The Ancient principle of Truth, or the Light within, asserted [80 KB; p. 244]

An appeal to God's witness in all Consciences [p. 263]
Naked Truth, or truth nakedly Manifesting itself [141 KB; p. 279]
Some Experiences added [p. 306]
A Few Words concerning the true Christ, how certainly known [p. 336]
A Few Words in Love and good-will to my native Country [p. 338]
The Flesh and Blood of Christ in the Mystery, and in the Outward [67 KB; p. 341]
A Brief Account concerning the People called Quakers [p. 355]
A Few Words concerning the way of Peace [p. 360]
Postscript concerning the Sufferings of the People called Quakers [p. 364]
An Exhortation to true Christianity [p. 366]
To the Jews Natural, and to the Jews Spiritual [97 KB; p. 370]
A Few Words to England, my native Country [p. 389]
Three Queries upon three verses of the Forty-sixth Psalm [p. 391]
Concerning the true Church and Ministry under the Gospel [p. 393]
Some Questions Answered concerning the Lamb's War [p. 396]
Some Sensible, weighty Queries concerning some things very sweet, &c. [p. 404]
Postscript containing some Queries on Isaiah 50:10-11 [p. 409]
The Everlasting Gospel and its blessed Effects Testified to [13 KB; p. 412]

[Volume 4]

A Further Testimony to Truth, revived out of the ruins of the apostasy [111 KB; p. 1]
Concerning the True Church and Ministry [p. 6]
An Objection concerning the newness of the way of Truth answered [p. 9]
A Caution to those who are touched with the Power of Truth [p. 12]
An Objection against the Principle we bear witness to answered [p. 18]
Some Questions and Answers concerning the New Covenant [p. 19]
A Question or two relating to Election, answered [p. 25]
Concerning Men's misunderstanding and wresting of Scriptures [p. 26]
Questions, Answers, and Queries concerning Deceit and Deceivers [p. 28]
The Way of Life and Salvation freely held forth by God to all [p. 31]
Some Questions answered concerning the Spirit of Christ, &c. [p. 35]
Questions answered concerning Blaspheming and Blasphemers [p. 37]
A Question concerning Miracles answered [p. 41]
Some further Questions answered concerning the New Covenant [p. 43]
A Brief Account concerning Silent Meetings [p. 47]
Life and Immortality brought to Light through the Gospel [278 KB; p. 50]
A Few Words to those that desire the knowledge of true God [p. 53]
Queries concerning the State of the Church in the Apostles' days, &c. [p. 55]
Queries on Chap. 29 and 30 of Deuteronomy compared with Romans 10 [p. 58]
Queries concerning Destruction and Salvation [p. 60]
Queries on Colossians 1:27-29 [p. 61]
Queries concerning the Way of Life, and Mystery of the Gospel [p. 63]
Queries concerning Righteousness and Justification [p. 66]
Queries about being under the Law, and being under Grace [p. 67]
Queries for the Professors of Christianity to consider of, &c. [p. 68]
A Question answered about Preaching the Gospel after the Apostasy [p. 70]
Two Questions answered [p. 73]
Of the Threefold appearance of Christ [p. 75]
Concerning Mount Sinai, and Mount Zion [p. 82]
Of the Signification of Mount Sinai, and Mount Zion [p. 84]
Concerning the Temple and Sacrifices under the Gospel [p. 86]
Some Questions conc. the Light of Christ's Spirit answered [p. 87]
The way to know one's election, and to be fully assured of it [p. 93]
Some Observations concerning the Priesthood of Christ [p. 97]
A Relation of the Estate or Condition the Lord found many of us in [p. 106]
Concerning the Gospel State [p. 115]
Concerning Baptism [p. 125]
Some Questions and Answers concerning the Gentiles, &c. [p. 135]
Concerning the Rule of the Children of the New Covenant [p. 138]
Queries concerning the Law or Word, Statutes, Testimonies and judgments which David was so delighted in... [p. 141]
Some Observations on 2 Peter 3:14-16 [p. 145]
Concerning the Gospel Ministry [p. 148]
A few Words concerning the Old and New Covenant [p. 150]
Queries on Romans 6, 7, and 8 [p. 152]
A Further testimony conc. the Work of God upon our hearts [p. 159]
A Brief Account of the Ground of our Worship [p. 161]
Queries concerning knowing and owning the Lord Jesus Christ truly [p. 163]
A Query added concerning Imputation [p. 167]
A Reply to thy Animadversions [85 KB; p. 170]

Experiences concerning things relating to God's everlasting Kingdom [49 KB; p. 207]

A Faithful Testimony concerning the true and pure Way of Life [p. 207]
Concerning the Perfecting of God's Work in the Heart [p. 209]
Concerning the true Christ, how it may be known which is he [p. 211]
Some Queries to such as affirm the Scriptures to be the only Rule [p. 212]
Concerning the Light, wherewith Christ enlighteneth every man [p. 214]
A Few Words further concerning Perfection [p. 215]
Concerning Imputation of Righteousness [p. 217]
Some Queries concerning the Time and Work of Reformation [p. 218]
Some Queries concerning the Spirit of Christ [p. 222]
Of the True Way, and of the True Teaching and Knowledge [p. 225]
Concerning Separation from the Spirit and Ways of the World [p. 226]
A Treatise concerning God's Teaching, and Christ's Law [77 KB; p. 229]
Concerning God's Teachings [p. 231]
Concerning the Law of Christ [p. 234]
A Brief Relation concerning myself [p. 237]
A Question about Preaching the Everlasting Gospel answered [p. 240]
Concerning Christ's Ministry and Priesthood [p. 242]
Concerning the true knowledge of Christ [p. 242]
A Few Words more about the right way of knowing [p. 244]
Concerning Christ's Righteousness [p. 245]
Of the Grace of the Gospel; [p. 248]
A Question answered concerning Real Holiness [p. 251]
Concerning the Law of Sin..., and the Law of Life [p. 253]
Concerning God's Gathering us Home to Himself [p. 256]
Concerning the Worship which our God hath taught us [p. 261]
A Question answered concerning Reading the Scriptures Aright [23 KB; p. 263]
A Few Words to such as complain of Want of Power [p. 272]
Somewhat relating to Church Government [68 KB; p. 273]
Remarks on a late Book entitled "Antichrist's Transformations" [p. 276]
Some Misrepresentations of me concerning Church Government [75 KB; p. 303]
Three or four considerations added conc. Church Government [p. 327]
The Seed of God, and of his Kingdom treated and testified of [50 KB; p. 336]
What is hid or wrapped up in this Precious, Heavenly Seed [p. 341]
The Nature of this Seed [p. 348]
Of the Effects [p. 349]
Some Queries concerning God's Kingdom, whereby the Seed thereof may be the better illustrated and understood [p. 352]
An Epistle to all serious Professors of the Christian Religion [20 KB; p. 358]

A Reply to an answer to Queries by I.P. concerning gospel Baptism [69 KB; p. 367]

Epistles to Friends [42 KB; p. 397]

Some Queries concerning Compulsion in Religion [8 KB; p. 415]

Concerning the Dispensation of the Gospel, or the Dispensation of the Son in Spirit, which is the last dispensation [14 KB; p. 419]

Experiences concerning God's Way, Truth, Church, and People [15 KB; p. 425]

Concerning the Times and Seasons, both which have been, and are yet to be [13 KB; p. 431]

Index [p. 437; contained in 8 files of 40-95 KB each]

Letters of Isaac Penington

[in volume 1]
To his father [9 KB; p. 421]
[in volume 2]
To Thomas Ellwood [2 KB; p. 457]
To King Charles II [6 KB; p. 457]
To ------- ------- [3 KB; p. 460]
To A Parent [4 KB; p. 461]
To Bridget Atley [5 KB; p. 463]
To One who sent a paper of Richard Baxter's [3 KB; p. 465]
To A Friend in London; supposed to be written on occasion of the Plague. [2 KB; p. 466]
To Elizabeth Walmsley [2 KB; p. 467]
To Friends at Horton and thereabouts [7 KB; p. 468]
To A Friend [1 KB; p. 470]
To Friends in Truth in and about the two Chalfonts. [4 KB; p. 471]
To Elizabeth Walmsley, of Giles Chalfont [2 KB; p. 472]
To The Earl of Bridgewater [6 KB; p. 473]
To ------- ------- [4 KB; p. 476]
To ------- ------- [3 KB; p. 477]
To Friends in Truth in and about the two Chalfonts [7 KB; p. 479]
To M. E. [1 KB; p. 481]
To The single, upright-hearted, and faithful Friends of Truth, in and about the two Chalfonts [10 KB; p. 482]
To Friends in Amersham [2 KB; p. 486]
To His children, J.J. and M.P. [10 KB; p. 487]
To Dear Friends, Brethren, and Sisters in the Truth, in and about the two Chalfonts. [3 KB; p. 491]
To The Friends at Chalfont, in Buckinghamshire [3 KB; p. 492]
To George Fox [2 KB; p. 493]
To Friends of both the Chalfonts [12 KB; p. 494]
To ------- ------- [5 KB; p. 499]
To M. S. [2 KB; p. 501]
To His Brother [9 KB; p. 502]
To ------- ------- [3 KB; p. 505]
To Bridget Atley [5 KB; p. 507]
[in volume 3]
To Friends [3 KB; p. 418]
To ------- ------- [4 KB; p. 419]
To ------- ------- [5 KB; p. 420]
To A couple about to Marry [2 KB; p. 422]
To Miles Stanclif [3 KB; p. 423]
To John Mannock [9 KB; p. 424]
To John Mannock [4 KB; p. 428]
To ------- ------- [3 KB; p. 429]
To Catherine Pordage [5 KB; p. 430]
To Thomas Walmsley [5 KB; p. 433]
To Elizabeth Walmsley [5 KB; p. 435]
To Widow Hemmings [3 KB; p. 436]
To ------- ------- [5 KB; p. 438]
To Nathanael Stonar [5 KB; p. 439]
To Widow Hemmings [12 KB; p. 441]
To ------- ------- [3 KB; p. 446]
To ------- ------- [7 KB; p. 447]
To Widow Hemmings [8 KB; p. 450]
To Elizabeth Walmsley [2 KB; p. 454]
To Elizabeth Stonar [3 KB; p. 454]
To ------- ------- [3 KB; p. 456]
To ------- ------- [2 KB; p. 457]
To ------- ------- [3 KB; p. 457]
To The Friend of Francis Fines [12 KB; p. 459]
To The Lady Conway [5 KB; p. 463]
To ------- ------- [3 KB; p. 465]
To ------- ------- [2 KB; p. 467]
To ------- ------- [3 KB; p. 467]
To Widow Hemmings [3 KB; p. 469]
To Catherine Pordage [3 KB; p. 470]
To ------- ------- [3 KB; p. 471]
To Catherine Pordage [6 KB; p. 472]
To Nathanael Stonar [10 KB; p. 474]
To Nathanael Stonar [6 KB; p. 479]
To Catherine Pordage [10 KB; p. 481]
To Catherine Pordage and another [5 KB; p. 485]
To ------- ------- [8 KB; p. 487]
To Ann Fleetwood [8 KB; p. 490]
To Widow Hemmings [6 KB; p. 494]
To Thomas and Ann Mudd [5 KB; p. 496]
To Colonel Kenrick [8 KB; p. 498]
To Widow Hemmings [3 KB; p. 501]
To ------- ------- [6 KB; p. 502]
To Elizabeth Stonar [9 KB; p. 505]
To ------- ------- [2 KB; p. 508]
To Widow Hemmings [3 KB; p. 509]
To Catherine Pordage [5 KB; p. 510]
To Suffering Friends in Scotland [5 KB; p. 512]
To His Brother Arthur [8 KB; p. 514]
To Sir William Armorer (so styled) [4 KB; p. 517]
To The Lady Conway [4 KB; p. 519]
To James Eeles [4 KB; p. 521]
To Dulcibella Laiton [4 KB; p. 522]
To Thomas Walmsley [4 KB; p. 524]
To George Winkfield [4 KB; p. 525]
To Sir William Drake (so styled) [6 KB; p. 527]
To The Women's Meeting of Friends in the Truth, at John Mannock's [5 KB; p. 529]
To Those Persons that Drink of the Waters at Astrop Wells [3 KB; p. 531]
To Such as Drink of the Waters at Astrop Wells [4 KB; p. 532]
To One who Sent a Message to him at Astrop Wells [4 KB; p. 534]
To The Women Friends that meet at Armscot in Worcestershire [5 KB; p. 535]
To the Scholars that disturb Friends in meetings at Oxford [3 KB; p. 537]
[in supplement to volume 4]
To S. W. [4 KB; p. 1]
To the Lady Conway [5 KB; p. 2]
To S. W. [8 KB; p. 4]
To M. Hiorns [5 KB; p. 7]
To Sarah Elgar [3 KB; p. 8]
To William Rolls [3 KB; p. 9]
To the Poor among Friends [4 KB; p. 10]
To Sarah Bond [6 KB; p. 11]
To Friends at Lewes [3 KB; p. 13]
To _______ _______ [6 KB; p. 14]
To E. Terry [5 KB; p. 16]
To a Near Relative [5 KB; p. 18]
To Richard Roberts [4 KB; p. 19]
To the Independents at Canterbury [6 KB; p. 21]
To Francis Pordage [4 KB; p. 23]
To I. H. [5 KB; p. 24]
To Bridget Atley [4 KB; p. 26]
To Abraham Grimsden [4 KB; p. 27]
To _______ _______ [3 KB; p. 28]
To _______ _______ [6 KB; p. 29]
To _______ _______ [3 KB; p. 31]
To _______ _______ [9 KB; p. 32]
To Ruth Palmer [11 KB; p. 35]
To Joseph Wright [4 KB; p. 39]


[in volume 1]
Appendix A. Additional Testimonies for Isaac Penington [68 KB; p. 425]

Appendix B. Joseph Bevan's Review of the Writings of Isaac Penington [176 KB; p. 449]

Appendix C. A Touchstone or Trial of Faith [67 KB; p. 515]