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Whom I have always truly and faithfully loved as in the sight of the Lord, and to whom my love in the Lord still continues.

Since I heard of thy illness and weakness, by M. S., whom I desired to visit thee, I have had an earnest desire to see thee; and have been considering how to effect it, but cannot with any convenience at present, as my friend T. E., the bearer hereof, can further inform thee. But the desires of my heart to the God of my life are, that he would give thee a visit in his tender pity, and guide and help thee to stay thy mind upon himself, in his most precious truth; of which he hath not only given thee a taste, but, many times, a full sense and experience.

O my dear friend! that nothing might come between thy soul and God's truth; that thy comfort, peace, and joy might be full, and that thou mightst lay down thy head quietly in the bosom of Him who loves thee, and accepts the sincere desires of thy heart towards him; as I have always told thee, and as is still true concerning thee. Mind not temptations nor accusations, nor the many noises the enemy will make in thee and against thee, to the Lord; but wait to feel truth and life springing in thy heart from the holy well, and to hear the still voice of the Spirit of the Lord; and he will testify his love to thee, and speak peace.

Oh! the tender bowels of my heavenly Father relieve thee; and gather thee inwardly in thither, and preserve thee there, where the enemy cannot break in upon thee. Look not upon thy sins, even since thou hast known the truth, wherein thou mightest have met with strength against and preservation from sin, and have been in some measure blessed by the Lord; but wait to feel somewhat inwardly, wherein God appears and breathes, and gathers, and receives, and eases of the loads, fears, doubts, troubles, temptations, and accusations, &c.; and the Lord God of my life and tender mercies, which he hath made sure to my soul in the everlasting covenant, give thee solid peace and consolation <470> in the Son of his love, through the measure of his grace and truth springing in thy heart, and staying thy mind upon him.

Oh! feel the seed, and the faith which springs from the seed, which gives victory over the enemy, and all his mysterious workings in the heart.

Thy friend, in the truest and most sincere love,

I. P.