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David saw through the sacrifices and burnt offerings in his time; and the spiritual eye sees through all shadows to the substance, which have no place in the brightness of the day of God: and outward washing is no more than outward circumcision, -- no more of a gospel nature, -- nor can avail any more, but is of the nature of the things that were to be shaken and pass away; that the spiritual kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the things which cannot be shaken might remain.

I could say very much to every passage of thy letter; but to what purpose would it be? The Lord give thee a sense, where the true understanding is given, and teach thee aright to wait for it; that thou mayst receive it from him, and thereby discern the nature of that wisdom, from which God hath hid the mystery in all ages and generations, and from which he hides it still; that so thou mayest experimentally know what it is to become a fool in <10> thyself for Christ's sake, that thou mayst be wise in him; concerning which, it is easy to have many notions in the mind, but hard to come to the true experience of.

These are the breathings of my heart for thee, in the flowings of my love; who desire that thou mayst not seek after the knowledge of the Scriptures in that which cannot understand them; but mayst meet with the right key, and the right understanding, wherein thy soul will be safe and happy; which is my heart's desire for thee, who am a real friend and well-wisher to thy soul in the Lord.

I. P.