An Epistle To Friends, 1659

My Dearly Beloved Brethren and Sisters, in the everlasting truth, and eternal love, and power of an endless life, into which we were begotten, and have been nursed up, and kept in, as living stones growing up in the temple of the living God; the same power and arm is present with you, and owns you; therefore keep in it, and let your faith stand in the power and life of God in every particular; and in that book of life will you read me near, as if present, in the everlasting covenant and bond of peace, which is never to be broke; and in that love of jesus Christ, which none can separate us from, height nor depth, life nor death. The eternal God keep you, who brought again our Lord Jesus Christ from the dead, through the blood of the everlasting covenant; and by His blood wash you, and cleanse you from all sin, and all that would separate from God; that you may have fellowship one with another in the eternal light and life, and there I leave you; and to the Word of His eternal power I commit you, and commend you to His eternal Arm, which is able to save your souls, and keep you up to Himself.