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Quaker publications 1652/3-1659

bibliography by Rosemary Moore

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Wing Tag Author also by Short Title Pr. Yr. Thomason date Internal date Cl. Notes Purpose of Publication
A 70B   Abbot Margaret   Testimony against false teachers npd 59       No clear date evidence. Apocalyptic warning to other churches 'out of the power'.
  s Abell Rd.   Deceit made manifest   59     D Smith, not Wing or Whiting. Seems to have disappeared.  
A 501   Adamson Wm.   An Answer to Quakers Principles Quaking Cy 56 20-Dec-56   D Initialled WA only Answer to Robt.Hale/Hall, Quakers Principles Quaking
P 1661 # Adamson Wm. Addison, Fell L The Persecution of the people called Quakers in Lancashire Cy 56     SQ P1660A is a 55edn., USA only Short pieces on Lancashire sufferings, several authors
A 894B # Aldam 6 others A Brief Discovery of the Threefold Estate of AntiChrist Cy 53     QNS Nicholson, Harwood, Lawson John, Tomlinson, Fox, preface by Buttivant Several short pieces, current troubles & Worcs. petition. Baxter's answer, The Worcestershire Petition Defended, is dated 28 March 1653.
F 479A x Aldam Farnworth A Discovery of Truth and Falsehood Cy 53 29-Jun-53   Q See Farnworth  
F 480 x Aldam Farnworth An Easter Reckoning   53 29-Jun-53   Q See Farnworth  
A 894B   Aldam plus 5 False Prophets and False Teachers npd 52     D This & Fox's Paper are the earliest extant Quaker books if Whiting date of 52 is right. Signed by Aldam, Elizabeth Hooton, William Pears, Benjamin Nicholson, Jane Holmes, Mary Fisher. Diatribe against preaching for hire
F 631 x Aldam Fell,J&E Milner False Prophets, AntiChrist deceivers   55     DNQ See Fell  
  s Aldam   A Few Words of Exhortation and Reproof   52       Whiting notes this as missing. Probably not the piece of similar title in Farnworth's General Good.  
F 483 x Aldam Farnworth General good to people/God's Covenant   53 29-Jun-53   QN See Farnworth Both to Barebones parliament. 1/ discussion of York petitions, 2/ General appeal. bit by T.Aldam
F 492 x Aldam Farnworth The Priests Ignorance and Contrary Walking   56 28-Nov-56   Q See Farnworth About the teachers of the world, & what they do
A 894C   Aldam   A Searching out of Deceit npy 55     D   Answer to Walker, Horton. Slander re Fox & Fell. Accusations of immorality, witchcraft
A 3004A   Ames Wm   A Declaration of the Witness of God in me from youth npy 56     A LF copy is damaged. Spiritual autobiography, important. Ex-Baptist preacher, trouble over his sins
A 3081   Anderdon Jn   Gods proclamation to the Inhabitants of England Cy 59   29-Sep QN   Repent, kingdom at hand
A 3083   Anderdon Jn   To those that sit in Council for ordering affairs Sy 59   Oct-59 NQ   Political-apocalyptic warning
C 389 a#     Answer to a Book that Samuel Eaton put up to the Parliament Cy 54   May-54 D Parts by Camm & Howgil who probably edited it, part by others, part anon. Wing has it under Camm. Reply to Eaton's book,Quakers confuted. Reply to Higginson. IMPORTANT information on Fox at Derby 1650
B 4339 ax     Answer to a Scandalous Paper npd 56 14-Apr-56   D See under proper title "Something Written in Answer to a Lying Scandalous Book" Answer to Breck (paper included, not known otherwise, to church of Christ at Rainforth), & to John Deacon, "Public Discovery of Secret Deceit"
A 4126 # Atkinson C Hubberthorne G.Whitehead David's Enemies Discovered Cy 55 15-Mar-55   DQ Before Atkinson was involved in scandal, from Norwich castle Atkinson & Whitehead reply to Clapham, Hubberthorne reply to Woodall
A 4127 # Atkinson C G.Whitehead, Lancaster, Simonds. Ishmael and his mother Cy 55 3-Dec-55   D Presumably completed and sent to the publisher before the breach between Atkinson and his colleagues Reply to papers by Townsend, priest in Norwich
A 4128 # Atkinson C Howgill Burrough others The Standard of the Lord lifted up Cy 53 21-Oct-53   D   Answer to Gilpin. Trouble with fringe Quakers, & at Kendal
A 4129   Atkinson C   The Sword of the Lord drawn Cy 54 28-Nov-54   D   Answer to 3 priests, who had written to committee of Parliament. About taking nature of God
H 3237 x Atkinson C Hubberthorne Lancaster Testimony of the everlasting gospel   54 13-Dec-54   S See Hubberthorne Appeal from Norwich castle, Dec 54
F 1970 # Atkinson Thos. Fox, Hubberthorne Truth's Defence against the Serpent Yy 53     D Fox & Nayler mentioned, Fox taken as leader. Answer to queries, especially from Camelford. To all professors
S 365   Audland Anne others The Saints Testimony Finishing through Sufferings Cy 55 26-Sep-55   S No. of short bits, most by AA including the bit separately pub., see below Sufferings at Banbury. Court 26th of 7th. Also bit on women speaking
A 4195   Audland Anne   The True Declaration of the Suffering Innocent Cy 55 3-Mar-55   S Thomason shows pub. of separate original, before Saints Testimony. Banbury sufferings.Included in Saints Testimony pub. later same year.
A 4196   Audland John   The Innocent Delivered out of Snare Cy 55 9-Apr-55   D   Reply to Farmer, Great Misterie of Godlinesse and Ungodlinesse, & to Prynne, Quakers unmasked
A 4197   Audland John   The Schoolmaster Disciplined Cy 55     DS   Reply to Willington Gadding Tribe, & Prynne Quakers Unmasked, re Bristol. Opponents said they were Franciscans.
  s Audland John Nayler Word to all that live of their own wills   55       This title found in Smith under Audland. Error, I think  
B 482C x B., H. Baker Now hear this all ye persecuting priests My 59   Nov-59 SQ See Burstow, This for Priest To John Waterton, JP who imprisoned his servant
G 32 x B., J. G.,J. Ancient of Days is Come Cy 57     Q See G.,J.  
B 3870 x B.,I.   Innocency cleared from Lyes Sy 58     D See Boweter John. Under him in most catalogues, but not Smith. Answer to Samuel Smith, "Malice stript & whipt 56", which answered paper from Quakers in Shrewsbury gaol
B 253   Bache Humph   A Few words in true love to the old long-sitting Parliament My 59   13-May NA   Tells own story to those who went out from Truth
B 485 x Bache Humph Baker Single and General Voice lifted up like a Trumpet Sy 59   29-Nov SQ See Baker The Lord's controversy with London re Lord Mayor's Show. Wrongful imprisonmet
B 254   Bache Humph   The Voice of Thunder Sy 59   5-Oct QN   Apocalyptic warning to those who persecute Quakers. Judgement coming.
B 1094 n Baiteman   An Answer to vindicate the Nicknamed Quakers npd 53     Q See Pagitt, Heresiography, who attacked this as written by a Quaker. To vindicate the truth appearing in some people. Sympathetic observer
B 481   Baker Daniel   A Certain Warning of a Naked Heart My 59   30-Oct NQ From hole in Poultrey Counter prison General warning to mayors, aldermen, etc
B 482C # Baker Daniel HB Now hear this all ye persecuting Rulers My 59   1-Nov-59 SQ Inner Poultrey prison. See Burstow, This for Priest To John Waterton, a JP who imprisoned Baker's servant
B 484 # Baker Daniel Hart Thos The Prophet approved by the Words of his Prophesie Sy 59   17-Oct N Baker says he had been in command in the army Warning to Parliament, several arrested for giving it.
B 485 # Baker Daniel Bache A Single and General Voice lifted up like a Trumpet Sy 59   29-Nov SQ Baker is servant of the Church of the First Born; nb other uses of this title. Allen is the mayor Lords controversy. w. London re Lord Mayors show. Wrongful imprisonment
B 488   Baker Daniel   A Thundering Voice out of Sion Sy 58   Feb-58 Q   To Professors, especially Separatists, especially of Stepney
B 488A   Baker Daniel   With the Light is 15 Priests of the Isle of Wight reproved My 58   Nov-58 DS pub. 12th month., ie Feb 59. Written Winchester gaol previous Nov Answer to Buckler & Dingley & al. Address of some Ministers of Christ, 58
B 1007A   Barwick Grace   To all present rulers, in Parliament or elsewhere My 59     N Wife of former cornet of Lambert Warning to Government, & letter to Lambert. Anti-tithe
B 1097   Bateman Susanna   I matter not how I appear to man npd 58   Feb-58 Q Wing [57], but in view of date in book, 58 more sensible Short bits including one to Jews
P 2299 x Batt Jasper Pitman Jn Truth Vindicated Sy 58   21-Jun-58 Qb See Pitman  
B 1519   Bayly William   The Blood of Righteous Abel Mn 59   4-May NS Yr date confirmed frm their being in prison. Shortly before release. About false prophets fighting agst Lamb, also agst. Isle of Wight
S 4061 x Bayly William Smith H, al. Fruits of Unrighteousness & Injustice Sy 58     SQ See Smith, Humphrey  
B 1536   Bayly William   A Short Discovery of the State of Man My 59   24-Jun D   Answer to Robert Hall & Edmund Broad, on the state of Adam before the Fall
B 1537   Bayly William   A Short relation of the working of the light My 59   1-Aug A Sea captain, m.Mary Fisher To tell own story, & give warning. Autobiography
S 4083 x Bayly William Smith H True & Everlasting Rule of God Sy 58   8-Apr ES See Smith, Humphrey  
B 1543A   Bayly William   A Warning from Lord to the....City of London My 59   1-Sep NQ   Re official fast on 1.7.59. God does not like it.
B 1544   Bayly William   A Warning from the Spirit of Truth npy 58   Aug-58 QD   Warning to persecutors. His ministry to Poole, dispute with Collier
B 1545   Bayly William   A Word of the Lord to the Priests npd 59   25-Aug Q   Warning to priests
B 1899   Benson Gervase   An Answer to John Gilpin's Book Cy 55     D Rp 56. Wing does not mention a 2nd ed To deny Gilpin's book: he was drunk & slanderous
B 1900 # Benson Gervase Fox, others The Cry of the Oppressed Cy 56 19-Nov-56   S Careful record keeping of various sufferings, most in North. To get sympathy
B 1903   Benson Gervase   The True Tryall of Ministers and Ministry Cy 55 27-Oct-55   Q   Anti-established ministry
B 1958   Berd Robt 14 signatories To the Parliament of the Commonwealth Sy 59     S   Re sufferings at Sawbridgeworth in Herts
B 2085   Bettris Jane   A Lamentation for Deceived People Sy 57 8-Dec-57   Q   Call to repent to Aylesbury & surroundings
W 3474 x Biddle Hester Woodrove Brief relation of the State of Man Sy 59   1-Dec DQ See Woodrove Army has forgotten purpose of war
B 2864bA   Biddle Hester   Oh Wo, Wo from the Lord Sy 59     Q Not seen. Not LF, only PL. Not Smith. Ref. for 3rd edn Wing given, which reckons that this and next are the same. Warning to church and civil authorities in Dartmouth
B 2864bA d Biddle Hester   To the inhabitants of the town of Dartmouth np 59       Not Smith. Ref. for 3rd edn Wing given, which reckons that this and last are the same. Warning to church and civil authorities in Dartmouth
B 2867   Biddle Hester   Wo to thee, City of Oxford npd 55     QS   Warning to Oxbridge
B 2902   Billing Ed   The Mite of Affection manifest in thirty-one propositions Cy 59 25-Oct-59   N By EB. Wing thinks Billing, consensus is Billing. Smith says Billing or Burrough. Entirely political except for short bit at end. To people, suggestion for settlement.
B 2903   Billing Ed   A Word of reproof and advice to my late fellow soldiers Sn 59     QSD 1659 from context. Some catalogues list under Burrough, but Burrough was never in the army. Short pieces, various subjects. Church, ministry, EXAMPLES of fate of persecutors.
B 2990   Bishop George others The Cry of Blood Cy 56 23-Jul-56   S   Detailed account Bristol 18months, full story, of sufferings, IMPORTANT
B 2995   Bishop George   Jesus Christ, same today as yesterday Cy 55 7-Dec-55   Q   Apologia - Quakers are right, should not be persecuted
B 3000   Bishop George   Mene Tekel, or the Council of officers of the Army Oy 59 29-Sep-57 23-May N Pub. Brewster. Opponents regularly called Friends Re new army declaration, change of Good Old Cause to Bad New one
B 3004A   Bishop George   A Rejoinder consisting of Two Parts Sy 58     D   Reply to Farmer Sathan Inthron'd & Imposter Dethron'd, re Bishop's part in sequestration proceedings + more on Nayler
B 3008   Bishop George   The Throne of Truth Exalted over the Powers of Darkness Cy 57 27-Mar-57 12-Feb D   Answer to Farmer Sathan Inthron'd 57, re Nayler & other Bristol problems
B 3016   Bishop George   The Warnings of the Lord to the Men of this Generation npd 59     N Probably 59 before 21st Feb 60, from context. Ref p. 30 to deaths of Robinson & Stephenson in Boston Collection of Bishops previous warnings to O & R Cromwell, Council of Officers, Council of State, Parliamentary Committee of Safety
F 1988 # Bishop George Fox The West answering the North Cy 57       Entered under title in some catalogues, and ascribed to Fox in Wing. See BQ 562, & Castellucci PhD 159 for Bishop's editing  
B 3063   Blackborow S   Here is held forth the gift and goodwill of Gd Sy 59     QA   Warning to unredeemed
N 285 x Blackborow S Nayler How Sin is Strengthened, & how it is Overcome Sy 57     Q See Nayler .Rp 58. 1st edn. has preface by S. Blackborow. 1 copy in Woodbrooke Bevan Naish has not got it.  
B 3065   Blackborow S   A Visit to the Spirit in Prison Sy 58 10-Jun-58   Q   Come to Christ the light of world, warning to people not to join to others
B 3075   Blackely Jas many A Lying Wonder discovered Sy 59     D   Answer to Bunyan. Witchcraft. The story of Quaker bewitching a woman into a bay mare, which came to court a year after
B 3848   Bourne Edwd   The Truth of God Cleared Sy 57   24-Dec QS Worcs. gaol. NB writing date, must have been pub.early 58 Call to come to God by the light. Sufferings bit at end explains his arrest
B 3870 # Boweter Jn   Innocency cleared from Lyes Sy 58     D Under B.,I. in Smith at end of rest of Boweter Answer to Samuel Smith, Malice stript & whipt 1656, who answered a paper from Quakers in Shrewsbury gaol
T 260 x Braidley Margaret Taylor C., Hebden R. Certain Papers...the Word of the Lord npd 55 16-Mar-55   Q See Taylor, C. Woes to Appleby and ministers
  s Burrough Ed   Annunciatio Omnibus Regibus   59     Q Cannot find Wing. Same as "Message to all Kings & Rulers"?  
B 5983 x Burrough Ed Hubberthorne An Answer to a declaration put forth by Anabaptists   59     B See Hubberthorne. BBN catalogues under Hubberthorne. Wing has 2 entries.  
B 5984 # Burrough Ed Howgill Answers to Several Queries...of Bennett Cy 54 3-Oct-54   D Abusive language to opponents Replies to queries from two who said Quakers denied Christ who died at Jerusalem. Salvation & Christ
H 3222 x Burrough Ed Hubberthorne A Cause of Stumbling Removed Sy 57 25-Nov-57 3-Nov D See Hubberthorne  
B 5988   Burrough Ed   The Crying Sinners Reproved Sy 56     N   Exhortation to Parliament, possibly re fast day, on sins of people
B 5989 # Burrough Ed Roberts, + al. A Declaration from the People called Quakers to the....Nation Sy 59 30-Dec-59 20-Dec N 2nd edn same year. Anon. in Thomason, indexed under "Quakers" IMPORTANT. By Burrough on behalf of London Friends
B 5993   Burrough Ed et al A Declaration of Present Suffering of 140 Persons Sy 59 23-Apr-59 6-Apr S Anon in Thomason. Offer to replace Friends in prison IMPORTANT. Full sufferings list. Pieces by Burrough.
B 5995   Burrough Ed   A Declaration to All the World of our Faith Sy 57 30-May-57   Q Rp 58 & 59. 59 edn has additions by Alexander Parker IMPORTANT. Brief statement Quaker faith for nonQuakers. Very traditional theology
B 5998   Burrough Ed   A Description of the State and Condition of all mankind Cn 57 28-May-57 6-May-56 Q Note dates. Error, probably in printing of Burrough's date. Wing[57] Foreign missions.For "dark part of world". First example of tract intended for heathen?
B 5999A   Burrough Ed   A Discovery of some part of the war between the Kingdom of the Lamb & the Kingdom of AntiChrist RWy 59     D   Dispute with Fowler, 57 & 59. scripture and ministry
B 6002   Burrough Ed   A Faithful testimony concerning the true worship Sy 59     Q   On right worship
H 3159 x Burrough Ed Howgill Fiery Darts of the Divel quenched   54 24-Nov-54   D See Howgill Answer to Second Beacon by Fawne et al.
B 6003   Burrough Ed   For the Souldiers and...Officers...a Warning from the Lord npd 54 26-Sep-54   N   Single sheet, word of Lord to soldiers on obedience to Lord. IMPORTANT POLITICAL
B 6004   Burrough Ed   A Generall Epistle and Greetings of the Fathers Love to All Saints Sy 57   May-57 ES VERY IMPORTANT FOR EARLY SUFF. THEOL To saints, worthy to suffer, to strengthen faith
B 6006   Burrough Ed GF Good Council and Advice rejected Sy 59   last Jul 59 N   Pieces written to Oliver Cromwell before death, now true
F 1832 x Burrough Ed Fox Great Mistery   59     D Preface by Burrough, important. See Fox  
H 3166 x Burrough Ed Howgill Heart of New England hardened Sy 59     SQ See Howgill denunciation of New England persecution
B 6008   Burrough Ed   A Just and Lawful Tryal of the Teachers....of England Sy 57 3-Oct-57   Q Rp 59. Different titles different editions. BBN copy has title "age & generation" Careful statement of nature of ministry, numbered points
B 6011A   Burrough Ed   Many Strong Reasons Confounded Sy 57   Nov-57 D NB ref to Nayler case Answer to Baxter, One Sheet against the Quakers, 57
B 6012   Burrough Ed   A Measure of the Times Sy 57 24-Jul-57 May-57 Q   Exposition of the Apostasy, & recovery from it
B 6013   Burrough Ed   A Message for Instruction to all Rulers Sy 58   Nov-57 N   General epistle to rulers
B 6013A   Burrough Ed   A Message Proclaimed by Divine Authority Sn 58   24-Oct D Important for ref. to national meeting From Quaker Assembly to Pope.
B 6014   Burrough Ed   A Message to all kings and rulers npd 59     Q 1659 from context Warning to oppressive goverments. Cautious expression
B 6015   Burrough Ed   A Message to the present Rulers of England Cy 59   1-Nov N   For people in power from an ambassador of true government. IMPORTANT
H 2661A # Burrough Ed   A Presentation to London npy 59   Dec-59 Q Often catalogued under Hooke, as initialed EH, a probable error. More likely Burrough Answer to young men & apprentices petitiion. They thought troubles were result of sins in other parts; EB said it was sins of whole nation, which must repent
B 6020 # Burrough Ed S.,W. The Reign of the Whore discovered Sy 59   Apr-59   Sm ii 567 S.,W. Most by Burrough. Re dispute at Southwark on ministry.
B 6022   Burrough Ed   Satan's Designe Defeated Sy 59     DN Important for theology Answer to priest.(?Jackson) Letter to Parliament
B 6023   Burrough Ed   A Seasonable Word of Advice npd 58     E Ref. to divisions among Friends suggests Whiting's date of around 58 may be right. To backsliders
B 6023A   Burrough Ed   Some false principles and errors discovered Sy 59   21-May D   Answer to book he thinks by Eaton, Principles of Religion. See notes under title in AntiQuaker file
B 6024   Burrough Ed   Some of the Principles of the Quakers vindicated npy 58   20-Sep D Written after Something of Truth Answer to Quakers Rounds & Some principles of Edward Burrough by Philip Taverner, re public dispute & Burrough's Something of Truth
B 6025   Burrough Ed   Something in Answer to a Book called Choice Experiences npy 54 7-Nov-54   DB   Answer to this book, and letter to Newcastle Baptists. Refs. to human Christ. NB Familist language
B 6026   Burrough Ed   Something of Truth made manifest Sy 58   Jan-58 D Writtten before Some of the Principles of Quakers Answer to Taverner's Quakers Rounds, & public dispute at Drayton
B 6028   Burrough Ed   Stablishing against Quaking thrown Down Cy 56 26-Jul-56   D   Ans. to Firmin "Stablishing agst Quaking". Essex min. V. abusive, no argument
B 6029   Burrough Ed   A Standard Lifted Up and an Ensigne held forth Cy 57 24-Sep-57   Q Rp 58. Smith has 58, Wing 57 Calvert. IMPORTANT. Theological statement of Q faith
A 4128 x Burrough Ed Atkinson, Howgil Standard of the Lord lifted up   53 21-Oct-53   D See Atkinson, C. Answer to Gilpin
B 6032   Burrough Ed   A Testimony against a great Idolatry committed Sy 58   23-Nov O Ref. to events of Nov 23rd 58, Cromwell's funeral. Image of Cromwell carried round streets, many watchers, Burrough disapproves. Thought Cromwell would have disapproved.
B 6033 e Burrough Ed   The Testimony of the Lord concerning London Cy 57 18-Sep-57 15-Aug Q Erroneous title in Wing. See "True Testimony" London is very wicked. Repent! They have had their chance
F 1929 x Burrough Ed Fox A Testimony of the True Light of the World Cy 57 24-Jan-57 Jan-57 QE See Fox. Preface by Burrough dated 1st 11th  
H 3182 dx Burrough Ed Howgill This is only to goe amongst Friends/ To the Camp of the Lord Sy 56     E See Howgill. Wing also H3184, as To the Camp of the Lord. 2 edns with order reversed in second. 3 pieces; pep-talk to Friends
B 6035   Burrough Ed   To Charles Fleetwood Sy 58     D Rp 59. The Wing ref. is to 59 ed. 1st edn B6034 only in USA Re imprisonment at Kingston in 57, to justify self.
H 3184 d# Burrough Ed Howgill To the Camp of the Lord in England/ This is only to goe amongst Friends Sy 56     E See "This is only to Goe among Friends". Same in different order. Burrough wrote "Camp"  
B 6038   Burrough Ed   To the Parliament of the Commonwealth of England the present authority of these Nations assembled at Westminster Sy 59   12-Nov NS Wing gives this as npd, but LF copy is Sy. Probable that B6038A is another copy of same. Different from next. Appeal to Parliament to take off oppression
B 6039   Burrough Ed   To the Parliament of the Commonwealth of England, who are in place of Authority to do justice npy 59   6-Oct N Important to distinguish this from previous IMPORTANT. Highly Political. Anti monarchy. Lord's reign coming
B 6040   Burrough Ed   To the present assembly, Members of Parliament at Westminster npy 59   59 context N Internal evidence suggests, written shortly after recall of Rump Their time is short, God is about to act
B 6040A   Burrough Ed   To the Ruler, and to such as are in Authority, concerning religion Sy 59     QN   Priests had called for Parliament to settle religion. This is for God, not parliament.
B 6041   Burrough Ed   To the whole English army Cy 59   4-Jan N   IMPORTANT. Very political call to army to return to first principles, & the Good Old Cause
B 6042   Burrough Ed   To you called Anabaptists in Ireland npy 57     B   Abusive attack on Irish Baptists
B 6043   Burrough Ed   The True Christian Religion again Discovered Sy 58 24-Dec-57 Dec-57 Q 1st edn, according to Smith, pub. Norton for Calvert, 58. Thomason 57 Cromwell has sworn to protect true Protestant religion. This is it.
B 6046   Burrough Ed   True Faith of the Gospel of Peace contended for Cy 56 6-Sep-56   D   Answer to John Bunyan Gospel truths opened, who put Quakers with Familists & Ranters
B 6047   Burrough Ed   The True State of Christianity Discribed Sy 58     Q   About the Apostasy, which started in apostolic times
B 6033   Burrough Ed   The True Testimony of the Lord concerning London Cy 57 18-Sep-57 15-Aug Q   London is very wicked. Repent! They have had their chance
B 6048   Burrough Ed   Trumpet of the Lord sounded out of Sion Cy 56 12-Apr-56   Q Calvert questioned about this publication. Word of Lord to all kinds of people. Based on Isaiah controversy
B 6051   Burrough Ed   Truth (the strongest of all) witnessed forth Cy 57 5-May-57 Feb-57 D   Anti-Independents. Replies to books, & especially Bunyan Vindication of a book called Some Gospel Truths, 57
B 6049   Burrough Ed Howgill Truth Defended, certain Accusations answered Sy 54 8-Aug-54   Q Rp 56. Introductory epistle by Howgil General declaration of Quaker principles.Howgil's part apocalyptic, The Mighty Day of the Lord is come.
B 6055 # Burrough Ed Fisher S A Visitation and Warning Proclaimed Sy 59     NQ Part (to Jesuits) in Latin Account of visit to Dunkirk, meetings with garrison & Catholics.
H 3188 # Burrough Ed Howgill A Visitation of the Rebellious Nation of Ireland Cy 56 23-May-56   QS Poor notion of Irish!! Several short pieces with reference to Irish mission
B 6056A   Burrough Ed   The Walls of Jericho razed down Cn 55     D Wing [54], but it replies to a book that Thomason had on 21st Feb.55 Answer to Henoch Hewit, Quaker Principles dashed in pieces
B 6057   Burrough Ed   A Warning from the Lord to the Inhabitants of Underbarrow Cy 54 15-Apr-54   QA Autobiograaphical section, influence of Fox Also contains warning to England & IMPORTANT autobiographical bit. Warnings to repent
P 1929 x Burrough Ed Penington Fox The Way of Life & Death Ly 58     AQ See Penington  
B 6057A # Burrough Ed Howgill We the Servants and Faithful Witnesses npd 56   23-Feb-56 QS From Dublin,awaiting deportation. Challenge to ministers to public dispute. Accusations of witchcraft, being Jesuits
B 6058   Burrough Ed   The Wofull Cry of Unjust Persecutions Cn 57 22-Oct-57 Sep-57 NQS Rp 58. Year date from imprisonment at Kingston Diatribe against persecutors. Several short sections
B 2903 x Burrough Ed Billing Ed A Word of reproof and advice to my late fellow soldiers Sn 59     QSD See Billing. Some catalogues list under Burrough, but Burrough was never in the army. Short pieces, various subjects. Church, ministry, EXAMPLES of fate of persecutors.
    Burstow Jn   This to be conveyed to the Priest npd 59   16-Feb-60 Q Really belongs to 60, but kept with others of Jan/Feb. Cannot find Wing. Written Newgate. See Baker, on Justice Waterton. On Justice Waterton's funeral.
A 894B x Buttivant Saml. Aldam + 6 Brief Discovery of the Threefold Estate of AntiChrist   53     QNS See Aldam Several short bits, current troubles & Worcestershire petition
C 7202   C.,J.   A Defence of the true church called Quakers Sy 59     Q Collinson or Crook, probably latter. Crook in Wing Against other sects
C 78 # C.,J.   A Word of the Lord to awaken such as lye in sleep np 58     Q See also under title. Undated, considered about 58. Seemingly by a woman. Call to repent, exposition of light.
C 269 a     Cains Offspring demonstrated Sy 59     S   Re persecution at Newark. Quakers firebombed
  s     Call out of Babylon   53     Q Presumed = Call out of Egypt & Babylon, Farnworth 54 + Parker 56?  
C 389 ax Camm John Howgill An Answer to a Book that Samuel Eaton put up to the Parliament Cy 54   May-54 D See under title. Parts by Camm & Howgil who probably editied it, part by others, part anon.. Reply to Eaton's book, Quakers confuted. Reply to Higgison. IMPORTANY Info. about Fox at Derby 50
C 391   Camm John   Some Particulars concerning the law sent to Oliver Cromwell npy 54 9-Jun-54   N Rp 55. To counsellors, re Law of God and law of man
C 392 # Camm John Howgill This was the Word of the Lord which John Camm and Francis Howgill....to Oliver Cromwell npy 54 8-Apr-54   N   Why they went to see Cromwell. Re law, law of man to go, only law that from Christ
C 393   Camm John   A True Discovery of the ignorance of magistrates. Cy 53   Aug-53 SQ Initialled JC. Fox in Thomason, cf also similar title in Smith. About Fox's trial at Carlisle. Quote of cry 'Down with Roundheaded Rogues' cf WTUD
  s Caton Wm   Deceitful Spirit declared   59          
C 1519   Caton Wm   The Seaman's invitation Sy 59     Q Biblical sea quotations on title page Message to seamen
S 6072 x Caton Wm Stubbs Jn A True Declaration of the Bloody Proceedings at Maidstone np 55 18-Jun-55   SS see Stubbs, John to get sympathy; acc of illtreatment
C 1515   Caton Wm.   The Moderate Enquirer Resolved npy 58     Q Rp 59. 1st 58 np edn. by "W.C." is in LF. Wing and Smith only know 59 Lloyd edn. Careful solid account of Q faith.IMPORTANT
C 1927B   Chandler Jn   A Narrative plainly showing the Priests of England are AntiChrist Ay 59     QN   To priests, who are AntiChrist.
C 1928   Chandler Jn   A Seasonable word and call to Ranters Ay 59     B LF copy incomplete, no other in UK Need to explain ethics to "Ranters & Libertines"
C 3896   Chilton Thos   The Way of deliverance Sy 59     Q   About convincement
C 4452   Clarke Henry   A Cloud of Witnesses Cy 56 29-Mar-56   Q   To testify the Word is Christ, not the Bible
C 4453   Clarke Henry   A Description of the Prophets Apostles and Ministers of Christ Cy 55 7-Dec-55   Q   True ministry v. other ministry, anti-pope bit at end
C 4454   Clarke Henry   Englands Lessons set to be learned by her Rulers Cy 56 12-Dec-56   Q   Testimonies, names of days, months thee/thou. Quakers on Scripture
C 4457   Clarke Henry   A Rod Discovered, Found and Set forth Ay 57 10-Oct-57 Aug-57 Q Use Paul's Epistle to Laodicea, then often accepted as genuine Against state church. Learned, detailed referances to history
C 4459   Clarke Henry   The Wise taken in own Craftiness Cy 56 15-Jun-56   Q   Against judges who imprison Quakers for keeping hats on
W 1944 x Clayton G.Whitehead, Harwood Path of Just Cleared   55   14-Nov SQ See Whitehead, George  
C 4715A   Clift Samuel   A True Relation of the Persecution of Samuel Clift npd 57   20-May-57 S Cliff or Clift? Internal date from date of indictment. To justify himself.Says was arrested when making no disturbance in church, but did have hat on!!
T 2683 x Cockett Ellington, Ferman True Discovery of the Grounds of Imprisonment of FE & others   55     S See under title  
C 6474 x Cole Mary Cotton Priscilla To the Priests and People   55 16-Oct-55   Q See Cotton, Priscilla  
C 5232   Collens J   A Lamentation taken up   58       Separate Wing entry probable error. Only in Salthouse "Line of True Judgement", S474.  
C 6005   Cooke Edward   A Second account...of the proceedings at the court of Kingston upon Thames npd 58   Sep-58 S Later than the next On Burrough's appeal against the verdict & award of damages
C 6006   Cooke Edward   A Short account of Vniust Proceedings of the Court at Kingston upon Thames Sy 58   Aug-58 S Earlier than the last Account of Burrough-Mayo case, charge of slander against Burrough at Kingston
N x Copeland Norton New England's Ensigne Cy 59   Apr-59 S See title confirms Howgill's "Popish Inquisition". New England sufferings since anti-Quaker declaration of Jul 56
F 1899 x Copeland Fox, Rous al. Secret Works of a Cruel People manifest np 59     NS See Fox, though based on letter by John Rous. Appeal to Parliament on New England sufferings. Based on John Rous' letter to Margaret Fell, Swarthmore Ms. 1.82
C 6185 a     Copie of a paper presented to Parliament Cn 59   27-Apr N Wing says BBN and not LF. I couldn't find it in BBN but have seen it in LF Petition with 15000 signatures. for relief from persecution for tithe
    Cotton Priscilla   As I was in the prison house.... npd 56   11-Aug-56 Q The Word of the Lord came to her in gaol, date given. Lamentation over England. She is to deliver her message even if no-one listens.
C 6474 # Cotton Priscilla Cole Mary To the Priests and People of England Cy 55 16-Oct-55   Q From Exeter gaol IMPORTANT for women's ministry.
C 6737 n Crabbe Roger J.E. A Gentle Correction to high-flown backslider oy 59     NonQ Publisher JB. In Smith main cat, but really Antiquaker work, which see. Answer to Queries of Geo Salter, a Q, & other dispute. Really belongs w. anti-Qs, but in Smith.
C 6738 n Crabbe Roger   A Tender Salutation oy 59     NonQ Publisher JB. In Smith main cat, but really Antiquaker work, which see. A letter as from Gd, thinks there is seed of God in Qs.
C 6810   Crane Rd   A Few plain words to the Officers Sy 59     N "from one who was conversant with them...14 yrs" Army now appointing rulers. Advice to them
C 6946   Crisp Stephen   A Word of Reproof to the Teachers Sy 58   26-Feb Q BBN copy very bad condition To the Teachers & their flocks
C 7201   Crook Jn al. A Declaration of the People of God to all Magistrates Sy 59     N 16 signatories, London Men's Meeting "on behalf of ourselves & the rest of Friends" Quaker sufferings, & apologia for Quakers
C 7202   Crook Jn   A Defence of the True Church called Quakers Sy 59     Q Collinson or Crook, probably latter Against other sects
C 7225   Crook Jn   Tythes no Property nor Lawful Maintenance Sy 59     Q Reference to Foxe's Book of Martyrs. Why maintenance of ministers by tithe is wrong. Long history
C 7225A   Crook Jn   Unrighteousness no plea for truth Sy 59     D Quakers on the two trees of Genesis chs. 2 7 3 Answer to James Popes, & call to repent
C 7691 x Curtis Samuel. others The Lamentable Sufferings of the Church of God in Dorsetshire Sy 59     S May be catalogued under title, which see. Curtis one of many authors.  
D 588 a     Declaration from the Children of Light Cy 55     DQ Smith catalogues under 'Quakers'. Replies to anonymous Quakers Terrible Vision (1655), Walker, Wood, Horton, anonymous pamphlets and newspapers.
B 5989 ax     Declaration from the people called Quakers to the nation   59       Wing under author Burrough,whom see.  
D 711 a     Declaration of the Marks of Fruits of False Prophets npd 55 19-Sep-55   S Smith catalogues under 'Quakers'. Anti established Church & Oxbridge
B 5993 ax     Declaration of the Present Suffering of 140 Persons   59       Wing under author Burrough,whom see.  
D 913   Dell Jonas   A Voyce from the Temple Ay 58 10-May-58 Jan-58 BD The only book by this author in Smith. Earlier writings by him in Thomason For army among Anabaptists, also city & country.
D 1024 n Denne Henry   The Quaker no Papist Smith 59 16-Oct-59   NonQ Not a Quaker, but pro-Quaker. Ans to Th Smith, re Gag to Qs, also Bunyan. Doubts if being anti-Oath Abj means popery
D 1258   Dewsbury   Christ Exalted and alone worthy Cy 56 1-Nov-56   D   Answer to Quakers Apostacy, by John Timson. Appeal to God in all consciences
D 1259   Dewsbury   The Discoverie of Mans return to his first estate Cy 54 14-Feb-54   Q Rp 55, 56, 59. 4 short pieces, calling for repentance.Starts with Fall story. Messianic language.
D 1264   Dewsbury   The Discoverie of the Great Enmity of the Serpent against the Seed of the Woman Cy 55 29-Jul-55 25-Jun QAS From Northampton gaol Reason for arrest, account of events, IMPORTANT auto., bit to rulers
D 1266   Dewsbury   A Discovery of the ground whence persecution arose npy 55     S Anonymous, by/with Dewsbury. First of 3 from Northants. - see also True Discovery of the Grounds of Imprisonment and True Testimony of what was Done. Note reference to Fox Imprisonment & trial of Dewsbury & Joseph Storr in Northants
D 1271   Dewsbury   The Mighty Day of Lord is Coming Cy 56 12-Jan-56   Q Short, fine paper - for light weight? To New World colonists - the first?
D 1272 # Dewsbury Nayler, Fox J. Whitehead Several letters written to the saints npy 54 17-Mar-54   E Collection of epistles by Quaker leaders. The letter by Nayler is also in Nayler, Two Epistles Advice to Friends. Fox more positive, emphasis on worship
D 1279   Dewsbury   A True Prophecy of the Mighty Day of Lord Cy 54 1-Jan-54   Q Rp 55. "To all inhabitants of England...haste to meet the Lord with repentance"
T 3123 x Dewsbury   A True Testimony of what was done concerning the Servants of the Lord Cy 55 21-Jul-55   S See title. Relates to sufferings of Dewsbury and other in Northants., 3rd of 3 pamphlets. acc of proceedings, proc from prisoners
  s Duncon Saml.   Way of Deliverance from Bondage oy 59       published Cotterel. Noted in Smith's "Supplement". Try D2607  
T 2683 x Ellington Fr Ferman, Cocket A True Discoverie of the Grounds of Imprisonment of Francis Ellington & others npy 55     S See title. 2nd pamphlet of 3 relating to Northants. sufferings. Ellington evidently substantial cloth merchant aggrieved tale of convincement, arrests
F 257   Fairman Lydia   A Few lines given forth Sy 59     Q   Hand-out on coming to the light
F 470 # Farnworth Smith H Antichrists Man of War Cy 55 20-Jun-55   D IMPORTANT for Farnworth's theology Answer to Skip, World's Wonder
F 471   Farnworth   The Brazen Serpent Lifted High Cy 55 7-Apr-55 Mar QS Rp 58. Theology of salvation relating to dispute in Worcs.
F 472A   Farnworth   A Brief Discovery of the Kingdom of AntiChrist npd 53     S   Specific examples in Yorks & Midlands, trouble with priests
F 472B   Farnworth   A Bunch of Grapes and an Iron Rod npd 54   Jan-54 Q   For tender hearts, desiring to know way toSion
F 474   Farnworth   A Call out of Egypt and Babylon Cy 53 29-Jun-53   Q Published anon. LF copy, not listed in Wing, bound with Easter Reckoning and other early Farnworth pamphlets, Box 21/2. Smith, Call out of Egypt, anon., probably same. Concerns Quaker testimonies on plain speech, marriage, naming children
F 474A   Farnworth   A Call out of False Worships npd 53     Q   To inform people interested in Quakers
F 475   Farnworth   A Character whereby false Christs are known Cy 54 17-Nov-54 Nov-54 D   Letters to 2 Leics priests following meetings with Quakers at house of 'servant of Oliver Cromwell'
F 478   Farnworth   A Confession and Profession of Faith Cy 58 2-Feb-58 3-Dec-58 Q   Qs not vagabonds, but moved of Ld to wander
F 479 # Farnworth Nayler A Discovery of Faith   53 29-Jun-53   Q In 1st edn Wing also listed as N270. Naylers Letter to Wakefield also in Two Epistles. Short pieces by both authors, not always distinguishable.
F 479A # Farnworth Aldam A Discovery of Truth and Falsehood Cy 53 29-Jun-53   Q   To rulers, judges, justices, to do right
F 480 # Farnworth Aldam An Easter Reckoning npy 53 29-Jun-53   Q Rp 56. PS by Aldam on "minding the light" Summary of the faith, against professional ministry and for spiritual religion, very Pauline on the church
F 482   Farnworth   England's Warning-Peece oy 53 2-Jul-53   QD pub. in London for Wayte in York Answer to anti-Quaker book by Robbins, calling himself England's watchman
F 483 # Farnworth Aldam The Generall-good to people/God's Covenant Cy 53 29-Jun-53   QN 2 separate entries in Thomason catalogue. Both to Barebones parliament. 1/ discussion of York petitions, 2/ general appeal.
F 485   Farnworth   The Heart Opened by Christ npd 54 1-May-54   ANQ Rp. 55, 2nd edn Calvert. Ending is superb devotional prose IMPORTANT AUTOBIOGRAPHY.His own convincement process. Intended for the Committee on the Approbation of Ministers
F 487   Farnworth   The Holy Scripture from Scandals Cleared Cy 55 20-Oct-55 Aug D   Reply to Pollard, Haggar, baptists re dispute in Staffordshire, '54
F 490   Farnworth   Light Risen out of Darkness npy 53 14-Feb-54   DQ Rp 54. Thomason may have had 2nd edn.with reference to Dewsbury & Stubbs, trouble at Beverley. Reply to book at Beverley. See Feake in AntiQuaker list
F 491A   Farnworth   A Message from the Lord npy 53     Q   Election & reprobation; true & false faith. Evident need to explain quaking
F 491B   Farnworth   Moses Message to Pharaoh npd 53     QN   God to heads of Eng, re oppression.
F 492 # Farnworth Aldam Priests Ignorance and Contrary Walking npd 56 28-Nov-56   Q   About teachers of world, & what they do
F 494   Farnworth   The Pure Language of Spirit and Truth Cy 55 1-Mar-55   Q 2nd edn same year F495, and rp. 56. On thee-thouing and going naked
F 501   Farnworth   The Ranters Principles and Deceit Cy 55 16-Mar-55   DS Refers to Swannington conference. See Fox's Journal. Anti RANTERS in Leics & elsewhere specifically..
R 1185 a# Farnworth   A Return to the Priests about Beverley npd 55     DS See also under title. Anon. no date. Probably Farnworth Answer to Feake & others, Faithfull Discovery, 55
F 502   Farnworth   A Rod to drive out Wild Boars Cy 55 13-Mar-55   Q   Against professional ministry, especially regarding tithes
F 503   Farnworth   The Scripture Vindication against Stalham Cy 55 2-Oct-55 22-Jun D   Anti-Stalham Contradictions of the Quakers + another
N 316A x Farnworth Nayler, Fox Several Petitions answered   53 29-Jun-53 Jun-53 DNS See Nayler in connection with York, Appleby, Lancaster
F 505 # Farnworth Fox The Spirituall Man Judgeth all things Cy 55 6-Mar-55   QS This is Fox's True Judgement (part anon) F1967 with epistle to reader by Farnworth Account of visit to Leics. to Fox's family, controversy with Nathaniel Stephens
T 1753 x Farnworth Nayler, Fox To you that are called... Baptists npd 54 18-Aug-54   B See under title. Written by all three  
F 509   Farnworth   A True Testimony against the Popes Ways Cy 56 20-Mar-56   D Refs to Baxter/Nayler controv Ref. to Worcs "Agreement" of May 1655. Also anti-papist
F 512   Farnworth   Truth Cleared of Scandals npy 54 Yes 27-Sep D Thomason's own date need checking. That in catalogue, 27/9/54, is internal date. Account of meeting with Baptists, in Oct, previous year? Good example of Farnworth's combining of bible texts
F 512A   Farnworth   Truth Exalted and Deceit abased Cy 58   Feb-58 Q From Bridlington. Anti-established chch
F 512B   Farnworth   A Voice of the first Trumpet/Flying Roll npy 53     Q   To be read at Rotheram Market
F 513   Farnworth   Witchcraft Cast Out Cy 55 7-Mar-55   BDS   Against witchcraft, especially in Staffordshire. Dispute with Bott, a Baptist
F 514   Farnworth   A Woman forbidden to speak in church Cy 54 18-Jan-54   Q Rp 55 Why women's ministry allowed, very badly argued
F 840 # Fell Christopher Howgill, Woodrove A Few Words to the People of England npd 55     Q Wing ref is to title. Howgill's piece sep. listed in Smith, "A Warning to all the Rulers". Woodrove's written during his imprisonment at Easham. DQB no help. Wing [55] probable from aggrieved tone, seems to belong to early organised persecution Failure of revolution, persecution of Qs, trouble coming, biblical apocalyptic from Howgill..
P 1660A x Fell L. Adamson, Addison Persecution of...Quakers in Lancs   56     SQS See under Persecution, Wing P1660a  
F 631 # Fell Margaret. Aldam, Milner False Prophets, AntiChrist deceivers Cy 55     DNQ Several short bits, most MF Local priests. Milners' confession. Government.
F 632   Fell Margaret.   For Manasseh ben Israel Cy 56 20-Feb-56   Q In Thomason titled Call of Jews out of Babylon. Date could be 57 our reckoning. To Jews, especially to this Jew newly come to England.
F 634   Fell Margaret.   A Loving Salutation to the Seed of Abraham Sy 56 31-Oct-56   Q Rp 57. Note reference to current politics, re re-entry of Jews to England Appeal to all Jews
F 634A # Fell Margaret. Fox A Paper concerning such as are made ministers by the will of Man My 59   8-Jun-59 Q 1st bit by MF, 2 short bits by GF Fell's on convincement. Fox confused, ethics & walking in the Light. Association of ideas
R 2044 x Fell Margaret. Rous Fox Sins of a gainsaying & rebellious people My 59   8-Jun-59 Q See Rous, John  
F 636   Fell Margaret.   A Testimony of the Touchstone for all Professions Sy 56     Q   To professors, re light in their consciences. Much to Ranters
F 638A   Fell Margaret.   To the General Councel and Officers of the Army Sy 59   13-Oct-59 N Smith & Wing npd. BBN copy has Sy. No other edn. ac. to Wing To those now in power, should follow commands of God, unlike their predecessors
T 2683 x Ferman Ellington,Cocket True Discovery of the Grounds of Imprisonment   55     S Wing has this under title, which see.  
F 840 x     Few Words to the People of England, A npd 55       See Fell, Christopher  
F 977 a     First New Persecution...by the...Mayor of Cambrdge Cy 54     S   Account of the whipping of two women (Mary Fisher and Elizabeth Williams) at Cambridge
  s Fisher Samuel   Burden of the Word of the Lord   56       Now in collected works only, p.21, dated June 56. Whiting indicates possible separate publication.  
F 1057   Fisher Samuel   The Scorned Quakers True and Honest Account npy 56 17-Sep-56 After 17 Sep 1656 NQ Date from his attempt to address Parliament What he had intended to say to Cromwell, but not permitted
F 1059   Fisher Samuel   To the Parliament of England npd 59   10-Aug-59 N   Re fast called by Parliament. How Fisher was called to speak to them. One should follow the light
B 6055 x Fisher Samuel Burrough Visitation and Warning   59       See Burrough  
F 1605 # Forster Mary Anon These several papers was sent to Parliament My 59       Quaker women's petition  
F 1607   Forster Thos   A Guide to the Blind npy 59     QA   Mainly straight theology. Quakerism for ministers. Tale of his youth
F 1637 a# Foster Thos   A Winding-sheet for Englands Ministry npd 58     D Attributed to Foster Answer to a paper of John Owen defending tithe.
F 1736   Fowler Robt   A Quakers Sea Journal oy 59     A pub. Cossenet. 1st edn L. 2 later rps in LF, Collectitia 313, & Hazard, Narangansett Friends Meeting. Ms version Caton 1.147 Story of the voyage to America of Quakers in the ship "Woodhouse"
F 1742   Fox George   An Answer to a paper which came from the Papists lately out of Holland Sy 58     D Not all by Fox. See p3 "I that am a woman". See Cadbury, "George Fox's Book of Miracles" 34 n. I guess M. Fell Anti-Catholic. Answer to anti-Quaker paper from Holland, & others.
F 1743   Fox George   An Answer to Dr Burgess his book Sy 59     D   Answer to Burgess, Case concerning the buying of Bishops lands 59
F 1747   Fox George   An Answer to Thos Tillams book Sy 59     D Style neater than usual Fox. Question & Answer Answers Tillam Seventh day Sabbath 59.
A 894B x Fox George Aldam + 6 Brief Discovery of the Threefold Estate of AntiChrist   53     QNS See Aldam  
H 3828A x Fox George Hutchins, Sale Caines Bloudy Race known by fruits Sy 57     S See Hutchins  
F 1756   Fox George   A Catechism for Children Cy 57 27-Feb-57   Q Rp 58, enlarged second edition, also Latin 1660, Wing F1757 Q & A format. All about Light=Xt. not a full catechism at all!
F 1766   Fox George   Concerning Good Morrow and Good Even Sy 57 25-May-57   Q   When you may & may not give usual greetings. Also Benedicite section
N 268 x Fox George Rich, Tomlinson Copies of some few of the Papers given to Parl. at JN's trial   56 5/12/56   S See Rich, though note Wing has it under Nayler.  
F 1779   Fox George   Cry for Repentance Sy 56 1-Dec-56   Q Fox does not like London & commercial life To tradesmen of London & others. For information on right way of life
F 1780 x Fox George Benson, al. Cry of the Oppressed   56 19-Nov-56   S See Benson, though often catalogued under Fox  
F 1783   Fox George Many A Declaration against all Popery npd 54     NQ Rp 55 Alarm at oath of Abjuration. Signed by many leading Qs
F 1784   Fox George   A Declaration against all Profession Cy 54 28-Aug-54   Q Rp 56  
F 1785   Fox George   A Declaration concerning Fasting & Prayer Sy 56         For an official fast day
F 1790   Fox George   A Declaration of the difference of the Ministers of the Word Cy 56 21-Feb-56   Q   On true ministry
F 1791   Fox George   A Declaration of the Ground of Error and Errors Cy 57 1-Jul-57   Q   1st part Error, 2nd Blasphemy, 3rd Sorcerer's seed
F 1795a   Fox George   A Discovery of some Fruits of professors of this Nation Sy 56     Q Not Whiting. Initialled GF at end Official religion v. true faith
F 1805   Fox George   An Epistle to All People on Earth Cy 57 10-May-57   Q IMPORTANT devotional Part 1. The Quaker way. Parts 2, 3. On silent meetings. Sermons?
G 1414 x Fox George Gould et al. An Epistle to all the Christian Magistrates   59     N    
F 1816A   Fox George   An Exhortation to Faith in Christ npd 56 13-Jan-56     WING says only Thomason copy known.  
  s Fox George   An Exhortation to them who contemn God   52       Smith & Whiting, not Wing. Untraced  
F 1817A   Fox George   A Few Queries for Thomas Moor the Elder... npd 58     D Wing date [60]. Could well be earlier, as Smith prefers. Queries on dispute with Manfestarians
F 1958 d Fox George   Fifty-nine Particulars           SeeTo the Parliament of the Commonwealth  
B 6006 x Fox George Burrough Good Council & advice rejected   59          
F 1832 # Fox George intr. by EB The Great Mistery of the Great Whore Sy 59     D   Comprehensive answer to opponents
F 1833   Fox George   The Ground of Desperation is out of the Light npd 55     Q Rp. in Christs Antidote, 62 On possibility of beating temptation
F 1834   Fox George   The Ground of High Places Sy 57 26-May-57   Q   Reference to Old Testament high places. About going away from God
F 1838   Fox George   Here all may see that Justice and Judgment to Rule Sy 56 4-Aug-56   Q Magistrates & governors to consider their ways Quaker testimonies, especially HATS
F 1939   Fox George   Here are Several Queries put forth in print Cy 57 10-Jan-57   D   To listed learned people in divinity, astrology, physic. Against astrology
F 1840   Fox George   Here is declared the manner of the naming of children Sy 58     Q   No need for sprinkling infants
F 1848 # Fox George Moon Paul Instruction to Judges and Lawyers, etc. Sn 57     Q Possible date by refs. to Sunday law & book About biblical & national law. Moon's section gives legal details
F 1853B   Fox George   John James, I hearing thou make noise Mn 58     D   Set of Queries - background? - on church
F 1656 x Fox George   Justice & Judgment to Rule Sy 56   2-Jan W Sometimes catalogued as here, but see Here all may see justice...  
F 1855   Fox George   The Lambs Officer is gone forth with the Lambs Message Sy 59     Q   Apocalyptic, style of Revelation
N 292 x Fox George Nayler Lamentacion over the Ruines /Warning to Rulers   54 27-Jan-53   N See Nayler Fox's Warning to Rulers follows Nayler's piece. Intended for Barebone Parliament!!
F 1856   Fox George   The Law of God the Rule of Lawmakers Cy 58 3-Feb-58   QN See similar Instructions to Judges 1657 On the foundation of laws.
F 1863   Fox George   A Message from the Lord to Parliament npy 54 15-Sep-54   N   spiritual & ethical guidance
H 3172 x Fox George Howgill,Fox Mouth of the Pit stopped Sy 59     D See Howgill. Introduction by Fox.  
F 1867   Fox George   Newes coming up out of the North Cy 54 21-Dec-53   Q Rp 55 Thomason had it Dec.53. Calvert dates 54.
F 1869   Fox George   Of Bowings Sy 57 27-Dec-57   Q   When to bow and when not to, with ref. to bible
F 1871   Fox George   Omnibus magistratibus gubanatoribusque npy 56 15-Dec-56   N Latin only, Smith misleading re translation Magistrates & governors to consider their ways
F 1871A # Fox George RT & anon Omnibus vel ullis illorum in mundo Regibus npd 57 26-Nov-57   QN Not Smith. Wing [1660], but note Thomason date. Put out by "Quakers". Short bits, some initialled. Especially addressed to Catholics.
F 1872   Fox George   A Paper sent forth, why we deny the Teachers Cy 53 16-Mar-54   Q If Whiting 52 date is right, this & Aldam's False Prophets are the earliest extant Quaker books. Presumably 2nd edn in Thomason. Many edns., Wing F1872-1876. 52 edn not extant. Attack on regular ministry, tithes, steeplehouse
F 634A x Fox George Fell Paper concerning such as are made ministers by will of man   59       See Fell  
F 1877 # Fox George Howgill The Papists Strength Sy 58     DQ Rp 59, also edn in Latin Answer to one RW by Howgil, anti-Papist piece by Fox, unsigned bits & queries
F 1878   Fox George   The Pearle found in England - this is for...Forraigne Nations Sy 58     Q   About royal seed of God in England, Babel elsewhere
F 1882   Fox George   The Priests and Professors Catechisme Cy 57 25-Apr-57   Q   To ministers, especially with reference to the light NOT being natural
F 1883   Fox George   The Priests Fruits Manifest, and the Fashions of the World Sy 57 15-Apr-57   Q This and next are 2 edns of same book. Difficult to tell which is earlier. Diatribe agst fashionable dress & against London
F 1883A d Fox George   The Priests Fruits Manifest, and the Vanity of the World Sy 57     Q This and last are 2 edns of same book. Difficult to tell which is earlier. Diatribe agst fashionable dress & agst London
F 1884   Fox George   A Primer for the Scollers and Doctors of Europe Sy 59     Q   To universities. Anti-jargon. Real meanings??
F 3636A   Fox George   A Proclamation from the King of Saints, Christ Jesus npd 56       NOT YET SEEN. Not Wh.  
F 1890   Fox George   A Reply to the Pretended Vindication of the Answer to the Quakers 23 Queries Sy 58     Q Title may vary. NB reference to miracles happening (no.6) Diatribe agst church practices, re paper from Heath. Baxter mentioned
F 1894 # Fox George Nayler, Lawson J Saul's Errand to Damascus Cy 53 12-Mar-53   QS VERY IMPORTANT for early theology of Fox and Nayler. Much reproduced in EQW. Reference to pre- 1950 Quakers. Rp 54 and 55, also 59 in Great Mistery Answer to Petition of Lancashire ministers, Fox's answer, transcript of Nayler's trial at Appleby. Published quickly to beat Higginson's Irreligion qv?
F 1898   Fox George   The Second Covenant, which does manifestly make known the end of the 1st Covenant Sy 57     Q   Reads as if addressed to believers. On being in 2nd Covenant
F 1899 x Fox George Rous, Copeland, Norton Secret Works of a Cruel People manifest npy 59     NS See Rous, though listed under Fox in Wing.  
F 1900   Fox George   Serious peoples reasoning and speech Sy 59     Q   On dress, taverns, music, plays
D 1272 x Fox George Dewsbury Nayler Whiting, John Several letters to saints   54 17-Mar-54   E See Dewsbury  
F 1903 # Fox George Nayler, others Several Papers; some of them given forth by... npy 53     Q Rp 54. Introduction by AP, ie Parker, & printed for him. Fox has bigger type than Nayler on title page! 4 short bits on general Quakerism.
N 316A x Fox George Farnworth, Nayler Several Petitions answered   53 29-Jun-53 Jun-53 DNS See Nayler  
  x Fox George Morris, Perrot J Several Warnings to the Baptised npy 59     B Unable to find in Wing. Copy in LF. See Morris  
R 2044 x Fox George Rous Sins of a gainsaying...people   59     Q See Rous, who wrote most of it.  
  s Fox George   Something concerning Melchizedek's order   55     Q Broadside c.55 according to Smith. Not Wing. In Whiting as missing book.  
F 1909A   Fox George   Something Concerning Silent Meetings npd 57     Q   Handout on silent meetings. IMPORTANT for this
F 505 x Fox George Farnworth Spiritual Man Judgeth all things   55 6-Mar-55   QS See Farnworth  
F 1923A   Fox George   Surely the Magistrates of Nottingham are blind Sy 59     SQ   Someone imprisoned for saying Scripture is not Word. Christ is Word
F 1924   Fox George   The Teachers of the World Unvailed Sy 55 25-Jun-56   Q Rp 56. Children of Light, title p & p 1 & text, opposed to children of disobedience Anti-priests, re Queen Mary's law.
F 1929 # Fox George Burrough A Testimony of the True Light of the World Cy 57 24-Jan-57 Jan-57 QE Written from Launceston, preface EB dated 1st 11th 1st part, concerning light, 2nd to professors, 3rd to Friends
F 1931   Fox George   That all might see who they were, that had a command, and did pay tithes Sy 57     Q   On the right use of tithes in Old Testament times
F 1933   Fox George   This for each Parliament Man Sy 56     N   Advice to Parliament, who are called Friends
    Fox George   This is to goe among Friends npd 59     E Smith[59]. Can't find in Wing. Not Whiting. Strong warning, dissension among Friends. Troublemakers?
F 1935   Fox George   This to all Officers and Souldiers Sy 57 29-May-57   N   1st to army 2nd to magistrates. Rght use of force, & right government
F 1949A   Fox George   To all Magistrates in London npd 57     Q Not LF.  
F 1951   Fox George   To all people who meet in Steeplehouses Sy 57     Q   Anti-steeplehouse religion & anti Oxford and Cambridge universities.
    Fox George   To all that make Mention of the Name of the Lord npd 55     E Sm55. Date from this. Can't find in Wing. Epistles p.82 (Sm's ref) Epistle to Friends & near Friends. IMPORTANT for Fox's theology. Warnings on life-style.
F 1948   Fox George   To all the ignorant people npd 53     Q Author doubtful. Anon. (pos. 52), but Fox-type Attack on regular ministry especially tithes
F 1942   Fox George   To all who would know the Way to the Kingdom npy 53 25-Mar-54   Q Rp 55, 58, and many later edns. Thomason also had 2nd edn. 27/6/54. See Farnworth To you called by the name of Baptists for another copy of Queries by Nayler and end-piece by Fox Direction to turn minds to true wisdom.
F 1955   Fox George   To the Council of officers of the Armie, & Heads of the Nation npd 59   59 context N   Appeal to rulers to "look after the truth"
F 1956A   Fox George   To the High and Lofty Ones npd 55     NQ Wing does not know BBN copy. Anti fashions, & anti rulers for treatment of Quakers
F 1958   Fox George   To the Parliament of the Commonwealth...Fifty-nine particulars Sy 59     N Compare with Billing Mite of affection & other Quaker lists of a government's duties. IMPORTANT. Advice to Parliament
  s Fox George   To the Parliament of this Commonwealth   52     N Smith & Whiting, not Wing Untraced
F 1959   Fox George   To the people of Uxbridge Sy 59     Q   Anti traditional religion & wickedness in this town
F 1961   Fox George   To the Protector and Parliament of England Cy 58 1-Feb-58   N See similar points in post-Restoration works by Fox. IMPORTANT for GF's political proposals - listed. Oliver Cromwell should not be King
  s Fox George   To the Protector and them who are chosen   56     N Noted as missing in Whiting. Can't find Wing.  
F 1962 # Fox George Nayler To thee, Oliver Cromwell Cy 55     N More by Nayler. 3 letters to Oliver Cromwell re freedom of conscience
T 1753 x Fox George Farnw'th, Nayler To you that are called... Baptists np 54 18-Aug-54   B Wing 54, under title. Baptists' baptism does not give Spirit
F 1964   Fox George   To you that are crying, What is become of our forefathers Sn 57     Q   To answer question, If the light has onl;y appeared now, what is the position of earlier people, especially martyrs? Question dodged
C 393 x Fox George   True Discovery of the Ignorance...of magistrates Cy 53 See note     ? Camm. Account of examination of Fox 1st Aug, which is date in Thomason catalogue.  
F 1967   Fox George   True Judgment npd 54 15-Aug-54   Q Anon., parts by Fox For those growing in judgement, in whom light springs
T 2789 x Fox George Tomlinson, Fox True Narrative of the Examination...of James Nayler y 57 14-Jan-57   S Under Fox in LF. See Rich  
F 1969   Fox George   The Trumpet of the Lord Sounded Cy 54 8-Apr-54   Q Mostly anon., put out by "Quakers" Warning about coming of last days. NB ethical eschatology.
F 1970 x Fox George Atkinson Thomas, RH Truth's Defence oy 53     D See Thomas Atkinson. P. for Wayte. GF & JN mentioned, GF leader.!! Answer to queries, especially by Camelford. To all professors
F 1974   Fox George   The Unmasking and discovery of AntiChrist Cy 53 6-Mar-55   Q In connection with Triers ? Note Thomason date - 2nd edn? Advice to church leaders, and to those inclined to Quakers. Beware deceivers
F 1975   Fox George   The Vials of Wrath poured forth Cy 54     Q Rp 55 3 short pieces. Warnings and advice from the Lord.
F 1978   Fox George   A Visitation to the Jews Cy 56 16-Jul-56   Q   To Jews. who had words, but missed promise
F 1979   Fox George   A Voice of the Lord to the heathen Sy 56     Q   To those inclined to Quakerism. Beware deceivers. Advice to church leaders; in connection with Triers?
F 1980   Fox George   A Warning from the Lord to such as hang down head npy 54 16-Oct-54   QN 2nd ed same yr F1980 A Reply to Cromwell's call for day of national repentance
F 1981   Fox George   A Warning from the Lord to the Pope and his train Cy 56 28-Jun-56   Q   Anti-pope, & queries
F 1982   Fox George   A Warning to all in this proud City called London npd 54 30-Mar-54   Q Wing [55] doesn't seem to have noted Thom. Single page, call to repentance, denunciation
F 1983   Fox George   A Warning to all Teachers of Children Sy 57 23-Apr-57   Q   To teachers & parents, prophetic style
F 1985   Fox George   A Warning to all the Merchants in London Sy 58     Q   Appeal to them to use their superfluity to nourish the poor
F 1987   Fox George   A Warning to the World groping in the Dark Cy 55 30-Sep-55   Q   Quakers dissapprove of sects
P 1219 x Fox George Peningtn Burrough Way of Life and Death L y 58     AQ There was a 1675 Rp.  
F 1988 x Fox George Bishop The West answering the North Cy 57       See Bishop  
F 1990   Fox George   Why we deny the Teachers of the World   53       Only in USA. Probably another version of Paper why we deny Teachers.  
F 1991   Fox George   The Woman learning in silence Sy 56 21-Mar-56   Q   For women preaching
F 1992 # Fox George Nayler, al. A Word from the Lord to all the World, and all Professors Cy 54 25-Aug-54   Q 4 short pieces, 1st Fox, 2nd Nayler, 2 anon prob. Nayler Compressed basic Quakerism.
  # Fox George Nayler A Word from the Lord to this faithless generation npy 54     Q 4 short pieces, 1st Nayler 2nd anon, 3rd & 4th Fox 1st 2nd 3rd to enemies of Quakers, 4th IMPORTANT, to Anabaptists, Independents, Presbyterians, Levellers, Ranters
W 1890 x Fox G. Younger Whitehead G. Brief discovery of the dangerous principles of John Home   59     D    
F 1998   Fox George the Younger   Compassion to the Captives, Something to Officers Sy 56 15-Nov-56 Mar-56 B From Edmondsbury (Bury St Edmunds) gaol To people wanting to know about Quakers. Part 2, to Army, IMPORTANT
F 2001   Fox George the Younger   An Exhortation to Families npd 59     E   To families. Addressed to Fathers & Mothers, and to Masters & Dames - sex equality
F 2002   Fox George the Younger   A Few plain words to be considered by the army Sy 59     N Month from political situation described? Army in 2 parts, no Parliament To the current factions in country
F 2003   Fox George the Younger   For the Parliament of England and the Army My 59   Jan-60 N   Warning, they have sinned, and go down into darkness
W 1931 x Fox G. Younger Whitehead G., Harwood, Rofe Grounds and Causes of Sufferings at Edmondsbury   56 16-May-56 10-May S Note speed of printing.  
F 2005A   Fox George the Younger   Honest Upright Faithful Plain-dealing Sy 59   beg/May59 N 2 edns. 2nd, F2005, title Honest, Plain, Down-right dealing Appeal to army, to go back to early principles
F 2011   Fox George the Younger   This is for you who are called Common-Wealth men Sy 59     N   To army & those in Parliament. To wait in the light
W 1969A x Fox G. Younger G.W Truth Defending the Quakers Sy 59     D Not seen Answer to Blome, The Quaker Disarmed 59
F 2017   Fox George the Younger   A Visitation of love unto all people Sy 59     Q Also F2018 same year. 1st edn has title Visition To those who feel something stirring. How to come to Gd
F 2020   Fox George the Younger   A Word to the People of the World Sy 59     Q French tr. 1659, ref. F2006A What the light is
F 2021   Fox George the Younger   Words of the Everlasting and true light Sy 59     Q   About the light
    Freeman Francis   To the Baptist and Fifth Monarchy people oy 58   23-Dec-58 B printed by WL, London. Neither Freeman book in Wing. For baptists in Ireland
    Freeman Francis   To Those that Accuse us of Denying Scripture Ay 57   Sep Q Not Wing Denies that Quakers deny Scripture
F 2257A   Fuce Jn   The Fall of a great Visible Idol Sy 59     D   Account of meeting with Caffin & others,
F 2258A   Fuce Jn   A Visitation by way of Declaration Sy 59     N   Appeal to rulers, as old soldier. Army fallen away
G 32 # G., J. B.,J. The Ancient of Days is Come Cy 57     Q John Gibson, according to Smith & LF catalogue. Filler by JB About coming of Christ. Realised eschatology
G 258   Gargill Anne   A Brief Discovery of Popish religion Cy 56 12-Sep-56   Q Ranter, later disowned Anti-papist - Cain's nature
G 259   Gargill Anne   A Warning to All World Cy 56 23-Jan-56   Q   Warning to priests & people
G 396   Gawler Francis   A Record of some Persecutions Sy 59     S   Sufferings in S.Wales
G 742A   Gill Henry   A Warning and Visitation to Godalming Sy 58     Q 2 bits signed. TP on title page 1st to people of Godalming. 2nd to one newly convinced
G 769 n Gilpin Jn   Quakers Shaken oy 53 4-Jul-53   non-Q pub. Waterson. AntiQuaker, but in main Smith catalogue By one taken by a "snare" May 53
G 878 a     Glorie of the Lord Arising,The Cy 54 15-Apr-54   QN Rp 55 Re petition to Government to keep tithes
G 1414 # Gould Ann Fox, al. An Epistle to all the Christian Magistrates Sy 59     N Part I, 5 authors, Part II, by Fox 1, Sabbath keeping. 2, saints conscience
G 1416   Gould John   A Call and Warning to all Priests Sy 57 20-Dec-57   SQ From Hertford gaol Warnings, especially to Hertford and Ware
G 1626   Grayes I   One Outcry More Against Tythes Ay 57   Apr-57 ANQ He wrote a previous book on this in 1654, pre-Quaker To rulers still faithful to cause of King James. On tithes
G 1840   Green Thos   A Declaration to the World of my Travel Sy 59   26-Oct A   Call to people to do as he did
G 1861   Greenway Margaret   Lamentation against the Professing Priest...of Oxford npd 57     Q Only in O (the Bodleian). Not Smith. Not seen by Moore. Is it certain she was a Quaker? Denunciation of Oxford and the university
S 476 x Halhead Miles Salthouse Th Wounds of Enemies Cy 56 21-Mar-56   S !!priest accuser, accs drunk from capts.goodhorses Imprisonment at Exeter, & court procs.
H 963   Hart Thomas   The Foundation and Rise of many Practices Ay 59     QS   Queries to priests, professors, lawyers, on papism
B 484 x Hart Thomas Baker Prophet approved   59          
A 894B x Harwood John Aldam + 6 Brief Discovery of the Threefold Estate AntiXt   53     QNS preface by Samuel Buttivant. Also bits by Aldam, Fox, Nicholson  
H 1103   Harwood John   A Description of the true temple and worship of God Sy 58     D Transition to testimony rather than proclamation, as it describes church order. Short pieces on the church, including Catholics
W 1931 x Harwood John GW, GFY, GR Grounds and Causes of Sufferings at Edmondsbury   56 16-May-56 10-May S Note speed printing sufferings account, evil gaoler,& tale of trouble at Bury St Edmunds
H 1103A   Harwood John   The Lying Prophet Discovered Sy 59     D Use of Ranter by both sides as pejorative term Answer to Clarkson Quaker's Downfall 1659. Muggletonians damn Quakers
W 1944 x Harwood John GW Path of Just Cleared   55   14-Nov SQ Papers from Bury gaol. Sufferings and message. Emphasise, have not broken law.
H 1104A   Harwood John   A Warning from Lord to the City of Oxford   55   14-Jul QS dated Oxford 14th 5th. Duplicate of next, which see!! Warning to Oxford
H 1105   Harwood John   A Warning from the Lord to the Town of Cambridge npd 55 20-Sep-55 14-Jul QS Dated Cambridge14th 5th. NB last!! Two for the price of one, identical except for title page & place-names. Cambridge prior, town name not corrected in one place in Oxford version. Warning to Cambridge
H 1547   Haward Jeremiah 7 others A True Relation of the Sufferings of the Servants of the Lord at Oxford npy 58     S Smith and Wing entries under title. Also listed as Here followeth a true relation Full account of Oxford sufferings since beginning of mission
T 260 x Hebden Richard Taylor C., Braidley M. Certain Papers...the Word of the Lord npd 55 16-Mar-55   Q Collection of probably early pieces Woes to Appleby and ministers
H 1382   Helling Joseph   The Lamb's Innocency Defended npy 58     D Not Whiting. Associate of George Bewly. CJ 1.463. Author of several pre-Quaker books Answer to 2nd reply of priest Simon Atkinson, (apparently ms.). Accusation of popery
H 1918   Hickock Rd   A Testimony against the People called Ranters Sy 59     Qr   Appeal to Ranters & such who have sunk into wickedness
H 1952B   Higgins John   Herein is declared the message of the Lord npy 58   Nov-58 Q written Amsterdam. Dutch translation 59 Especially to English in Zealand & Amsterdam. To professors, about the light
H 1952C   Higgins John   To all the Inhabitants of the Earth Cy 58   Mar-58 AQ written Dover Warning from Lord. Anti-Ranter
H 2336   Higgins John   Love, Kindness & Due Respect Cy 59     N Not Whiting. Internal evidence, after recall of Rump To Parliament, should free oppressed, last chance
H 2383   Holder Anthony   A Discovery of Two Unclean Spirits Cy 57     DQ   Persecuting priests. Light appearing in all consciences
H 2507   Hollister Dennis   The Harlots Vail Removed Ay 58     D Very disputatious Answer to Ewens et al.Church of Christ in Bristol 57. Refers to disputes in Bristol, & complaints from his former church.
H 2508   Hollister Dennis   The Skirts of the Whore Discovered Cy 56 12-Mar-56       Answer to Pendarves Arrows against Babylon 56, & personal explanation to Baptists. in Bristol, whom he had left.
H 2661A x Hooke Ellis   A Presentation to London npy 59   Dec-59 Q Often catalogued under Hooke, owing to EH initial in one place. More likely Burrough, qv Answer to young men & apprentices petitiion. EB said it was sins of whole nation, who must repent
H 2984A   Howard Luke   The Devils Bow unstringed Sy 59   15-Dec D From Dover. refers to dispute between him & Fisher against Thomas Danson Answer to Thomas Danson (here "Dance"), Quakers folly made manifest, and Quakers wisdom from above.
H 2985   Howard Luke   A Few plain words of Instructions Sy 58     E   Short pieces, set of queries
C 389 ax Howgill Francis Camm An Answer to a Book that Samuel Eaton put up to the Parliament C 54   May 54 D Camm & Howgill. IMPORTANT for G Fox at Derby.  
H 3154   Howgill Francis   An Answer to a Paper...of Thomas Ellyson npd 54 3-Nov-54   D Calls self Seeker. Refs to accusations of witchcraft. Answer to Ellyson's petition to Cromwell. Persecution, accusations of witchcraft
B 5984 x Howgill Francis Burrough Answers to Several Queries of....Bennett   54 3-Oct-54   D Abusive language to opponents  
H 3155   Howgill Francis   The Common Salvation Contended For Cn 55 14-Jan-55   D   Answer to William Kay's answer to John Whitehead's Queries
H 3166   Howgill Francis   Darkness and Ignorance expelled Sy 59     D   Answer to Edward Dodd, Innocents no Saints 58, re trouble at Cressage, near Shrewsbury.
    Howgill Francis   An Epistle to the Church of Christ npd 56   Jan-56 ES Not Wing or Whiting. Microfilm only at FH. Date must be new style from reference to Ireland Letters from the Irish mission to London church
H 3159 # Howgill Francis Burrough The Fiery Darts of the Divel quenched Cy 54 24-Nov-54   D   Answer to Second Beacon by Fawne et al., 52
H 3166 # Howgill Francis Burrough The Heart of New England hardened Sy 59     SQ   Denunciation of happenings in New England, & ans. to Norton, Heart of New England rent 59
H 3167   Howgill Francis   Information and also Advice to the Armie npy 59     N Date from reference to new Committee of Safety, the late Parliament, the Cheshire rebellion. To people seeking peace & righteousness, for Good Old Cause. Political, on parties
H 3168   Howgill Francis   The Inheritance of Jacob Cy 56 1-Mar-56   QA   To professors & rulers
H 3169   Howgill Francis   The Invisible things of God Sy 59     Q pp 1-23 new. 24-end identical to Some of the Mistery, 58. Doctrinal additions.  
H 3170   Howgill Francis   A Lamentation for Scattered Tribes Cy 56 5-Aug-56   B   To separated congregations
H 3171   Howgill Francis   The Measuring Rod of the Lord Cy 58   20-Apr-58 QN   International, to all governments, which are far from law of righteousness
H 3173   Howgill Francis   Mistery Babylon mother of Harlots Sy 59   26-Feb-59 N   Answer to new government arrangements for public worship
H 3172 # Howgill Francis Introduction by Fox The Mouth of the Pit stopped Sy 59     D Long list of things denied Answer to Thomas Underhill, Hell broke loose, which is dated 1660 in advance
F 1877 x Howgill Francis Fox Geo Papists Strength Sy 58     DQ    
H 3177   Howgill Francis   The Popish Inquisition newly erected in New England Sy 59     S pp 53-60 not there. Rehash of something else? IMPORTANT. Persecution in New England, warnings, Q theology not heretical
H 3179   Howgill Francis   Some of the Misteries of Gods Kingdome Sy 58     Q Rp 59 Explanation of 15 topics to do with kingdom of God + 2 fillers
A 4128 x Howgill Francis Atkinson, Burrough Standard of the Lord lifted up   53 21-Oct-53   D trouble with fringe Quakers, and trouble at Kendal  
H 3182 d# Howgill Francis Burrough This is only to goe amongst Friends Sy 56       Rp 56. Same as To the Camp of the Lord in different order. 3 pieces, Burrough wrote Camp. Separated in Wing from Camp of the Lord H 3184  
C 392 x Howgill Francis Camm This was the Word of the Lord... to Oliver Cromwell   54 8-Apr-54   N    
H 3183   Howgill Francis   To all you Commanders...Army in Scotland npd 57   July N Not Whiting To army that has departed from old ideals. Refs. to expulsion of Qs from the army
H 3184 dx Howgill Francis Burrough To the Camp of the Lord in England npd 56       Same as This is onley to go in different order. 3 pieces, Burrough wrote Camp. Separate in Wing from This is onley H 3182  
B 6049 x Howgill Francis Burrough Truth Defended,   56     Q Introductory epistle by Howgil, rest by Burrough  
H 3188 x Howgill Francis Burrough The Visitation of Rebellious Nation   56 23-May-56   QS Poor notion of Irish!!  
  x Howgill Francis Fell C. A Warning to all Rulers   55       In Christopher Fell "Few Words to the People of Eng", which see.  
B 6057A x Howgill Francis Burrough We Servants &...Witnesses   55     QS from Dublin,awaiting deportation. Accusations of witchcraft and being Jesuits.  
H 3189 # Howgill Francis Nayler A Woe against the Magistrates Priests & People of Kendal npd 54   Jan-54 SQ Time of Kendal imprisonment Woes against Kendal. Written from "spirit of the living God"
H 3190   Howgill Francis   The Works of darkness brought to light Sy 59     D Initialled FH Answer to John Wells of St. Ives, who said life comes through scriptures
H 3191   Howgill Mary   A Remarkable Letter of Mary Howgil to Oliver Cromwell npy 57   7-Jul NQ To be sold at Calvert's. Letter to Cromwell, whom she had talked with, & warning to Dover
H 3196   Howsegoe Thomas   The Lyer and false Accuser made manifest Sy 58   Feb-58 D Letter written Jan 58, and consequences. Answer to Hezekiah Holland's printed queries
W 1971 x Howsegoe Thomas Whitehead G An Unjust plea confuted   59     Q    
H 3197   Howsegoe Thomas   A Word from the North sounded to South Cy 57 15-Aug-57   Q   Short bit to Kentish people & authorities
H 3218 # Hubberthorne Burrough Answer to a Declaration put forth by the Anabaptists Sy 59     B 2 sections. Hubberthorne on title page, initialled EB at end. Wing has two entries. Answer to Baptists political statement, which was trying to get them out of trouble.
H 3220   Hubberthorne   The Antipathy betwixt Flesh and Spirit Cy 54 6-Jun-54 23-Feb Q Rp 56. Smith date 56, only knew 2nd edn? To clear false accusations against righteous seed
H 3222 # Hubberthorne Burrough The Cause of Stumbling Removed Sy 57 25-Nov-57 3-Nov-57 D NB references to Nayler Maybe answer to Hosanna to the Son of David Jackson 57
H 3222A   Hubberthorne   The Commonwealth Remembrancer Cy 59   Jun. Q   Mainly anti-estestablished church
A 4126 x Hubberthorne Atkinson, Whitehead G David's Enemies Discovered   55 15-Mar-55   DQ Before Atkinson trouble, from Norwich castle Hubberthorne's reply to Woodall + another bit.
H 3223   Hubberthorne   The Difference of that call of God to the ministry Sy 59   24-May-59 D Date from Danson Quaker's Folly re dispute at Sandwich in April 1659. 1st shot in accounts of dispute with Thomas Danson in Kent, April 1659. On ministry
H 3223A   Hubberthorne   The Good old cause briefly demonstrated Sy 59   May N To authority of the time, ie Rump. Quakers have done badly out of Good Old Cause. Tithes
H 3224   Hubberthorne   The Horn of the He-goat broken Cy 56 30-Jul-56   D IMPORTANT references to Lilburne. Denies accusations against Lilburne Answer to The chasing of the young Quaker harlot out of the citie, Thomas Winterton, 56.
H 3225 # Hubberthorne Parnell James. The Immediate Call to Ministry of Gospel Cy 54 26-Sep-54   AS   Account of his call. Sufferings in Cambridge told, also Anne Blaykling's defence
H 3226   Hubberthorne   The Innocency of the Righteous Seed npd 55 29-Jun-55   D Evidently 4th in a series To Fred. Woodall, re natural/spiritual light
    Hubberthorne   The Mittimus Answered, by which Richard Hubberthorne was sent to Norwich castle npd 54   Nov-54 S Charges against him, & defence To clear self of accusations
H 3227A   Hubberthorne   The Quakers house built upon the rock of Christ npd 59   59evidence D Reference to 5 yrs earlier indicates date of 1659 Answer to Samuel Hammond Quakers house built upon sand 58
H 3228   Hubberthorne   The Real cause of the Nation's Bondage Sy 59     N Early Rump period? Hopes for Parliament. On laws for ministry
H 3229   Hubberthorne   The Rebukes of a Reviler fallen on his own head Cy 57 23-Jul-57   D IMPORTANT for detailed theological answer to Stalham's detailed accusations Answer to John Stalham Reviler Rebuked 57. Jesuit accusation.
H 3230   Hubberthorne   The Record of Suffering for Tithes in England Sy 58     S Preface by Hubberthorne & lists of tithes sufferings from counties Publicity
H 3231   Hubberthorne   A Reply to a book by R.Sherlock Cy 54   Dec-54 D From Norwich castle Reply to Sherlock's Quakers Wild Questions, 54, answer to queries sent to Sherlock by Quakers
H 3237 # Hubberthorne Atkinson C., Lancaster J The Testimony of the everlasting gospel npy 54 13-Dec-54   SS   Appeal from Norwich castle
H 3238   Hubberthorne   A True Seperation between the power of the Spirit, and...AntiChrist npd 54 4-Sep-54   Q Evidently he has come across a pro-virginity group given to ecstatic experiences 1/ To separated ones. 2/ Concerning virgins(pro-virginity group)
H 3239   Hubberthorne   A True Testimony of Obedience to the heavenly call npd 54 10-Mar-54   QA From Chester Account of his call, written while in prison
H 3240   Hubberthorne   A True testimony of the zeal of Oxford-professors npd 54 31-Jul-54 Feb SSQ   Beating of women at Oxford, words to magistrates & against Oxford & Cambridge
    Hubberthorne   Truth and Innocencie clearing iitself and its children Cy 57     QD Cannot find in Wing Answer to Jonathn Clapham, & William Jenkins, Full discovery of the wicked...Quakers 56
H 3241 # Hubberthorne Lawson J Truth cleared and deceit manifest npy 54     DS Lawson's encounter with one who shared his bed & was frightened. Dispute and conflict with church at Wrexham. To answer Vavasour Powel's book & queries.
F 1970 x Hubberthorne Atkinson Th., Fox Truth's Defence Cy 53     D GF & JN mentioned, GF taken as leader.  
H 3242   Hubberthorne   A Word of wisdom and Counsel to Officers npd 59   24-Oct N Army now considered ruler. Re tithes. Government does not keep promises
H 3723A   Humphreyes John   Vision of Eternity Held Forth Cy 57     D Name known to God "Yom" in Hebr. char. Latin, Gk refs Answer to Henry Osland's "Antiquaeries" 57. Part refs to Nayler dispute
H 3765   Hunter C ? Truth cleared from reproaches npy 54 26-Dec-54   S In Smith under Anon. Wing under title To clear self from charges of immorality. Lancaster trials of Qs
H 3828A # Hutchins Anthony GF, R.Sale, FH Caines Bloudy Race known by its fruits Sy 57     S No title page BBN copy. Most by Sale. Smith and Wing have under Hutchins Sufferings at Chester of many Friends since 1653. Arrests, imprisonments, legal process
K 10A   K.,I   Further evidence of...Thomas Hewitt Sy 59   28-Aug-59 S Also pub. with Robt Berd's pamphlet. Oppressive magistrate at Sawbridgeworth, mob law
K 473 # Killam Mgt. Patison Barbara A Warning from the Lord to the Teachers Cy 56 29-Dec-55   QS? Smith, Wing, have Killin Woes to Plymouth, list evildoers.. Queries may be separate.
L 249 a     Lamb's Defence against lies, The Cy 56     S Sometimes catalogued under Parnell. Testimony to Parnell, & answer to Glisson Lamentable death of James Parnell, 56.Other sufferings. Many signatures.
C 7691 a#     Lamentable sufferings of the Church of God in Dorset-shire Sy 59     S Wing has this under Curtis, who is first of many authors. Sufferings since 57 in Dorset detailed
A 4127 x Lancaster James Atkinson, G.Whitehead,T Sim. Ishmael and his mother   55 3-Dec-55   D    
H 3237 x Lancaster James Hubberthorne, Atkinson C. Testimony of the everlasting gospel   54 13-Dec-54   SS Use of publicity to help their case  
L 628   Lavor Henry   Replies made to the Antiqueries of Thomas Lye Cy 58 12-Jan-58   non-Q Published White. Initialled HL. Friend of Quakers. Answer to Lye, minister of Chard
A 894B x Lawson John Aldam + 6 Brief Discovery of the Threefold Estate of AntiXt   53     QNS Preface Samuel Buttivant. Also bits by John Harwoood, GF  
F 1894 x Lawson John Fox,Nayler Saul's Errand to Damascus   53 12-Mar-53   S Ref to Qs going for yrs before wd used. Petition mentions GF & JN  
H 3241 x Lawson John Hubberthorne Truth cleared and deceit manifest   54     DS Account of mission in Wrexham. JLs encounter w one who shared bed  
L 725   Lawson Thomas   The Lip of Truth Opened Cy 56 9-Oct-56   D Byne incls RANTERS with Qs Answer to Byne, The Scornful Qs answered, 56
L 729 # Lawson Thomas Slee John The Untaught Teacher witnessed against Cy 55 14-Oct-55   D Much wrong pagination. Answer by Byne Against Matthew Caffyn, Baptist, re meeting at Crawley. Answer. to Caffyn Deceived & Deceiving Quakers, 56
S 6056 a     Light shining out of darkness npy 59     nonQ See Henry Stubbe, same title. This is 1st version, much shorter General Queries arguing from early church practice to Quakers
L 2175   Lilburne   The Resurrection of John Lilburne Cy 56 16-May-56   A Only Quaker work. He has read 1700 pp Quaker writngs IMPORTANT in early history of Peace Testimony. His reasons for becoming Quaker
L 3564aA   Lynam Margaret   For the Parliament sitting at Westminster npd 59     N Bs, not in Smith. Not LF, only PL (Library Compny of Philadelphia). Not seen by Moore+M540.  
M 15   M.,E   A Brief Answer to the Cambridge Moddel Sy 58     O Mentions Aldam re distraint for tithe Answwer to proposals to maintain students for ministry
M 924   Mason Martin   The Boasting Baptist Dismounted Cy 56 23-Apr-56   D   Answer to Jonathan Johnson of Lincolnshire
M 926   Mason Martin   A Check to Lofty Linguist Cy 55 2-Nov-55 15-Oct D May have left Qs over Perrot controversy. Answer to Scortrith, minister, & account of dispute
M 933   Mason Martin   The Proud Pharisee reproved npy 55 8-Aug-55   D Nb discussion of Gk poiein hamartia Answer to Reyner, Precepts for Christian practice, 55
M 933A   Mason Martin   Sions enemy discovered npd 59   28-Jul D   Answer to Jonathan Johnson, Quaker quasht, 59
M 1647B   Mellidge Anthony   If the measure of my sufferings npy 59   21-Mar S Served 8 yrs in war, captained a frigate Re foul imprisonment 12 months, himself & others
M 1648 # Mellidge Anthony Smith Humphrey True Relation of the former faithfull service/Dreadful Cry npy 57   25-Feb-57 ANS   Interesting spiritual autobiography of former naval officer
F 631 x Milner Fell M, Aldam False Prophets, AntiXt deceivers   55     DNQ several short bits, most by Fell  
    Minter Robt   Elmston for Thomas. Munnings, Commissioner for Tithe...Pleas...for the non-payment of tithes npy 57   Jan-57   Cannot find Wing. Various titles in different catalogues. To explain why he wouldn't pay tithes
R 1609 # Minter Robt Robertson T. A Horrible thing commited Sy 58     S References to "Record of Sufferings" Sufferings, distraint in Kent for Tithe
F 1848 x Moon Paul Fox Instruction to Judges Sn 57     Q    
M 2524A   Moone John   Great Trumpet of Lord God Almighty npd 59     Q LF puts with 58 tracts, Wing [60] Call to return to Lord Jesus Christ
M 2525   Moone John   The Revelation of Jesus Christ to John Moone Sy 58   Jun-58 A Real visions described? NB early use of phrase 'Church of First-born' Epistle of revelation to the Church of the First Born
M 2526   Moone John   The The True Light hath made manifest Darkness Cy 57 24-Apr-57   DB Queries, Flaming sword imagery Answer to Baptists in Wales, including Vavasour Powell
M 2527   Moone John   The The True Light which shines in the heart npd 59     Q Author uncertain, published under initials, probable John Moon? To convinced Friends. Don't seek knowledge, but life.
M 2728   Morford Thos   Cry of Oppression/ Deceit and Enmity npy 59 15-Jul-59   S Long in press. Refers to 55-56 Sufferings at Bath 55-56
  # Morris Wm Fox, Perrot Several Warnings to the Baptized People npy 59     B Unable to find Wing. Several short pieces, Morris's longest To Baptists
M 2813   Morris Wm   To the Supreme Authority...of the Commonwealth Sy 59   beg Jul/59 N written Ireland To Parliament, re persecution in Ireland by Henry Cromwell
N 257   Nayler James   All vain Janglers, imitatours...shut out npd 54 18-May-54   Q Fine example of what today would be political journalism. Dutch translation afterwards NB Title ambiguous. Attack on Antichrist, who is regular church.
N 258   Nayler James   An Answer to a Book called the Quakers Catechism npy 55 6-Aug-55   D Rp 56. Ranters compared to Quakers Answer to Baxter Quakers Catechism. NB Flaming sword imagery
N 260   Nayler James   An Answer to queries of John Pendarves Cy 56 25-Jan-56   D   Answer to Pendarves Arrows against Babylon, 56
N 261 # Nayler James Parker, Audland An Answer to the Booke... called The Perfect Pharisee npd 54 9-May-54   D Opponents have heard of Fox & Nayler, read Saul's Errand, also heard of Audland, Atkinson. Farnworth. First answer to Weld & Newcastle priests
N 262   Nayler James   An Answer to twenty-eight queries of Francis Harris Cy 55 1-Oct-55   D Different sorts of Quakers Answer to Harris, Some queries proposed to Quakers, 55, on occasion of increase of Quakers in Gloucestershire
N 263   Nayler James   Antichrist in Man Christ's Enemy Cy 56 5-Mar-56   D Pope & Quakers were said by opponents to agree Answer to J. Miller Antichrist in Man Quakers idol, 55. Mostly dissection of Miller, not very useful for Quaker views
N 264   Nayler James   Behold you Rulers, and hearken proud men & women Sy 58     N   2 bits, against powerful men seeking worldly gain
N 266   Nayler James   The Boaster Bared and his Armour put off Cy 55 5-May-55   D Accusation that Papists were Quakers' predecessors Answer to 7 accusations of Enoch Howet, Quaking Principles dashed in pieces, 55
A 894B x Nayler James Aldam + 6 Brief Discovery of the Threefold Estate   53     QNS Nayler's bit is letter to GF of 27/Oct 52, see Journal  
N 267   Nayler James   Churches Gathered against Christ Cy 54 28-Jan-54   NS Exact historical reference lacking Answer to petition from Northern Congregational churches
N 268 x Nayler James Rich, Fox Copies of some...papers...   56       Assuredly not by Nayler. See Rich.  
N 269   Nayler James Burrough Deceit brought to Daylight Cy 56 10-Aug-56 3-Jul D Epistle to reader by EB, 3rd of 5th 56. Presumably July. Not cross-referenced to Burrough, but note relevance to beginning date of Nayler affair. Answer to Thomas Collier Dialogue between a Minister and a Christian, 56
F 479A x Nayler James Farnworth Discovery of Faith Cy 53 29-Jun-53   Q In 1st edn Wing also listed as N270. Naylers Letter to Wakefield also in Two Epistles. Short pieces by both authors, not always distinguishable.
N 271   Nayler James   A Discovery of the Beast Cy 55 24-Aug-55   D Refers to Burrough Answerto T.Winterton Quaking prophets, 55. Much on light of Christ
N 272   Nayler James   A Discovery of the First Wisdom from Beneath and the Second Wisdom from Above Cy 53 25-Apr-43   E Rp 56 pub. Simmons Written from prison at Appleby. Arranged in Chapters, statement of Quaker faith for Friends
N 274   Nayler James   The Discovery of the Man of Sin Cy 54 3-Jun-54   D Rp 55. Answer to Weld, etc. Addresses them as Friends! They know Fox, Farnworth, Saul's Errand VERY IMPORTANT for early Quaker faith. Final shot in Newcastle dispute.
N 275   Nayler James   A Dispute between James Nayler and the Teachers of Chesterfield Cy 55   20-Dec D Evidently shorthand writers there. Mayor present re visit to Chesterfield. Dispute about bullbaiting
N 276   Nayler James   A Door opened to the imprisoned seed Sy 59     Q BBN copy bound so as practically unreadable.  
N 279   Nayler James Parker A Few Words occasioned by a Paper ...stiled A Discourse concerning Quakers npd 54 17-Mar-54   D Quakers compared with papists & ranters Answer to recently discovered book by Ledgard, q.v. Quakers compared with Papists, Ranters
N 278   Nayler James   A Few words in answer to ...Independant teachers Sy 59     D Nayler's name on title page. Date from political statement to Parliament Seems to be answer to Independents' statement and requests to Parliament
N 280   Nayler James   A Foole answered according to his Folly Cy 55 25-May-55   D Damage limit exercise. Popery charge Answer to George Emmot Northern blast, 55. Ranter, Papist, questions
N 281   Nayler James   Foot yet in the Snare Cy 56 1-Jan-56   D   Answer to Toldervy. Says most of it lies
N 281A   Nayler James   Give Ear gathered churches npd 59     Q Published anonymously & undated. Smith thinks about 59, Wing [60]. How gathered churches have deteriorated
N 282   Nayler James   Glory to God Almighty who Ruleth the Heavens Sn 59     A Probably 59 since authorship acknowledged Confession & denial of followers. Related to reconcilation with main Quaker body?
N 284   Nayler James   Having heard that some have wronged my words Sy 59     A   Answer to JN's "recantation"
N 285 # Nayler James Blackborow How Sin is Strengthened, and how it is Overcome Sy 57     Q 1st edn, preface by S. Blackborow. Rp 58. On the practical overcoming of sin, pastoral work
N 290   Nayler James   The Lambs Warre against the Man of Sin Sy 57     Q Rp 58. On spiritual war of the last days. Anti-5th Monarchist
N 292 # Nayler James Fox A Lamentacion over this oppressed nation of England/Warning from the Lord npy 53       Published in York Bitter lament on failure of Barebones (Nominated) parliament, warning of God's vengeance
N 293   Nayler James   The Light of Christ and Word of Life Cy 56 22-Apr-56   D   Answer to Matthew Caffin Deceived & Deceiving Quakers, 56
294   Nayler James   Love to the Lost Cy 56 9-Feb-56   Q 1st ed lacked last chapter on resurrection. More eds. 56 Full statement of faith in 24 chapters.IMPORTANT
N 298 # Nayler James Travers A Message from the Spirit of Truth Sy 58     E Published anonymously, but in "Works" To Fr, not to rest in the light.
S 3793 x Nayler James Simmons M O England; thy time is come npd 56     Q    
N 302   Nayler James   The Power and Glory of the Lord Cy 53 17-Aug-53   Q Rp 56 30pp, 6 chapters. Formal statement of faith
N 304   Nayler James   A Psalm of Thanksgiving npy 59     A Wing says BBN, can find only in To the Life of God in all. Smith 59. LF 2 copies, one 1723 one undated, does not look contemporary. Both also have last words. Authenticity as a separate publication doubtful Beautiful devotional writing
N 305   Nayler James   A Publike Discovery of...Babel's builders Cy 56     Q Accusation of being Jesuit Ans. to book by John Deacon, Public Discovery of Secret Deceit, 56 +queries
N 306   Nayler James   The Railer Rebuked npd 55 12-Mar-55   D Smith ii 225 Ans. to Bradshawe, Quakers Whitest Devil, 54
N 308 # Nayler James Saller Richard The Royal Law and Covenant of God Cy 55     Q Saller's paper 2 seeds, apocalyptic language Collection short bits, apocalyptic, 2 seeds
N 309   Nayler James   A Salutation to the Seed of God Cy 55 3-Sep-55   Q 2nd ed. same year, with additions. Also rp 56. Also in Love to the Lost To Qs & Frs. of Qs. Could be sermon. Several rps
N 313   Nayler James   Satan's Design Discovered Cy 55 2-Nov-55   D See background on Manifestarians 1st answer to Moor, Discovery of Lying AntiChristian spirit. Report of dispute
F 1894 x Nayler James Fox, Lawson J Saul's Errand to Damascus   53 12-Mar-53   S Rp 54,55. Reference to Quakers existing for years before word 'Quaker' used. Petition mentions Fox and Nayler  
N 314   Nayler James   A Second Answer to Thomas Moor Cy 55 17-Feb-56   D See background on Manifestarians 2nd Answer to Moor. Very abusive
N 315   Nayler James   The Secret Shooting of Wicked Reproved npd 55 20-Jul-55   QDS Relates to Jackson dispute. NB mention North. Re correspondence with woman thought to be interested in Qs. Refers to dispute with Jackson
D 1272 x Nayler James Dewsbury Fox, J.Whitehead Several letters to saints oy 53 17-Mar-54   E Fox more positive, emphasis on worship  
F 1903 x Nayler James Fox, Pearson Several Papers npd 53          
N 316   Nayler James   Several Papers of Confessions npd 59       Title p. for collection of of papers probably never made.  
N 316A # Nayler James Farnworth, Fox Several Petitions answered Cy 53 29-Jun-53 Jun-54 DNS Thomason has under Nayler. Part of Several Papers, rp 54. Summary of main Quaker ideas
N 317A   Nayler James   Sinne kept out of Kingdom npd 53     Q   To all professors & people, from Appleby
N 318   Nayler James   Something further in answer to Jackson npd 55 29-Sep-55   D Year from Thomason & Jackson's book See Jackson, Strength in weakness, 55. He has reprinted his papers, but Nayler wants satisfactory answers to his queries
N 319   Nayler James   Spiritual Wickedness npd 53 17-Aug-54   D Did Thom have 2nd ed? Answer to anonymous book Freedom of Religious Worship. Catholic\Quaker comparison
N 320   Nayler James   To all the People of the Lord npy 59     EA Same as JN's Recantation, (adverse list)with diff title Warning against parties among Fr.
  d Nayler James   To the Dearly Beloved People npy 59     E Might be same as last. Smith has both Appeal to Quakers to make up. Condemns self
N 321   Nayler James   To the Life of God in all Sy 59     A   IMPORTANT. Own tale. "Dark night of the soul"
F 1962 x Nayler James Fox To thee, Oliver Cromwell   55     N BBN pp missing. Most JN, 3 letters to OC. Reason??  
T 1753 x Nayler James Farnw'th, Fox To you that are called... Baptists npd 54 18-Aug-54   B See under title  
N 322   Nayler James   A True Discovery of Faith Cn 55 17-Jul-55   DQ 1st ed LT only. 2nd ed. same yr, LF, BBN. Declaration of faith, & answer to Reyner, Several queries, 55 Short bits
N 324   Nayler James   Truth Cleared from scandals npy 54     Q 2nd ed. also 54, ref. 324A. LF has one & BBN the other Summary of main Quaker ideas.
N 325   Nayler James   Two Epistles npy 54     E 1st to Friends at Wakefield also in F479 , 2nd is in Several Letters D1272. Nayler writing to Friends. Note the Pauline beginning: 'James a prisoner..to all that love the appearance of the Lord, grace and peace.'
N 326   Nayler James   A Vindication of Truth Cy 56 9-Sep-56   D Many refs to RANTERS Answer to T. Higginson Testimony to true Jesus, 56, a reply to Love to the Lost
N 327   Nayler James   Weakness above Wickednesse Cy 56 18-Jul-56   D Nayler takes over dispute from Gerrard Roberts Answer to Jeremiah Ives, Baptist, Quakers quaking
N 328   Nayler James   What the Possession of the Living Faith... Sy 59     QAN Written during imprisonment, published by a friend Salvation & Repentance. Several bits
N 331   Nayler James   Wickedness Weighed Cy 56 13-Mar-56   D Papist accusation. Answer to Ellis Bradshaw, Quakers Quaking Principles, 56
H 3189 x Nayler James Howgill Woe against Magitrates...   54   Jan-54 SQ written from the sp of the living Gd  
F 1991A x Nayler James Fox, al. A Word form the Lord to all the World, and all Professrs   54 25-Aug-54   Q BBN copy not in Wing  
F 1992 x Nayler James Fox A Word from the Lord to faithless gener'n   54     B Note on Ranters, Levellers,Anabapt. Indep, Pres. cf WTUD 191  
  s Nayler James Audland Word to all that live of their own wills   55       Found this reference in Smith under Audland only. Error, I think  
N 1104   Nicholson   A Blast from the Lord Cy 53   Mar-53 Q Sometimes published with Some Returns to a Letter. Catalogue entries and title pages may be misleading. Check actual content of pamphlet. Warning to people in positions of power
A 894B x Nicholson Aldam + 6 A Brief Discovery of the Threefold Estate   53     QNS Preface Samuel Buttivant. Also bits John Harwoood, Fox  
N 1106   Nicholson   Some Returns to a Letter Cy 53       Sometimes published with Blast from the Lord. Catalogue entries and title pages may be misleading. Check actual content of pamphlet.  
N 1107   Nicholson   Truths Defence against Lies npd 54     D Note difference from Nicholson's earlier tract. This pure theology Answer to Worcestershire Petition defended, 53, Nicolson thought it by Fowler. See Baxter
N 636 # Norton Humph Rous, Copeland New England's Ensigne Cy 59   Apr-59 S   Confirms Howgill's Popish Inquisition. New England sufferings since anti-Quaker declaration of Jul 56
F 1889 x Norton Humph Fox, Rous al Secret Works of a Cruel People np 59     NS also listed under Copeland, Norton Appeal to Parliament on New England persecution
N 1312A   Norton Humph   To all people that speakes of outward baptism npd 59     B Wing [London ?1659]. See Anti Quaker Larkham, in Great Mistery but not BAQ Against Baptists, answer to Thomas Larkham
  s Norton Humph   Woe unto them that are mighty to drink wine   59       Smith undated, signed HN. Can't find Wing nor LF. Not Whiting  
P 3454 xa Overton Payne Priests Wickedness & Cruelty laid open Cy 57 7-May-57 Mar S Thomason date is anonymous work same title. Wing under Priests  
P 36 ax P.,H   Short answer to book set forth by seven priests Cy 54 11-Jul-04 14-Aug-54 D Anonymous, Wing has under P.,H.  
P 37   P.,H   Tumulus decimarum or, the History of Tythes Cy 59     Q Smith ii 440. Same incorrect order in Whiting. History of tithes since the Levites
    Pain John   See Payne              
N 261 x Parker Alexander Nayler, Audland An Answer to the Booke... called The Perfect Pharisee np 54 9-May-54   D    
P 378   Parker Alexander   A Call out of Egypt   56 19-Nov-56   QES Rp 59 Short pieces, much ethical
  r Parker Alexander   Call out of Egypt 56   59          
B 5995 # Parker Alexander Burrough A Declaration to all the World of our Faith(addition) Sy 59     Q This ed. has addition by Parker to Burrough's book of 57, not separately pubished Quakers do not deny ministry & magistracy
P 380   Parker Alexander   A Discovery of Satans Wiles & his Subtile Devices Sy 57   Nov-57 QD From Leith 1st part general, 2nd part is answer to James Browne's book AntiChrist in spirit unmarked, 57
F 1903 x Parker Alexander Fox, Nayler, others Several Papers; some of them given forth by... npy 53     Q Rp 54. Introduction by AP, ie Parker, & printed for him. Fox has bigger type than Nayler on title page! 4 short bits on general Quakerism.
P 383   Parker Alexander   A Testimony of God   56 14-Jul-56   DB Fox-like thought differently expressed Testimony, & answer to Vavasour Powel & queries from anabaptists
P 384   Parker Alexander   A Testimony of the Appearance of Gd npd 58     D Refers to dispute in Scotland, concerning Margaret Hambleton. See Weare, Doctrines & Principles Dispute w. Scottish ministers over Margaret Hambleton, who had denid Presbyterianism
P 385   Parker Alexander   A Testimony of the Light Within Cy 57 25-Apr-57 15-Nov-56 DQ   Reaction to lecture at St Austells on 7th Nov
P 386   Parker Alexander   A Testimony of Truth Sy 59   end Jun 59 D written Reading Reply to James Livesey of Chester
P 387   Parker Alexander   To all ye who be called Baptists npd 57     B   To show Baptists formal practices not required
P 389 # Parker Alexander Watkins M A Tryall of a Christian Sy 58     QE Epistle to reader by Morgan Watkins. 3 bits, mainly to near Quakers
  s Parnell James.   An Answer to a Book printed for EB npd 55       Not Wing  
P 527   Parnell James   Christ exalted into his throne   55 14-Dec-55   Q Same as Stone which the builders rejected. Not possible to tell which came first. On Christ the light from John1. Light not natural
P 530   Parnell James   The Fruits of a Fast Cy 55 19-Oct-55   SA IMPORTANT account of individual call Parnell's autobiography, & papers relating to imprisonment
P 531   Parnell James   Goliah's Head cut off Cy 55 27-Oct-55   D Written Colchester gaol. Reply to reply to his own book, ? by Wiiliam Parker, Answer according to the truth, 55, actually by Thomas Drayton. Anti-established church
H 3225 x Parnell James Hubberthorne Immediate Call to Ministers   54 26-Sep-54   AS Account of Hubberthorne's call  
P 532 x Parnell James several The Lambs Defence against lies   55       Not by Parnell. Written after his death. In defence of him, see under Lambs defence  
F 1903 x Parnell James Fox, Nayler Several Papers   54       Parnels bit dated 19th 11th 54, at end of 2nd ed.  
P 533   Parnell James   A Shield of the Truth Cy 55 6-Mar-55   Q Accusations of Ranterism & popery. Careful study of anti-Quaker attacks. Ranterism, Papistry
P 534 d Parnell James   The Stone which builders rejected npd 55     Q Wing '55, Smith.'54, Thomason '55,Same as Christ Exalted On Christ the light from Jn1. Light not natural
P 539   Parnell James   The Trumpet of the Lord Blown Cy 55 12-Mar-55   Q   Fiercely anti-rich, IMPORTANT for social witness
P 535   Parnell James   A Tryall of Faith npy 54 2-Aug-54   Q Rp 55 by Calvert, and 58. No paragraphs and hardly any punctuation. All may search for faith. Against regular chch.
P 541   Parnell James   The Watcher Cn 55 7-Jul-55   B Refers to Fenstanton - see Fenstanton records IMPORTANT Refs to Fenstanton Baptists
K 473 x Patison Barbara Killam Margaret. A Warning from Lord to...Plimouth   56 29-Dec-55   QS?    
P 188   Payne John   A Discovery of Priests Cy 55 20-Jul-55   Q Smith ii 253. Same incorrect order in Whiting. "Shoomaker" from Bishops Stortford Anti-priest, anti Ranter
P 3454 #a Payne John Overton, others The Priests Wickedness and Cruelty laid open Cy 57 7-May-57 March S Smith ii 253 wrong order, as Whiting.Thomason date from anon. work same title, Wing under Priests Re suffering at Cressage near Shrewsbury. Queries to Cressage priest
S 537 x Peace J Sammon, others Discovery of the Education Cy 59     NS Sammon in LF cat, he wrote 1st bit To government, re violence in Cambridge by students
P 988   Pearson Antony   A Few words to all Judges Justices Cy 54 16-Jul-54   N   On the laws used against Quakers, which are against Christ.
P 989   Pearson Antony   The Great Case of Tythes truly stated Cy 57 6-Dec-57   Q Rp 58, 59, and many later. History of tithes from OT on. Very learned, many references to church history.
  r Pearson Antony   Great Case of Tythes truly stated57   58          
P 992   Pearson Antony   To the Parliament of the Commonwealth npd 53   Oct-53 N Impact of Quaker ideas on an educated man To lay before Parliament the affliction of innocent. 30 cases
P 1152   Penington Isaac   The Axe laid to the root of the old corrupt-tree Ly 59     Q   Short theological pieces. Much on Apostacy
P 1153   Penington Isaac   Babylon the great described Ly 59 8-Aug-59   QA   About evil. Much from Revelation
P 1174   Penington Isaac   The Jew Outward Ly 59     Q printed by GD for Lloyd Jews argued against earthly Christ like professors against spiritual Christ
P 1174A   Penington Isaac   A Lamentation with a call npd 59       Bedford Central Ref. Library. NOT SEEN. May be part of Scattered Sheep  
P 1183   Penington Isaac   A Question propounded to the Rulers, Teachers & People of England Ly 59   14-Feb-60 N NB 1660 new style. Printers date old style Query - did the nation wait on Lord for guidance at Reformation, or go its own way?
P 1187   Penington Isaac   The Scattered sheep sought after Ly 59     Q printed by GD for Lloyd Lamentation over loss of presence of God
P 1191   Penington Isaac   Some considerations proposed to...England npd 59   19-Jan N   Reformation from Popery never completed, needs completing
P 1190   Penington Isaac   Some considerations proposed to...London npd 59   59 context N   Apocalyptic warning about what the Lord will do. Time of trial is God's punishment
P 1213   Penington Isaac   To the Army npd 59 1-Dec-59 59 context N   Army has had power, & been often betrayed. Seditious??
P 1215   Penington Isaac   To the Parliament, the Army, & all Wel-affected Cy 59 18-May-59 May-59 N   Army leaving Good Old Cause. Work of God turned backwrds
P 1219 # Penington Isaac Burrough, Fox The Way of Life & Death made Manifest Ly 58     AQ printed by JM for Lloyd. BBN title-p missing. There was a 1675 Rp. IMPORTANT theological work. Apostacy, New Covenant, Spirit, theological objections to Quakers
P 1619   Perrot John   Immanuel the Salvation of Israel Sy 58     Q Initialled JP. Signed at end Word of Lord to him re the Jews
  x Perrot John Fox, Morris Several Warnings to the Baptised People   59     B See Morris  
P 1638   Perrot John   A Visitation of Love, and Gentle Greeting of the Turk Sy 58     Q BBN ed 60. Check LF for 1st ed. Warning to Turks to repent. God has sent him to them.Rather wild!
P 1641   Perrot John   A Word to the World Sy 58     Q   On saved people not sinning
P 1661 x     Persecution of people called Quakers in Lancashire C 56     SQS   short pieces on Lancashire sufferings, several authors
P 2261   Pinder Rd   Bowels of Compassion My 59   Dec-59 Q From Barbados. To tell people of America about Quakers
P 2299 # Pitman Jn Batt Jasper Truth Vindicated...Lyars Refuge swept Sy 58   21-Jun-58 DB Emphasises they are not Ranters Answer to Collier Looking Glass 57, also epistles to Baptists
R 818 # Potter Jas   A Relation of commitment & imprisonment My 59   4-Jan-59 SQ From Winchester prison Suffering for tithes of 2 local families
P 3454 xa     Priests Wickedness and Cruelty laid open Cy 57 7-May-57 Mar S See Payne Re suffering at Cressage. Queries to Cressage priest
R 118 a     Rabshakehs Outrage Cy 58     D By "impartial friend to Gd's truth". Abusive. Mention of Farnworth and Nayler Against Grigg, The Quakers Jesus, 58,
R 369   Rawlinson Th   Light sown for the Righteous Sy 57     EA Auto, tale strict upbringing, long trouble Especially to people in Furness, to learn from his experiences
R 818 x     Relation of commitment & imprisonment My 59   4-Jan-59 SQ From Winchester prison. By James Potter, qv  
R 1185 ax     Return to the Priests about Beverley           See Farnworth  
N 268 # Rich Robert Tomlinson, Fox Copies of some few of the Papers given into...Parliament at...James Naylers trial npd 56 5/12/56   S Collected & printed by Rich, see Hidden Things. To the Speaker of Parliament. Papers used in Nayler's defence. Fox on unity with Christ. Rich & Tomlinson appear to fear death penalty for Nayler
T 2789 # Rich Robert Tomlinson, Fox True Narrative of the Examination...of James Nayler npy 57 14-Jan-57   S Rp from 56 with additions. Anon. in Thomason, Wing. Fox LF catalogue. Probably largely by Rich IMPORTANT. Full account of trial & punishment, + papers published in 56
R 1475   Rigge Ambrose   The Banner of Gods Love Cy 57 25-Dec-57   SQN Re sufferings in Southampton Sufferings at & Woes to Southampton. Proclamation & queries to rulers
R 1486   Rigge Ambrose   Of Perfection, the Great Mystery of AntiChrist npd 57 29-Jul-57   QB Written during imprisonment at Dorchester To teachers, Presbyterian, Indepeendant, Anabaptist, Seeker
R 1487   Rigge Ambrose   Oh ye heads of the nation who are set in the Supreme Authority Sy 59   6-Jul N   To Parliament, on ministers' maintenance & persecution of Quakers
R 1494   Rigge Ambrose   To all the hireling priests in England Sy 59     Q   General attack on priests & established church
S 5707 x Roberts Gerrard Stodart, others An Answer to a Lying Scandalous Book npd 55       Published by London men's meeting Answer to Quacking Mountebank
B 5989 x Roberts Gerrard Burrough, others Declaration from the People called Quakers to the nation Sy 59 30-Dec-59 20-Dec N Anon. in Thomason, indexed under "Quakers". Burrough wrote it, with authority of men's meeting  
R 1609 x Robertson Th Minter A Horrible thing commited Sy 58     S references to "Record of Suffering"  
W 1931 x Rofe George G Whitehead, Harwood, G Fox Younger Grounds and Causes of Sufferings   56 16-May-56   S written 10th May, note speed printing. nasty gaoler  
R 1786   Rofe George   Love to the Captives Cy 56   Nov-56 QA   Call to repentance. AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL
R 1787   Rofe George   The Revelation of God and of his Glory Sy 58   Dec-57 Q Initialled GR To declare glory of God,creation, fall, redemption.
R 1788   Rofe George   The Righteousness of God to Man Cy 56 7-Aug-56   QA   Autobiographical, usual story of youth. Several short bits
R 1789   Rofe George   Sion's Rock Exalted Cy 56 27-Sep-56 6-Jul Q written 6th of 5th. From Edmundsbury gaol, Quaker faith
R 2043 # Rous John Copeland, others New England a degenerate plant npy 59   6-May-59 S   Account of New England anti-Quaker laws since new law of '56. To arouse sympathy
N 636 x Rous John Norton New England's Ensigne Cy 59   Apr-59 S   See Howgill Popish Inquisition. New England persecution
F 1899 # Rous John Copeland, Norton, Fox Secret Works of a Cruel People manifest np 59     NS Wing has under Fox. Also listed under Copeland and Norton. Appeal to Parliament about New England sufferings. Based on John Rous' letter to Fell, Sept. 58 Swarthmore Ms. 1.82
R 2044 # Rous John GF,MF The Sins of a gainsaying and rebellious people My 59   8-Jun Q Fell & Fox bits are fillers. Fox on light, pub. also elsewhere? Fell on convincement. To people Barbados, call to repent
R 2045   Rous John   A Warning to the Inhabitants of Barbados npd 56   10-Oct QS Slavery not noted as evil. Apocalyptic warning to evil livers
H 3828A x Sale R Hutchins, Fox Caines Bloudy Race Sy 57     S Most by Sale, Smith has under Hutchins  
N 308 x Saller Rd. Nayler Royal Law and Covenant of God   55     B Saller's paper on 2 seeds To Baptists in general, outward practice v. inward reality
S 463   Salter George   Answer to Roger Crabs printed paper concerning the Quakers Sy 59     D   Against Crab & his followers in general. Begins: Friend Crab
S 472   Salthouse Th   An Epistle to Churches of Anabaptists npd 57   3-Dec-57 B NB close relationship to Baptist churches Follow-up of disciplinary letter of Baptist ministers to their own churches. See Collier, To the Churches of Christ
S 473   Salthouse Th   The Hidden things of Esau brought to Light Cy 57     D NB Pre-Babel language = "original" Dispute with Francis Fullwood, True Relation, 56
S 474 # Salthouse Th Collens John The Line of true judgement/ Lamentation for Churches of the Anabaptists Sn 58   12-Mar-58 DB NB close relationship to Baptist churches Relates to Colliers Letter to the Churches. 2 pieces. Perfection main issue
S 476 # Salthouse Th Halhead Miles The Wounds of an Enemy in the House of a Friend Cy 56 21-Mar-56   S NB refs to Quakers good horses & bill-paying. Accusing priest said to be ex drunken sea captain Imprisonment at Exeter, & court proceedings.
S 537 # Sammon Peace Discovery of the Education of Scollers of Cambrdge Cy 59     D   To government, re violence in Cambridge by students
P 36 a     Short answer to book set forth by seven priests Cy 54 14-Aug-54   D Wing has under P.,H. Answer to book (no known copy) by Beverly priests, Feake, Kellet, etc
S 3750   Sicklemore James   To all the inhabitants of town of Youghal npy 57   Aug-57 D Addressed as Capt Sicklemore To flock of James Wood, re Wood's call to the ministry, which Sicklemore denies
S 3791   Simmonds Martha   A Lamentation for the lost sheep of the house of Israel Cy 55 20-Oct-55   QA Rp 56 General appeal to repent. Autobiography. Not Ranterish & well written
S 3793 # Simmonds Martha Stranger H, Nayler, WT O England; thy time is come npd 56     Q   Is she looking for a new Christ? ?Nayler??
S 3794   Simmonds Martha   When the Lord Jesus came to the city npd 55 25-Apr-55   Q No title, this is the beginning. Call to repent, gentle
    Simonds Thomas   See Symonds              
S 3841   Simpson William   A Declaration to all Priests and People Cy 55     Q   Anti-established church
  s Simpson William   A Declaration to all Rulers   55     Q Whiting & Smith. Probably duplicate entry for last  
S 3843   Simpson William   From one who was moved of the Lord to go as a sign Sy 59     Q   Warning to priests etc.
S 3956 a     Slanders and Lyes cast upon the Children of Light npd 55 6-Jun-55   D Sm Qs Answer to Walker, Ibbotson, Horton, anon. pamphlets.Quakers do not deny resurrection, heaven, hell
L 729 x Slee John LawsonThomas Untaught Teacher   55 14-Oct-55   D much wrong pagination  
S 4052   Smith Humphrey   An Alarum sounding forth unto all the Inhabitants of Earth Sy 58     Q written in Hampshire gaol Woes & warnings. NB historical examples of judgments on persecutors
S 4054   Smith Humphrey   Concerning Tithes My 59     Q   Leaflet against tithes.
S 4055   Smith Humphrey   The Cruelty of the Magistrates of Evesham Cy 55     SN Has given away 60 Quaker books. Confiscation of others. In prison, written to get sympathy. Also letter to government
S 4056   Smith Humphrey many The Defence of H Smith, A Mellye, W Bayly npd 59   5-Apr S   H Smith & others falsely accused of cursing a girl. Prison 1yr, bad conditions
S 4057   Smith Humphrey   Divine Love Spreading forth over all Nations Sy 58     Q   Apocalyptic warning, especially to powerful
S 4058   Smith Humphrey   The First and Second Priesthood Declared npd 57 25-Apr-57   B   Follow-up of disciplinary letter from Baptist ministers.!
S 4061 # Smith Humphrey Bayly, others The Fruits of Unrighteousness and Injustice Sy 58     SQ Hampshires & Winchester sufferings, & Brixton IMPORTANT for sufferings theology.
S 4062   Smith Humphrey   Hidden things made manifest by the Light Sy 58     Q 2nd ed same yr S4063. 64 edn is longer. NB ref to quaking (no.4) Difference between condemnation for sin, and temptation, avoiding the condemnation.
S 4064   Smith Humphrey   Idolatry declared against Sy 58   Jun-58 Q 2nd edn. same yr. different Publicity, to be read in public & private places. Agst. established church
  s Smith Humphrey   An Invitation from the Spirit of Christ npd 58     p Seems to be only included with other works Short appeal to repent & come to Xt
  s Smith Humphrey   Just Complaint of the Afflicted   58       Seems to be only included with other works  
  s Smith Humphrey   Love of God declared   58     Q Seems to be only included with other works  
S 4068   Smith Humphrey   Man driven out of earth and Darkness npy 58   Jan-59 A written 18th-19th Aug.58. Printed "11th 58" His life story for the people of Herefordshire, where he used to be minister
R 1104   Smith Humphrey 16 others A Representation of the Government of the Borough of Evesham to Oliver Cromwell npd 55   29-Aug NS Signed by 16 + H Smith. NB date is given as "Aug". Appeal to Cromwell against the local authorities.
S 4072   Smith Humphrey   Something further on the cruel Persecution at Evesham npd 56 16-Jan-56   S Thomason title Persecution of Quakers. 2eds, also S4073 To engage sympathy re especially nasty sufferings at Evesham
F 470 x Smith Humphrey Farnwor+E704th Something in reply to...Skip   55     D In Farnworth Antichrists Man of War only reply to Edmund Skip, Worlds Wonder, Quakers Blazing Star 55.
S 4075   Smith Humphrey   The Sounding Voyce...of God's Mighty Power Sy 58     QS   Apocalyptic warning
    Smith Humphrey   The Sufferings Tryals and Purgings   56     S Not Wing, probably not separately published  
S 4082   Smith Humphrey   To the Musicianers, the Harpists, the Minstrels... npy 58     Q   Against music, "from one who loved dancing & music as his life"
S 4083 # Smith Humphrey Bayly The True and Everlasting Rule of God Discovered Sy 58   8-Apr ES 2nd ed. with additions. Contains Invitation to the Spirit of Christ From gaol. Pastoral pieces to his flock, like Paul in prison. IMPORTANT
M 1648 x Smith Humphrey Mellidge Antony The True Relation of the former faithfull service/Dreadful Cry y 57   25-Feb-57 ANS    
S 4085   Smith Humphrey   A Warning to Priests Magistrates and Rulers of Exon npd 56 6-Dec-56   SQ written 30th 8th . 2 pieces occasioned by national fast day.
S 4295   Smith William   The Dayspring from on high visiting the world Sy 59     Q No paragraphs, practically no punctuation. Stream of consciousness Apocalyptic proclamation & warning
S 4300   Smith William   The Faithful Witness Sy 59     QD   On ethical light, & answer to Jonathan Johnson's Quaker Quashed 59
S 4313   Smith William   The Lying Spirit in the Mouth of the False Prophet Sy 58     DQ   Answer to Howet Doctrine of the Light Within
S 4324   Smith William   The Ravenous Beast Discovered npd 59       NOT SEEN by Moore  
B 6020 x Smith William Burrough Reign of the Whore discovered S 59       Initialled WS. against established church.
S 4325   Smith William   A Right Dividing, or a True Discerning Sy 59     Q By W.S. William Smith according to Whiting, Smith follows. On right use of sword. OK against evil doers, but not in civil war.
S 4331   Smith William   Some Queries propounded to the professing General Baptists My 59     BD Initialled WS. See S., W. in Smith To Baptists, outward practice v. inward reality
S 4482 a     Some considerations humbly tendred by way of proposall & consideration for unity of the Faithful   57 09-Mar-57   Q NOT SEEN by Moore. Title varies between Smith, Wing, Thomason.  
S 4547 a     Some Papers given forth to World Cy 55 1-Sep-55   Q Smith Quakers. 8 short papers, all anon. ? part Fox Various Quaker doctrines described
S 4564 a     Some queries to be answered npd 54     D   To do with Newcastle controversy with Weld. College for ministers to be set up.
S 4659 a     Something in anwer to a Petition to Oliver Cromwell npy 54   Aug-54 N   Relates to Commission for approving ministers. See Nayler Churches gathered against Christ. Hubberthorne?
B 4339 a#     Something Written in Answer to a Lying Scandalous Book npd 56 14-Apr-56   D Signed by several London Friends headed by Stodart, qv. See Answer to a Scandalous Paper under Breck in Wing, and Breck in AntiQuaker list, for his paper not otherwise known. Answer to Breck's paper & to John Deacon, Public Discovery of a Secret Deceit.
S 4905   Speed Thomas   Christs Innocency Pleaded Cy 56 22-Jan-56   D A third book in this set seems to be missing. See William Thomas in AntiQuaker list Answer to paper by WilliamThomas of Somerset, a minister. Accusations against Quakers answered
S 4904   Speed Thomas   The Guilty-covered Clergyman unvailed Cy 57   Aug-57 DN "A plain & candid reply to 2 bundles of wrath & confusion" Answer to Fowler & Ford, Sober answer 56. & to William Thomas Rayling rebuked 56. Epistle dedicatory to Parliament
S 4997 a     Spiritual Discoveries to the overthrow of Popery npy 57     nonQ? Seeker?. 5th Mon? A "Waiter & New Covenanter". 2ed Account of own faith & spiritual journey; found Qs "most pure"
S 5707 a# Stodart Amor Roberts, al. An Answer to a Lying Scandalous Book npd 56     D See Something in Answer ... Reply to "Quacking Mountebank" 55.
S 3793 x Stranger Hannah Simmns Martha, JN, WT O England; thy time is come   56     Q    
S 6017   Strutt James   A Declaration to the whole world Ay 59   about Dec AQ   Mostly account of own spiritual development
S 6056   Stubbe Henry   Light Shining out of Darkness npy 59 8-Nov-59   nonQ Thomason has much enlarged version of anon work same title, which see above. Book on Church Order. Re Queries p. 81ff, anti-Owen
S 6072 # Stubbs John Caton Wm A True Declaration of the Bloody Proceedings at Maidstone Cy 55 18-Jun-55   SS   To get sympathy; account of ill-treatment
S 6084   Stubbs Thomas   A Call into the Way to the Kingdom Cy 55 13-Sep-55   Q Rp 56. 55 edn. not in Whiting. Written in jail at Carlisle Call to repent, account of his trial
S 6086   Stubbs Thomas   Certain Papers given forth from the Spirit of Truth Sy 59   53 prob mispr/ for 58 Q Short pieces Against wisdom of the world, for light of Christ in conscience
A 4127 x Symonds Thomas Atkinson, G Whitehead, Lancaster Ishmael and his mother   55 3-Dec-55   D    
S 3804   Symonds Thomas   The Voyce of the Just Uttered npy 56   30-Jun A Rp 57 Spiritual autobiography, in the war, formerly baptist, ranter. Cloth business
T 1871A x T.,R. Fox Omnibus vel ullis illorum... np 57 26-Nov-57   QN Not Smith. Wing 1660, but note Thomason date.  
T 260 # Taylor Christopher Braidley, Hebden Certain Papers...the Word of the Lord npd 55 16-Mar-55   Q Collection of probably early pieces Woes to Appleby and ministers
T 267   Taylor Christopher   A Warning of the Lord to this Nation npd 55 9-Jul-55   Q   Call to repent, from Appleby prison
T 268   Taylor Christopher   The Whirlwind of Lord Gone Forth Cy 55 12-Sep-55 13-Jul QNS Rp 56 To rulers turned from enlightening Christ
T 582   Taylor Thomas   Some Prison Meditations Cy 57 25-Nov-57 Sep-57 Q NB 2 people of this name inThomason, 4 in Wing. Against "Sermon & Prayer sellers"
T 590   Taylor Thomas   Trumpet Sounded from...the altar npd 58   Apr-58 Q   From Appleby gaol. To local people, apocalyptic warning
F 1605 ax     These several papers was sent to the Parliament My 59   20-Jul N Epistle to reader by Mary Forster.Smith under Parliament. Published Westwood for Black Spread Eagle (Calvert's shop) IMPORTANT. Quaker womens tithe petition. 7000sigs.
T 1321 a     To all Freinds and People in the whole of Christendom Cy 57     ? Seeker rather than Quaker? In Smith. Published Wilson. Title sometimes "in all Christendom" Church theology. - true chch entirely future, marriage of lamb is come, but mostly refers to immediate present
T 1396 a     To the Generals Captains Officers of army npd 58     N Wing assigns to 58. No date. refers to 6 years persecution Appeal from those turned out of army for being Quaker
T 1579A a     To the Parliament of England now sitting in Westminster Cy 59     NS Smith see Parliament. Eye-catching, "dyed" & other keywords highlighted in red. Account of people who died from sufferings, in prison & by assault, 26
T 1581 a     To the Parliament of England who are in place to do justice Sy 59     N 53 signatures. Smith see Parliament. LF catalogue has "To Parliament of England.a Narrative of cruel..." List of sufferings of Irish Fr
T 1750 #     To you that are called by the name of Baptists npy 54     B See under Farnworth, Fox or Nayler. Specific attempt to convert Baptists
T 1753A a     To you the Parliament at Westminster npd 59     N Smith see Parliament.  
T 1769   Toldervy Jn   Naked Truth Laid Open Cy 56 21-Feb-56 Cy     Written on his return to Quakers, to correct 2 books.Refers to Nayler's reply.
N 268 x Tomlinson W Rich, Fox Copies of Papers given to Parliament at JN's trial   56 5/12/56   S See notes at main heading under Nayler  
S 3793 x Tomlinson W Simmons M O England; thy time is come   56     Q    
T 1851   Tomlinson W   Seven Particulars Cy 57 24-Mar-58   QN Smith ii 749 7 short bits on government, rich & church
T 1855   Tomlinson W   A Word of reproof to priests and ministers Oy 53 13-Apr-53   Q published by Wayte in York. 3rd edn 56 Calvert. Use of Greek NT. Against established ministers
T 2059   Traverse Rebekah   For those that meet...at the Steeplehouse called St John Evangelist np 59     Q Hardly any punctuation or paragraphs Warning to people of established church. She seems to have spoken there
N 298 x Traverse Rebekah Nayler Message from the Spirit of Truth Sy 58     E Travers wrote introduction. In Nayler's works  
T 2060   Traverse Rebekah   Of that eternal Breath begotten npd 58     Q   Warning to Ashtead & others
T 2064   Traverse Rebekah   This for any in that generation that look for the kingdom of God My 59   Jan-60 Q Initialled RT., no full name. Beginning 60 Warning, especially to Aldermanbury
T 2683 a#     True Discoverie of the Grounds of Imprisonment of Francis Ellington & others Cy 55     S Published anon. Northants sufferings 2nd.paper. Ellington, qv, evidently substantial, cloth merchant  
T 2789 ax     True Narrative of the Examination...of James Nayler y 57 14-Jan-57   S Anon in Thomason, Wing. Fox LF. Probably largely Rich,qv  
T 3123 ax     True Testimony of what was done concerning the Servants of the Lord Cy 55 21-Jul-55   S Anon, see Dewsbury. Northants sufferings 3rd papre. Several bits Aggrieved tale of convincement, arrests
F 1969 ax     Trumpet of the Lord Sounded   54          
T 3333   Turner Robert   Truths Defence npd 58     D   Answer to Irish priests
W 99   W.,R.   The Messiah Found Cy 56     QA   Summary of Quaker theology in traditional language. Autobiography, he ran from one group to another
W 1033   Wastfield Robert.   An Equal ballance wherein Ministers are weighed Sy 59     DB Date missing from LF copy. Anti- Baptist, answer to Collier's "hypocrisy" re Salthouse dispute. Abusive
W 1036   Wastfield Robert. Salthouse A True Testimony of Faithfull Witnesses Cy 57 22-Oct-57   S Also pre-Quaker pub of 1647, Christ coming in Clouds Persecution in Somerset since 56. Their side of the case.
W 1068   Watkins Morgan   The Perfect Life of Son of God Vindicated Sy 59   Jun-59 QD From Radnor To Friend Vavasor Powel, re dispute & correspondance
P 389 x Watkins Morgan Parker Alex Tryall of a Christian Sy 58     QE Epistle to reader by Watkins. Suff at & Woes to Southampton, queries to rulers
W 1190   Weare George Hart Jn, others The Doctrines and Principles of the Priests of Scotland Cy 57 7-Dec-57   D Rp 59 pub. Wilson with additions. Also rp in Great Mistery Dispute in Scotland with listed priests. Lists of curses against Quakers.
W 1196   Web Christian   A Warning to all such who are making profession of Gd Sy 59     Q   Message to those in shadow & have not substance
W 1205   Webb Mary   I being moved of the Lord doth call...to Parliament Sy 59     QN 2 short pieces, 1st anon. General advice, confused
F 1988 ax     West answering the North Cy 57 26-Jan-57   S See Bishop  
W 1391   West Robert   The Voyce of him thats escaped frm Babylon npd 58     AQE Dispute in Friends re completeness of 2nd coming. Mostly his own theological development. Much on 2nd coming
W 1747A   White Dorothy   A Diligent search amongst Rulers, Priests... npd 59   May-59 QN Weymouth Apocalyptic warnings, call to proclaim on particular dates
W 1749   White Dorothy   Friends, you that are of the Parliament npd 59   59 context N Weymouth. Smith ii 882 Apocalyptic warning, all Parliaments will be overturned
W 1753   White Dorothy   This to be delivered to the Counsellors that are sitting in Counsel Sy 59     N   Apocalyptic warning, all Parliaments will be overturned
W 1758   White Dorothy   Upon the 22nd day of the 8th month 1659, the word of the Ld came unto me Sy 59   22-Oct N nb date of call to prophesy To heads & rulers of nation, apocalyptic warning
W 1896 # Whitehead George Fox Younger, Whitehead J A Brief discovery of the Dangerous Principles of John Horne Sy 59   Sep-59 D nb martyrdom-seeking accusation Re disputes with J & G Whitehead & Fox Younger, on perfection, church, light, blood of Christ
W 1897   Whitehead George   A Brief Treatise on the Truths Behalf Sy 58     D   Against Baxters One Sheet for the Ministry and Second Sheet for the Ministry
W 1898   Whitehead George   Cain's Generation Discovered Cy 55 23-Jun-55   D Norfolk Answer to Jonathan Clapham Short & Full Vindication of the Singing of Psalms 56.
A 4126 x Whitehead George Atkinson, Hubberthorne David's Enemies Discovered   55 15-Mar-55   DQ before Atkinson scandal, from Norwich castle  
W 1931 # Whitehead George Harwood, Rofe, Fox Younger The Grounds and Causes of Sufferings at Edmondsbury   56 16-May-56   S written 10th May, note speed printing. Sufferings, evil gaoler, & tale of trouble at Bury St Edmunds
A 4127 x Whitehead George Atkinson, Lancaster Simmons Ishmael and his mother   55 3-Dec-55   D   Atkinson and G Whitehead reply to Clapham, Hubberthorne's reply to Woodall
W 1936   Whitehead George   Jacob found in a desert land Cy 56 26-Sep-56   A Serious childhood. Teacher. Found Quakers at 16 Tells own story
W 1940   Whitehead George   The Law and Light within the most sure rule npd 57       Wing [1662], but earlier date seems more likely Answer to William Bridge, Scripture Light the most sure light 1656.
W 1944 # Whitehead George Harwood, Clayton The Path of the Just Cleared C 55   14-Nov SQ Papers from Bury (i.e. Bury St Edmunds) gaol. Sufferings account
W 1955   Whitehead George   The Seed of Israels redemption Sy 59     Q First part sounds earlier in date. BBN copy difficult to read Account of true faith. Bible story, 1st & 2nd Covenants
W 1960   Whitehead George   Some Particulars on the Truths npd 58       Found in Wing. Not seen. Not LF, only EN (Edinburgh). Not Smith  
W 1969A # Whitehead George Fox Younger Truth Defending the Quakers and their Principles Sy 57     D Not seen. Trinity College Cambridge.  
W 1971 # Whitehead George Howsego An Unjust plea confuted Sy 59     DQ Howsegoe has piece at end on light Disputes in Kent, including Sandwich. Answer to Poyntell's book on tithes, Moses & Aaron, ?59, lost
W 1972   Whitehead George   The Voice of Wisdom uttered forth against Antichrists Folly Sy 59     D   Answer to Thomas Danson of Sandwich & his book, Quaker Folly made manifest
W 1896 x Whitehead John Whitehead G Brief discovery danger...Home   59     D    
W 1975   Whitehead John   The Enmity between the two Seeds np 55 19-Jul-55   QSA From gaol Northampton. Short pieces Autobiographical. Message, sufferings, legal proceedings
W 1980   Whitehead John   A Reproof from the Lord Sy 56   14-Aug Q NB IMPORTANT REF. TO FLAMING SWORD!!!!! To professors in Hull, after a meeting
D 1272 x Whitehead John Dewsbury,Fox, Nayler Several letters to saints   54 17-Mar-54   E Fox more positive, emphasis on worship  
W 2109   Wight Thomas   Unto those people...called Baptists Sy 59   4-Jul B   General appeal to Baptists
W 2217   Wilkinson Bryan   To the present authority of Parliament Sy 59     N Internal evidence suggests just after recall of Rump On church government, "those whom the Lord put down"
W 2881   Willyer Lawrence   A Declaration from the Lord of Hosts against Idol Shepherds Sy 59     Q   Woes to persecutors, written by Spirit of Lord
W 2882   Willyer Lawrence   O Inhabitants of the Earth npd 58   Aug-58 NQ Smith ii 947. Not Whiting. Date from piece to Oliver Cromwell "about a month before his death" Several pieces, apocalyptic warning to rulers & governers
F 1637 ax     Winding-sheet for Englands ministry np 58     D Wing brackets Foster. Smith no indicication of author, doubtful Answer to John Owen's paper on tithes.
W 3290   Wollrich Humphrey   A Declaration to the Baptists Sy 59     B See his letter to Fox re woman he baptised, Swarthmore Mss 1.4 Concerning Quaker idea of baptism
W 3927   Wollrich Humphrey   Plaine and good Advice to the Parliament-man npd 59       Not Seen. Found Wing. Not Smith.  
W 3303   Wollrich Humphrey   The Unlimited God np 59     B See letter to Fox, Swarthmore Mss 1.4 To Baptists about the Baptism he performed as a Quaker
W 3473   Woodrove Thomas   An Allarm to the Inhabitants of the earth o 59   May-59 QE printed W.May Call to repent, & letter to Friends in Dorset
W 3474 # Woodrove Thomas Biddle A Brief relation of the State of Man before Transgression Sy 59   Dec-59 DQ   Dispute with George Thorne on pre-fall state. Piece on sea travel
C 78 a#     Word of the Lord to awaken such as lye in sleep npd 58     Q See C.,J. Undated. Abt 58 Call to repent, exposition of light
Z 3   Zachary Thomas   A Word to all who are convinced of Truth npd 59     QA Wing [1660], Smith thinks possibly earlier. Apocalyptic tone suggests 59. Zachary was convinced at the Bull & Mouth. Call to true faith illustrated from own experience. Apocalyptic. INTERESTING from a friend and neighbour of the Peningtons
Z 4   Zachary Thomas   A Word to the Officers of the Army Cy 57 23-Nov-57   N   Army has forgotten the purpose of the war

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