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I ENTREAT you to consider what is within written for your eternal good; and be not deceived by the enemy of your souls, in things of an everlasting concern.

Some queries propounded to your consideration, in the tender melting love of my heart towards your everlasting welfare.

First query. Is not the great God, who created heaven and earth, light, pure light, spiritual light, eternal light, in whom is no darkness at all? 1 John 1:5.

Second query. Is not man, in his natural, unregenerate, <533> corrupt state, darkness? And can he possibly, in that state, have any union or fellowship with the great God and Saviour? See Eph. 5:8. 2 Cor. 4:6. 1 John 1:6.

Third query. Doth not the great God, in his tender love to mankind, cause his pure, heavenly light to shine in man's heart, in this his dark and corrupt state? 2 Cor. 6:6. John 1:5.

Fourth query. What is the end of God's causing his pure light to shine in man's corrupt heart? Is it not, that man might be turned from darkness, and from the power of Satan, which keeps him in darkness, to the light which God causeth to shine in him, and to God from whom this light comes? Acts 26:18. that so, following Christ, and not walking in darkness, he might obtain the light of life? John 8:12.

Fifth query. Doth man, in his natural corrupt state, love this light, when it shines in him; or rather hate it? And can he hate it, without hating God from whom it comes, and of whose nature it is?

Sixth query. Why doth man, in his natural corrupt state, hate this light? Is it not, because his deeds are evil; and because he would continue in his evil deeds, without being disturbed or reclaimed by this light? John 3:19 to 21.

Seventh query. What does the light of the pure God, and of his Christ, do for them that receive and obey it? Doth it not bring them out of darkness, and change their nature; so that they become children of the light, and no more darkness, as they were before, but light in the Lord? John 12:36. Eph. 5:8.

Eighth query. How shall it fare with those, who receive the shinings of this light of God and Christ in their consciences, hearkening to the reproofs of it, eschewing that which it shows to be evil, and doing that which God by it shows to be good? Shall not they receive the remission of their sins from God, and an inheritance among the saints in light? Acts 26:18. Coloss. 1:12-13.

Ninth query. What will become of those, who do not mind the shining of God's light in their hearts, nor are turned to it, nor changed by it; but spend their time in what pleaseth the corrupt part in themselves? Will they not be separated, when they go out of this world, from God, who is light, and have their portion with dark spirits, in utter darkness? 2 Thess. 1:6, to 10. <534> See also Matt. 25:30.

Oh, consider these things, while ye have time, for your souls' eternal good! that ye miss not of the holy way of life and salvation, and so perish; whom God would not have perish, but stretcheth forth his hand of love, by his inward "light of life," effectually to save your souls.

I. P.

Astrop, 20th of Sixth Month, 1678