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I HAD no end in writing or sending those papers, but true love to your immortal souls; that ye might seriously consider thereof, and be found in the practice of them, and so be happy for ever. For as Christ said to his disciples, so it is with me in this case towards you, "If ye know these things, happy are ye if ye do them." I have felt the sweetness and great benefit of the practice of them, which I heartily desire ye may also experience.

I here send enclosed a token of my love to thee in particular, which thy courteous message drew from me. It contains, in a few words, the true path-way of salvation; which, though thou mayst know already, yet the reading and serious consideration thereof may not be unserviceable to thee.

I am thy friend, in true love and desires for thee,

I. P.

The Lord Jesus Christ is the only Saviour.

Grace and truth comes by Jesus Christ.

The Lord Jesus Christ saves by the grace and truth which comes by him.

For it is the grace of God that brings salvation, and it is the truth, as it is in Jesus, which makes free indeed.

He, therefore, that would be saved from sin and condemnation, must wait for the inward manifesting and revealing of the grace and truth in his heart; and must receive it, and be subject to it, learning of the grace, to deny ungodliness and worldly lusts in every kind; and he must learn of the truth as it is in Jesus, to deny whatever is contrary to the life, nature, and Spirit of Jesus. He must likewise learn of the grace and truth to fear God; to <535> turn from all false, invented worships and ways of men, and to worship God, the Father of spirits, in spirit and in truth: and as he learns and practises this, he will also learn of the grace and truth to live soberly and righteously in this present world, yea, and godlily also, even as the holy God would have him; for God would have men live no otherwise, than as his grace and truth teaches them. Now God's grace and truth, and the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus, which is written in the inward parts, do not only teach that which is good, and to deny and depart from that which is evil, but give ability so to do. "My grace is sufficient for thee," said God to Paul. And the truth of Jesus, revealed inwardly, hath virtue and power in it; insomuch that they who receive the grace and truth which comes by Jesus Christ, receive power to become sons to God. For the grace, the truth, is not a notional thing, but hath the virtue and power of life, and mortification in it; and they that truly receive it, partake of its virtue and power in operation and exercise of it in their hearts, and are thereby really made dead unto sin, and alive unto God.

So then, he that knows the grace and truth which comes by Jesus Christ, receives it, learns of it, is subject to it, and partakes of its virtue and power, he knows Christ unto salvation; but he that knows not, receives not, is not subject to the grace, doth not experience the sufficiency of the grace, nor witness ability and power through it to become a son to God, and to do the will of God, -- he doth not yet at all know the Lord Jesus Christ unto the salvation of his soul, notwithstanding whatsoever he may profess or believe concerning him.

I. P.

Astrop, 28th of Sixth Month, 1678