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I feel the tender mercy of the Lord, and some portion of that brokenness, fear, and humility which I have long waited for, and breathed after. I feel unity with, and strength from, the body: oh! blessed be the Lord, who hath fitted and restored me, and brought up my life from the grave. I feel a high esteem and dear love to thee, whom the Lord hath chosen, anointed, and honored, and of thy brethren and fellow-laborers in the work of the Lord.

And, dear George Fox, I beg thy love, I entreat thy prayers, in faith and assurance that the Lord hears thee, that I may be yet more broken, that I may be yet more filled with the fear of the Lord, that I may be yet poorer and humbler before the Lord, and may walk in perfect humility and tenderness of spirit before him, all my days.

Dear George Fox, thou mayest feel my desires and wants <494> more fully than my own heart. Be helpful to me in tender love, that I may feel settlement and stability in the truth; and perfect separation from, and dominion in the Lord over, all that is contrary thereto.

I. P.

Aylesbury Jail, 15th of Fifth Month, 1667

I entreat thy prayers for my family, that the name of the Lord may be exalted, and his truth flourish therein. Dear G. F., indeed my soul longs for the pure, full, and undisturbed reign of the Life in me.