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Concerning whom I feel a travail, this is the sense of my heart in relation to thee.

There is a pure seed of life which God hath sown in thee; oh that it might come through, and come over all that is above it, and contrary to it! And for that end wait daily to feel it, and to <523> feel thy mind subdued by it, and joined to it. Take heed of looking out, in the reasonings of thy mind, but dwell in the feeling sense of life; and then that will arise in thee more and more, which maketh truly wise, and gives power, and brings into the holy authority and dominion of life. Many that have been long travelling, are now entering into their possessions and inheritance, which the Lord is daily enlarging in them, and to them. Oh that thy lot may be among them, inwardly witnessed and possessed by thee! Prize inward exercises, griefs, and troubles, and let faith and patience have their perfect work in them. Oh, desire to be good, upright, and perfect in God's sight! and wait to feel the life, Spirit and power which makes so. Come out of the knowledge and comprehension about things, into the feeling life; and let that be thy knowledge and wisdom, which thou receivest and retainest in the feeling life; and that will lead thee into the footsteps of the flock, without reasoning, consulting, or disputing.

Oh! wait to be taught and enabled by God to fetch right steps in thy travels, and to take up the cross and despise the shame in every thing, wherein that wisdom, will, and mind, which is to be crucified, would be judge; for it will judge amiss and lead aside, if it be hearkened to by thee. The Lord show thee the snares and dangers to which thou art liable, and lead thee out of them; that whatever hindereth may be discovered to thee, and thy mind singly joined to that which discovereth, that so it may be removed out of the way; and all crooked things be made straight in thee, and the rough plain, and the high low, and the low high, and the weak and foolish strong and wise, and the wise and strong weak and foolish. Oh! wait to feel and understand my words, that thy conversation may be ordered aright by the power and wisdom of God; and that thou mayst inwardly come to witness the glorious coming of Him, who is the salvation of God, and in whom thou shalt not fail to see the salvation of God.

Thou must be very low, weak, and foolish, that the seed may arise in thee to exalt thee, and become thy strength and wisdom; and thou must die exceedingly, again and again, more and more, inwardly and deeply! that thy life may spring up from the holy root and stock; and thou mayest be more and more gathered into it, spring up into it, and live alone in the life, <524> virtue, and power thereof. The travel is long, the exercises many, the snares, temptations, and dangers many; and yet the mercy, relief, and help is great also.

Oh that thou mayst feel thy calling and election, thy sinking down, springing up, and establishment in the pure seed, in the light and righteousness thereof over all; that thou mayst sing songs of degrees to the Redeemer of Israel, and mayest daily more and more partake of and rejoice in him, who is our joy, and the crown thereof.

Thy friend, in the most sincere, tender love,

I. P.

11th of Fifth Month, 1677