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Download bibliography tables

Explanatory Notes by Larry Kuenning

(to supplement those by Rosemary Moore)

For users who wish to import Rosemary Moore's bibliographies into a database or spreadsheet program, they are here provided as both "tab-separated values" and "comma-separated values", which nearly any such program can understand:

Notes on using these files

The filename extensions '.tsv' and '.csv' have been used here in order to persuade browser programs to download the files as tab-separated or comma-separated values instead of displaying them as plain text in the browser window (which would look like an incoherent jumble). This extension may have to be changed after download to meet the needs of a particular database or spreadsheet program. See your program's instructions to determine which type of file it prefers and how to import it. Note that the first line of each of these files contains the field names (column headings). Some programs may mistakenly turn this into the first line of data; if this happens you will have to correct it manually.

In the original tables, duplicate entries are indicated with italics. Since italics cannot be preserved in these files, a new field has been added, "Italic". An 'X' in this field indicates that the record is a duplicate of some other, generally due to listing under multiple authors.

Book titles appear in the "Title" field, but there is an extra field "art." to hold initial words which are ignored when alphabetizing ('A', 'An', 'The').

Wing numbers are split into two fields, "Wing Ltr" and "Wing No.", to aid numerical sorting. Without this, Wing numbers would be sorted in a purely "alphabetical" sequence such as F499, F5, F50.

For the meaning of other fields, see Rosemary Moore's notes on column headings.

Larry Kuenning

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