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Six Epistles by Margaret Fell

Source: Anonymous. The Life of Margaret Fox, Wife of George Fox. Compiled from her own Narrative, and other Sources; With a Selection From Her Epistles, etc. Philadelphia: Published by the Association of Friends for the Diffusion of Religious and Useful Knowledge, 109 North TenthStreet, 1859.


Number 1, Preface to Margaret Fox's Epistles, Written by Herself, pages 79-81. (nd)

Number 2, A General Epistle To Friends, pages 82-85. (1655)

Number 3, An Epistle to Convinced Friends, pages 86-93. (1656)

Number 4, An Epistle to Friends, pages 94-97. (1657)

Number 5, An Epistle to Friends, page 97. (1659)

Number 6, An Epistle to Friends in Ireland, pages 98-100. (1661)