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My heart was exceedingly melted within me at the reading of thy precious and tender lines; yea, indeed, I was quite overcome, and was fain several times to break off, the freshness and strength of life in them did so flow in upon me; and I said again and again in my heart, It is the very voice of my Father's child, whose sound did deeply reach to and refresh my very soul. And this my heart saith, Blessed be my God, for his tender mercies to thee, in visiting, leading, and preserving thee to this day, and for teaching his seed thus to speak in thee. Oh! let his praise live and abound in thy breast for ever! And in the flowings and streamings of this life, remember me at the throne of my Father's mercy, by which alone I live, and have hope before him.

May the mercies, blessing, and pure presence of my God fill thy soul, and rest upon thee for ever! Amen! Amen!

Thus prayeth for thee thy unfeigned Friend, and dear lover of the pure seed of life in thee,

I. P.

Mind my dear love to thy sister, whose inward welfare and prosperity I desire, even that she may be one with thee in the seed and life of God.

Aylesbury Jail, 19th of Eighth Month, 1665