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WHAT is Paul? what is Apollos? or what is Cephas? It is one and the same pure life and word of power which springs in all the holy brethren, whom God hath sanctified and prepared to give forth the sound of his holy trumpet. It is the Lord himself who gives forth the true and certain sound: great is the company of those whom he hath chosen and sent forth to publish it; none of whom can be despised in their message, without despising Him that sent them; for he sends forth the least and weakest, as well as the greatest.

Oh, take heed of that nature and spirit in thee which desires and seeks after a sign! It is the evil and adulterous generation which seeks after a sign. But wait to meet with that inwardly, which changeth the heart, and renews the mind to God; which teacheth to love the Lord God with all the heart, soul, mind, and spirit, that so true life from and in him may be witnessed. And as for being as one of us, thou must be formed so by the Lord, by being inwardly changed and renewed by the Spirit and power of the Lord, ere thou canst witness true unity with us. If thou feel the principle of truth in thy own heart, and in that know and own us, and so come among us, and join to us in the truth, and keep faithful to the principle, thou wilt never be in danger of leaving us, as they that depart from the principle in their own hearts may soon and easily do.