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Anti-Quaker publications 1653-1666

bibliography by Rosemary Moore

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Wing number Author also by Short Title Print/Pub. Year Thomason date Ans. in GM Class Notes Answered by (apart from GtMistery)
A 222A     Account of several things that passed between his sacred majesty and Richard Hubberthorne MS 60     O Wing's note that this belongs with Hubberthorne is incorrect. It is an unauthorised version of events, though little different from Hubberthorne's. Hubberthorne, Something that passed 60
A 545     Address of some Ministers of Christ in the Isle of Wight Rothwell 58   p. 563, no. 115 X BA-Q see Buckler & Dingley. Presume the same. Does not seem to be in LW, though Wing says it is. Baker, Daniel, 58
A 768     Agreement and Resolution of Several Associated Ministers Corke 57   p. 478, no. 104 X Co. Cork. Very general, on religious principles.  
A 773     Agreement of divers ministers of Christ N.Simmons 56 20-Jun-56 p. 249, no. 42 X Baxter? Cannot find in in Thom. catalogue. Pub. in Kidderminster. Paper put out by local ministers on what they should teach their congregations.  
D 2147     Answer to the 36 queries of James Parnel   55     D Subtitle to Drayton, Answer according to the Truth . Parnel,Goliah's head cut off, 55
A 3495     Antidote against the Infection of the Times Brewster 56 29-Jul-56 p. 349, no. 51 O Warnings against Seekers, Quakers, Ranters, Familists, by the Elders and Messengers of a meeting of Welsh March churches  
A 3507     Antiquakerism, a Character of the Quaker's spirit Author 59 5-Jan-59   O Autobiographical broadsheet, author has tried all sects. Incls. advert for his Leaf from the Tree of Life  
B 97 Batchiler John   Christian queries to quaking Christians Author 63     D by B.,J. J. Story, Short Discovery, 64
B 1435 Baxter Rd   The True and Catholick Church described Underhill 60 April   X    
  Baxter Rd Tombes True old light exalted above pretended new light   60       see Tombes  
B 1285 Baxter Richard   The Worcestershire Petition   52     X See Humble Petition... . In Thom, see Worcester  
B 1455 Baxter Richard   The Worcester Petition to Parliament Defended Tyton 53 3-May-53   D Ans. to Aldam Threefold Estate, 53. Nicholson attributed this to Fowler, but Baxter claimed it. By A man of Christ Nicholson Truths Defence against Lies 54
  Baxter Richard   Answer to Quakers Queries   55       Probably alternative title to Quakers Catechism  
B 7362 Baxter Richard   The Quakers Catechism Underhill 55 16-Jun-55 p. 74, no. 8 C Answer to letters from Quakers, set of Queries, personal encounters Nayler Answer to a Book called the Quakers Catechism 55
B 1334 Baxter Richard   One Sheet against the Quakers White 57     C Accusation of Popery Burrough Many strong reasons 57
B 1335 Baxter Richard   One Sheet for the Ministry White 57   p. 425, no. 78 O Against Malignants of all sorts . Attack on opponents of the traditional ministry. Quakers mentioned in particular. Whitehead G. Brief Treatise on the Truths Behalf, 58
B 1404 Baxter Richard   Second Sheet for the Ministry   57   p. 111, no. 19 O Justification of minister's calling against all who deny it Whitehead G. Brief Treatise on the Truths Behalf, 58
B 1454 Baxter Richard   A Winding Sheet for Popery N.Simmons 57 21-Oct-57   O Kidderminster. Quakers mentioned  
B 1288 Baxter Richard   Judgement and Advice Tyton 58   p. 475, no. 103 X Not BA-Q. Concerns plans for church government  
  Bennett Philip   A Looking Glass   54   p. 310, no. 47   Nothing in Wing under Bennett for this title, and too many anon. of similar name for sure identification. May be L3023. I think there is a confusion with the next.  
B 1885B Bennett Philip   Answer to Several Queries   54       Wing gives one copy in Bodleian. Bodleian staff cannot find it. Probably an error, and the work does not exist. According to Burrough's reply, Bennett put the queries, not answered them. Burrough, Answer to the Several Queries of Philip Bennett, 54
B 2191 Bewick Jn.   Answer to a Quakers 17 heads of queries Crook 60 8-Aug-60   D Bewick, a Yorkshire minister, had been sent queries. Not an answer to Whitehead's True Ministers, as BA-Q says. G. Whitehead True ministers living by the Gospel, 60
B 2909 Billingsley John   Strong Comfort for Weak Christians Wright 56   p. 215, no. 36 D 4 sermons. Calls Nayler the grand Quaker .  
  Blake Francis   A Choice Collection of Scripture against Quakers   55   p. 82, no. 11      
B 3212 Blome Rd   The Fanatick History, or an Exact Relation.. Sims 60 26-Jul-60   C    
S 4231B Blome Richard Smith Quaker disarmed   59       Smith, Thos., is main author. Part by Blome G.Whitehead & G.Fox Younger Truth Defending 59
B 3219 Blome Richard   Questions propounded to George Whitehead & George Fox the Younger   59     D In LF this is part of The Quaker Disarmed.Also rp. in Smiths Gagg for the Quakers, qv. Not as separate pub. in Thomason. Bodleian copy needs checking. Fox & Whitehead G. Truth Defending the Quakers & their Principles, 59. Relates to Cambridge dispute.
B 3852 Bourne Immanuel   A Defence of Scripture Wright 56   p. 220, no. 37 D On occasion of dispute with Nayler at Chesterfield  
B 3851 Bourne Immanuel   A Defence & Justification of Ministers maintenance by tithes Allen 59 30-Jun-59   O Not LF, though Wing says so. Reply to a paper sent him by some Anabaptists. Includes a note on Pearson, Great Case of Tythes .  
B 3871 Bowles Edward   The Dutie and Danger of Swearing Broad 55   p. 297, no. 45 X Pub. York. Sermon on swearing, lawful and unlawful  
  Brabourn Theolphilus   Of the true lawfulness of the oath of allegiance to the King Author 61 18-Mar-61   D Not BAQ. 'Written for Quakers and others who refuse the oath..'  
  Bradley Samuel   A reply to a scandalous paper   60       Seems only to be known from Whitehead's reply G. Whitehead, Authority of the true minister, 60
B 4148 Bradshaw Ellis   The Quakers Whitest Divil Unvailed   54   p. 81, no. 10 D Answer to a letter of Nayler, which is reproduced. Nayler, Railer Rebuked, 55
B 4140 Bradshaw Ellis   The Conviction of James Nayler Lloyd 56     C Answer to Nayler, Wickedness weighed, 56  
B 4147 Bradshaw Ellis   The Quakers Quaking Principles Examined Lloyd 56 28-Feb-56 p. 362, no. 55 CD Answer to Nayler's replies to Baxter & others. Against Quaker idea of Light Nayler, Wickedness Weighed, 56
B 4339 Breck Edward   The Quakers Queries Calvert 56 14-Apr-56   D Wing title Answer to a Scandalous Paper, which is the anon. Quaker book which printed Breck's queries and answered them. Biblio. details see Quaker book. Lancs church. Anon. Quakers Something Written in Answer..., see also Answer to a scandalous paper 56
B 4462 Bridge William   Scripture Light the Most Sure Light Cole 56     X   Answer by Whitehead G., The Law and Light within the most sure rule, W1940 Wing [1662] but probably earlier
H 1954     Brief Reply to some part of a very scurrilous...pamphlet HR 53     D Answer to Fox, Saul's Errand. Part of Higginson Irreligion qv.  
  Browne James   AntiChrist in Spirit unmarked   57   p. 414, no. 68     Parker, Alexander, Discovery of Satan's Wiles, 57
B 5215 Brownsword William   The Quaker-Jesuite, or popery in Quakerism Harrison 60 5-Jan-60   D   Burrough and Story, Babilons Defence Broken Down, 60.
A 545 Buckler Edward Dingley Address of some Ministers   58     X See under title Baker,Daniel, With the light is 15 priests 58
B 5598 Bunyan John Burton Some Gospel Truths Opened Wright 56   p. 337, no. 49 D Only version in coll. works at LF. Dispute with Burrough. Burrough, True Faith of the Gospel of Peace, 56
B 5605 Bunyan John   A Vindication of a Book called Some Gospel Truths Opened Cowley 57   p. 44, no. 2 D Answer to Burrough True Faith of the Gospel of Peace 56 Burrough,Truth (strongest of all), 57
B 5670 Burgess Cornelius   A Case concerning the buying of bishops lands   59     X Not known to BA-Q. Concerns Burgess' dispute with Wells Corporation about the sale of church property. Fox Answer to Dr. Burgess 59
B 6402 Byne Magnus   The Scornfull Quakers Answered Crook 56   p. 156, no. 28 DC Ranters are like Quakers. Detailed discussion of Quakers. IMPORTANT Lawson, Thomas, Lip of Truth Opened, 56.
C 161A C.,W.   The new light or tub-lecture of Thomas Grace   64     C Parody of a Quaker sermon  
C 206 Caffin Matthew Jeffery The Deceived and Deceiving Quakers\AntiChrist made known Fr.Smith 56 3-Apr-56 p. 239, no. 40 D Answer to Lawson Untaught Teacher, 55, & meetings with Lawson & Slee at Crawley Lawson, Thomas, & Slee, Untaught Teacher Witnessed, 56; Nayler, Light of Christ Within, 56
C 207 Caffyn Matthew   Faith in God's promises the best weapon Smith       D   G. Whitehead, The Pernicious Way of the Rigid Presbyter, 62
  Camelford Gabriel   Diverse Queries           Not Wing. Probably oral Thomas Atkinson, Fox & Hubberthorne Truths Defence 54
C 429 Canes John Vincent   Fiat Lux, or a General Conduct to a right understanding   61     C Suggestions for reaching religious peace. Fox Something in answer...67
      Christian Concord: or the Agreement of the Associated Pastors of Worcestershire Underhill & Tyton 53 10-Jul-53     Worcestershire churches. By Baxter. Not yet found in Wing. Early edn of A773? Farnworth True Testimony 56
C 4410 Clapham Jonathan   A Short and full Vindication of...the Singing of Psalms   56 9-Dec-56   XC Intended for a neighbour, but Atkinson & Whitehead printed part. NB date incompatibility with answers Christopher Atkinson Davids Enemy 55; Whitehead G.,Cains Generation Discovered 55
C 4407 Clapham Jonathan Jenkin Full Discovery of the Wicked & Damnable Quakers Doctrine Byfield 56   p. 174, no. 30 C IMPORTANT critique of Quakers Hubberthorne, Truth & Innocency Clearing Itself, 57.
C 4548 Clarke Samuel   A Mirrour or Looking glass for Saints and Sinners Underhill 57     O Against sects. 1st ed.1646. No date, but edn dealing with Quakers seems to be 57. Fox, Answer to Muggleton 67.
C 4582 Clarkson Laurence   The Quakers Downfall Author 59 2-Dec-56   O About his commission, in relation to Quakers Harwood Lying Prophet 59
C 4583 Clarkson Laurence   The Right Devil Discovered Author 59     O Attack on various kinds of devils  
C 4580 Clarkson Laurence   The Lost Sheep found   60     O Sometimes catalogued as Claxton. This is his autobiography  
C 4581 Clarkson Laurence   A Paradisical dialogue between faith and reason Author 60     O    
  Clarkson Laurence   Wonder of Wonders   60       Cannot trace this  
  Cole John   no details. Fox says 58.   58   p. 433, no. 79      
C 5801 Collier (ed.) many others Confession of the Faith of Several Churches of Christ in Somerset Brewster 56 10-Aug-56 p. 465, no. 97 X A local Baptist confession of faith. May be the principles referred to by Fox. Uncertain. Wing ref. is to title.  
  Collier Thomas   A Dialogue between a Minister of the Gospel and an enqiring Christian Brewster 56   p. 210, no. 35   Not LF, Wing 2nd edn has ref. C5276A. 'Ghost' in 3rd edn. LF catalogue states, only known from JN's reply. Probably does not exist. Nayler, Deceit brought to Daylight, 56
C 5290 Collier Thomas   A Looking-glasse for the Quakers Brewster 56 13-Dec-56 p. 88, no. 14 D Answer to Nayler Deceit brought to Daylight 56, which answered Collier's Dialogue between a minister & a Christian 56 Pitman & Batt, Truth Vindicated, 58
C 5300A Collier Thomas   To all the Churches of Jesus Christ   58   p. 472, no. 102 O Collection of letters to Bapt. churches in SW, refs. to Quakers. Fox title: Saints through the Immortal Seed. Npd. Latest letter is dated 58, but Salthouse's reply is dated 57. Poss. this is 2nd edn. Salthouse, Epistle to the Churches of the Anabaptists 57
  Collier Thomas   The Hypocrisie and Falsehood of Thomas Salthouse   59?       Found in Smith, ref. to Wastfield, 59. Refs. to Salthouse dispute. Wastfield Equal Ballance, 59
C 6737 Crabbe Richard J.E. A Gentle Correction to the high-flown backslider JBy 59     D In Smith Quaker catalogue. Probably unique copy in USA, photocopied in LF. Answer to Queries of Geo Salter Salter Answer to Roger Crab's printed paper 59
C 6738 Crabbe Richard   A Tender Salutation JBy 59     C In Smith Quaker catalogue. Availability as last. Thinks seed of God in Quakers.  
D 215 Danson Thomas   The Quakers folly made manifest...at Sandwich John Allen 59     D Hubberthorne,. Difference of that Call 59, re Sandwich dispute. See note on next for date. 2nd ed. only known G.Whitehead Voice of Wisdom 59
D 217 Danson Thomas   The Quakers Wisdom descendeth not from above John Allen 59 16-Jul-04   D Answer to G. Whitehead Voice of Wisdom & Hubberthorne Difference of that Call, 59. Re Sandwich dispute. Thomason date refers to dispute. Hubberthorne's book written May. Luke Howard Devils Bow Unstringed 59; Fisher Rusticus, 60
D 217 Danson Thomas   The Quakers wisdom descendeth not from above   60 Apr-59   D   Fisher, One antidote more 60
D 484 Deacon John   The Grand Imposter Examined Brome 56 2-Dec-56   C Life & trial of Nayler  
D 487 Deacon John   A Public Discovery of Secret Deceit Hirones 56 2-Aug-59 p. 92, no. 15 C Queries to that grand fomentor of Heresie, James Nayler Nayler, Public Discovery, 56
D 482 Deacon John   An Exact History of the life of James Nayler Thomas 57 12-Feb-57   C See also his 56 book, Grand Imposter  
D 930 Dell William   The Stumbling Stone Calvert 53 20-Apr-53 p. 201, no. 33 X Quite unexceptionable, one would have thought.  
R 794 Denham Sir John   A relation of a Quaker that to the shame.... nd 59 20-May-59   C Vulgar account of the 'bay mare' story. Thomason indicates date 59 rather than [60] Fisher, Rusticus, 60
R 794 Denham Sir John?   A Relation of a Quaker that...attempted to bugger a mare near Colchester   59 20-May-59   C Wing error, not LF. Satirical verse. This tale is referred to in several Q & anti-Q books  
D 1024 Denne Henry   The Quaker no Papist Fr.Smith 59 16-Oct-59   O Answer to Smith, Thomas, Quakers Disarmed, 59. Non-Q, not anti-Q. In Quaker list also Smith Gagg to Quakers 59
D 1020 Denne Henry   An Epistle recommended to all the prisons F. Smith 60 5-Feb-61   X Regarding lawfulness of oaths. Thomason Feb 5th 1661.  
D 1222     Devil Turned Quaker, The Andrews 56     C Reference found in Castelluci's Ph D, 156. Not BA-Q. Whips up feeling against Nayler. Includes Gilpin story.  
  Dickinson Ambrose   No Info.       p. 395, no. 62     Possibly Fox and Nayler Several Petitions 53,
D 1790 Dodd Edward   Innocents no Saints, a Paire of Spectacles Tyton 58 18-Nov-58   D Answer to Innocency cleared from Lies, by IB (John Boweter?) 58. Ref. to Cressage affair, vindication of Samuel Smith, Malice Stript & Whipt. See under Quakers in Thomason. Howgill Darkness & Ignorance Expelled, [59]
D 2147 Drayton Thomas Parker An Answer according to the Truth   55   p. 346, no. 50 D Answer to 36 Queries of Parnel. Initialled WP. Probably by Drayton & Parker Parnell Goliah's Head cut off 55
D 2503 Duke Francis   The Fullness and Freeness of Gods Grace Milward 56   p. 453, no. 92 O In BA-Q as Francis, Duke of Westminster. Against sectaries esp. Quakers and Familists. Theological  
D 2500 Duke Francis   An Answer to some fo the principal Quakers Michel 60     D   G. Whitehead True light expels foggy mist, 60
  Eaglesfield, Gawen   No Info.       p. 399, no. 61   Francis Eglesfield was a printer. Fox may have meant Larkham, Attributes of God which Eglesfield published. Possibly Fox & Nayler Several Petitions 53,
E 125 Eaton Samuel.   The Quakers Confuted White 54 18-Nov-53 p. 34, no. 1 D Answer to 19 queries sent to church at Dukinfield. Cheshire minsisters' address to Parliament. Sorcery accusations, letter to a lady, answer to Quakers. Camm & Howgil, Answer to Book called..., 54
A 3495 Elders & Messengers   Antidote against the Infection of the Times Brewster 56 29-Jul-56 p. 349, no. 51 O See Title  
E 633A Ellyson Thomas   To his Highness Oliver   55       This seems the most likely ref. Date bracketed in Wing Howgill, Answer to a paper called a Petition 54
E 714 Emmot George   A Northern Blast, or the Spiritual Quaker Converted. Lambert 55 14-Feb-55 p. 54, no. 4 C Pub. York. Wing lists as two, Northern Blast E714 & Spiritual Quaker E714A. Experiences of one who tried Quakers. Nayler, Fool answered according to his Folly, 55
H 3426 Endicott John   The Humble Petition and Address of the general court sitting in Boston in New England   60       No author given in Wing.BAQ has Endicott, who was governor of NE  
E 1048E England, Parliament   Act for preventing the mischief...by Quakers   61     N Under Parliament in some catalogues  
E 1153AB England, Parliament   Act to prevent and suppress seditious conventicles   64     N Under Parliament in some catalogues A.O.Faber, A Remonstrance in Reference to the Act, 64; also several references in Farnworth's works of 1664
E 3538 Everard Robert   An epistle to the several congregations of the non-conformists   64     X Pub. in Paris, explaining his conversion to Catholicism Howgill The True Rule, Judge and Guide 65
E 3556 Ewens Thomas many others The Church of Christ in Bristol Brewster 57   p. 169, no. 29 D Ans to Hollister, Skirts of the Whore , 56. Fox in GM has under Simpson, Wing does not. See Broadmead records Hollister, Harlots Vail Removed, 58
      Fanatick History (The) - exact relation of the old Anabaptist and the new Quaker   60       See Blome  
F 441 Farmer Ralph   The Great Mysterie of Godliness & Ungodliness Ballard 55 23-Jan-55 p. 288, no. 44 C To Thurloe. Morris dancers frm North. Levelling design Audland, Innocent delivered out of the Snare, 55
F 444 Farmer Ralph   Sathan Inthron'd in his chair Thomas 57 24-Oct-56 p. 154, no. 27 C Deals with Nayler at Bristol, to which the Thomason date refers. The book is dated 5th December. Bishop, G. Throne of Truth Exalted, 57
F 441A Farmer Ralph   The Imposter Dethroned Thomas 58     C Second book on Bristol, and answer to George Bishop Throne of Truth. Bishop, G. A Rejoinder consisting in two parts 58
F 442 Farmer Ralph   The Lord Craven's case stated and the Imposter dethron'd Thomas 60     D Part of a long-running dispute with George Bishop  
F 443 Farmer Ralph   A Plain- dealing and plain-meaning sermon Wall 60 6-Apr-60   X Printed in Bristol.  
F 565 Fawne, Luke. others A Second Beacon Fired   54 1-Oct-54 p. 83, no. 12 O Petition for suppression of blasphemous books, incl. Farnworth Generall-Good . There were earlier eds. , not antiQ, in1652. Thomason A Beacon Set on Fire , 21 Sept. 52, F564, and A Second Beacon 14 Oct.52, not Wing. Howgill, Fiery Darts of the Divil Quenched, 54
F 568 Feake Christopher Kellett, al. A Faithful Discovery of a Treacherous Design Brewster 54 18-Dec-54 p. 65, no. 7 D Printer's date 55. Thomason had 2nd edn. Dispute between Farnworth and some Beverley ministers. See Farnworth's Light Risen and Short Answer to a Book, also next. Farnworth Return to the Priests about Beverley c.55,
F 567 Feake Christopher   A Beam of Light Chapman 59 1-May-59   X Not anti-Quaker. A Fifth Monarchist pamphlet  
  Feake Christopher Kellett, al. Discovery of the Quakers         D Only known from reply, which gives this title. ? earlier ed. of Faithful Discovery above. May have answered Farnworth, Light Risen Anon, Short answer to a book set forth by seven priests, 54
S 788 Fiennes William   x Folly and Madness Made Manifest   59       By Lord Saye and Sele G.Whitehead Manifestation of Truth 1662.
  Fiennes William   Folly and Madness, the Quakers reply nd 61       See Saye and Sele John Whitehead Manifestation of Truth, 62
S 967 Firmin Giles   Stablishing against Shaking Webb & Grantham 56 17-Feb-55 p. 201, no. 34 C Bother with Quakers in his church. Burrough, Stablishing against Quaking thrown down, 56
F 1661     Four-legged Quaker npd 64     C Vulgar illustrated ballad on the 'bay mare' story  
F 1694 Fowler Christopher Ford A Sober Answer to...Christs Innocency pleaded Gellibrand 56 29-Jun-56 p. 466, no. 98 D Answer to Speed, Christs Innocency, 56. Fox in GM as 'Principles' ,does not mention Ford, co-author, nor title Speed, Thomas, Guilty-covered clergyman unvailed, 57
  Fowler Christopher   True charge in ten particulars   59       Only known from Burrough Burrough Discovery of some part of the war 59
      Freedom of Religious Worship - Jubilee Ordinances   53?         Nayler, Spiritual Wickedness, 53
F 2416 Fuller Thomas   The Church-history of Britain   55       rp 56. Fox, Answer to Lodovick Muggleton, 67 (includes answer to Fuller)
F 2520 Fullwood Francis   The True Relation of a Dispute Roper 56 24-Oct-56 p. 140, no. 24 D Thomason cat. date refers to internal date.Own account of Quaker meeting & dispute with Salthouse Salthouse, Hidden Things of Esau, 57
G 290 Gaskin John   A Just Defence and Vindication of Gospel Ministers Author 60     D Answered Burrough, Vindication Hubberthorne, Answer to a book called.., 60
G 352 Gauden John   A Discourse concerning Public Oaths Royston 62     X Bishop of Exeter. On lawfulness of oaths Fisher The Bishop busied beside 62
  Gaudrey Daniel.   Several possible books   ?   p. 446, no. 87   Gaudrey/Cawdrey. Prolific author  
G 769 Gilpin John others The Quakers Shaken SB 53 4-Jul-53 p. 469, no. 101 C Pub. in Gateshead. Smith has this in Quaker catalogue. Acc of his adventures with Qs CA,FH,EB, Standard of the Lord Lifted up , 53,Benson, Answer to Gilpin ,55.
T 2510 Glisson Henry   The True and Lamentable Relation of the Death of James Parnell   56 7-May-56 p. 53, no. 3 C Anon.Wing. Thomason has under Parnell. Part at least by Glisson, a local minister. Correspondance with Parnell and account of inquest. Anon. Lambs defence, 56
P 3496 Goodwin Thomas others The Principles of Faith   54 2-Nov-54   X Wing see title. Paper presented to Committee of Parliament for Religion on Proposals for Propagating the Gospel. Atkinson, Sword of the Lord Drawn, 54
  Greenhill William   Several possible books       p. 468, no. 100      
G 2009 Griffiths John   A Voice from the Word of the Lord Smith 54 26-Oct-54   C Against Quakers, by whom many are bewitched . Burrough, in Howgill, Fiery Darts of the Divel 54
G 2023 Grigge William   The Quakers Jesus M.Simmons 56 25-Oct-56   C npd. About Nayler's examination at Bristol, to which the Thomason catalogue date refers. Anon Rabshakehs Outrage 58
P 2775 Haggar Pollard Holy Scripture clearing itself Moore 55 9-Jun-55 no. 26 D Ans to Farnworth, Truth cleared of Scandals, 54. See Pollard Farnworth, Holy Scripture from Scandals Cleared, 55
H 423 Hall Ralph Crofton The Quakers Principles Quaking Paxton & Parkhurst 56   p. 106, no. 18 D Answer to a written paper by Thomas Holme. Adamson, William, Answer to... ,56
  Hall Robert Broad probably oral           Deals with dispute with Bayly Bayly Short Discovery of the State of Man 59
H 425A Hall Thomas   Apology for the ministry Cranford 60     O Mainrenance of ministers  
H 440 Hall Thomas   Samaria's Downfall Cranford 60     X A sermon. In BAQ, not obviously anti-Quaker  
H 623 Hammond Samuel   The Quakers House Built upon Sand Bulkely 58   p. 303, no. 46 D Pub. in Gateshead. Answer to A Rayling Pamphlet by G.Whitehead Hubberthorne, Quakers House built upon Rock, 59
H 844 Harris Francis   Some Queries proposed to the Quakers Fletcher 55   p. 130, no. 22 C Had seen increase of Quakers in Gloucestershire Nayler, Answer to 28 Queries, 55.
  Heath Richard   No info       p. 446, no. 86      
H 1950 Higgenson Thomas   A Testimony to true Jesus Brewster 56   p. 114, no. 20 C Answer to Nayler Love to the Lost 55, discussion of Quakerism. Ref. to Nayler as their chief Nayler, Vindication of Truth, 56
H 1953 Higginson Francis   A Brief Relation of the Irreligion of the Northern Quakers T.R. 53   p. 132, no. 23 C To reply to Sauls Errand Answer to a Book that Samuel Eaton put up to the Parliament
  His Highness   A Proclamation prohibiting the Disturbing of Ministers   55 15-Feb-55     Noted in Thomason. Cannot find in Wing  
H 2322 HodgesThomas   A Scripture Catechisme Robinson 58   p. 445, no. 85 XC Part a general discussion of scripture, separate section on Quakers  
  Holcroft Francis   Six sheets against Friends   64       Not found Aynsloe A besom of truth, 64; Crook Truth's Triumph 64
  Holland Hezekiah   printed queries           Known from reply in Howsegoe, Lyer & False Accuser . Worth checking Wing H2424, Adams Condition ? Howsegoe Lyer & False Accuser made manifest 58
H 2795 Horne Jn Moore Breife Discovery   59       See Moore G.Whitehead, J.Whitehead, G.Fox Younger Brief discovery of the dangerous principles
H 2807 Horne John   The Quakers proved Deceivers Allen 60     D Ref. to dispute with G & J Whitehead & Fox Younger  
H 2807 Horne John   The Quakers proved Deceivers Allen 60     D   G. Whitehead, The Quakers no Deceivers, 60
H 2810 Horne John Moore Truth's Triumph over Deceit Allen 60     D   G. Whitehead, The hegoats horn broken 60
  Horton, George   A Faithful Scot   55?       Title of paper from Aldam. Also anonymous pamphlets Anon, Slanders & Lies 5; Declaration from Children of light, 55; Aldam, Searching out of Deceit 55
H 3152 Howet Henoch   Quaking Principles Dashed in Pieces Hills 54 21-Dec-54 p. 55, no. 5 C Printer's date 55. His objections to Quakers. NB ref. to Chandler, a Shaker Burrough, Walls of Jericho rased, 55, Nayler, Boaster Bared , 55
H 3151 Howet Henoch   The Beast that was and is not and yet is White 59     O A little about Quakers, generally critical of sects.  
  Howet Henoch   The Doctrine of the Light Within & the Natural Man       p. 459, no. 93   Title from answer by William Smith, no copy known. Wing entry in 1st edn deleted in 2nd. Smith, William, The Lying Spirit in the Mouth of the False Prophet, 58
H 3426     Humble Petition and Address of the general court sitting in Boston in New England   60     C No author given in Wing. BAQ has Endicott, who was governor of NE  
1285 Humble Petition of many thousands of the County of Worcs.     Tyton & Underhill 52 22-Dec-52 377 p. 57, no. X To Parliament. Under Worcester in Thomason. See Baxter. Aldam, al., Threefold Estate of Antichrist 53  
  I.,R.   Ignis fatuus   60       not found Howgill, One of antichrists volunteers defeated, 60
  Ibbotson Walker probably periodical   55         Anon, Slanders & Lies cast upon Children of Light, 55
I 53     Image of Jealousie sought out Author 60     C Error, entry only in LF catalogue  
I 1102 Ives Jeremiah   Innocency above Impudency Moon 56 30-Aug-56 p. 124, no. 21 D Answers Nayler, Weakness above Wickedness, which answered Ives, Quakers Quaking, 56. If Thomason dates are a fair indication of publication dates, this was a quick-fire controversy  
I 1103 Ives Jeremiah   The Quakers Quaking Moon 56 1-Jul-56 p. 196 C A warning to the faithful not to take up with wrong ideas. Account of his disputes with Nayler at the Bull and Mouth, and his request for a miracle. See under title for second edn Nayler, Weakness above Wickedness,56.
I 1094 Ives Jeremiah   Confidence Encountered White 58 24-Feb-58   X Not anti-Quaker. Part of his dispute with others about lawfulness of preaching without ordination.  
I 1099 Ives Jeremiah   The great case of conscience opened Smith 60 12-Feb-61   O LF catalogue entry error Fisher, One antidote more; Samuel Hodgkin (a Baptist) A caution to the son of Sin, 60
J 39 J., T.   Letter sent from a merchant in Dublin Pool 60     O Dated Feb. 1659. Under Quakers in Smith. Concerned with troubles in Ireland and proposed banning of Quakers and other sectaries in Feb. 1660 after Monck's takeover.  
J 78B Jackson John   Strength in Weakness Maycock 55   p. 354, no. 53 D Private dispute re Nayler overinfluencing a woman Nayler, Something further in answer to Jackson, 55
J 78 Jackson John   Hosanna to the Son of David Godbid 57 2-Nov-57 p. 356, no. 54 D Pub. anon. Answer to several books and papers Hubberthorne, Burrough Cause of stumbling removed 57
  Jackson Thomas   unknown   59       Might be The Eternal Truth of Scripture, 1653, L, J91 Burrough Satans Design defeated 59
N 320     James Naylers Recantation   59 7-May-59   C Rp. Nayler's To all the People of the Lord with antiQuaker title page.  
J 522 Jeffery Caffyn AntiChrist made known Fr.Smith 56 3-Apr-56 p. 246, no. 41 C Attached to Caffyn, Deceived & Deceiving , not sep. pub. Nayler, Light of Christ and Lord of Life, 56
  Jenkin Wm. Adderley Foot out of snare   56       See Toldervy  
  Johnson Jonathan   A paper   56       Answer to letter from Martin Mason, probably not printed Martin Mason, Boasting Baptist Dismounted, 56
J 784 Johnson Jonathan   The Quaker Quasht...Quarrel quelled Fr.Smith 59 29-Aug-59   DC Answer to Mason, Boasting Baptist Dismounted, & verse on Quakers. Mason Sions enemy discovered 59 Smith William Faithful Witness 59
  Joosten Peter   Answer to a certain writing   62       Mennonite. Possibly only Dutch Caton & Roelofs, A Just Defence, 62
K 38 Kays Williamm   A Plain Answer to the 18 Quaeries of John Whitehead NE 54     D Answer to John Whitehead's queries, also ref. to Howgill Howgill, Common Salvation contended for 55
L 208 Lamb Thomas   Absolute Freedom from Sin Author 56   p. 467, no. 99 X Not BA-Q. Answer to John Goodwin's Redemption Redeemed  
L 3322 Lane Edward   Look unto Jesus Author 63     X Long theological treatise  
L 441 Larkham Thomas   The Attributes of God Unfolded Eglesfield 56 10-Feb-56 p. 420, no. 75 X Identification of book uncertain. In GM, may be Eaglesfield, no. 61as well as Larkham's principles no. 75. Norton does not give book title. Norton To all people that speaks of outward baptism, with an answer to Thomas Larkham, 59
  Lassenius   see note   63       Smith refers only to German 1701 version W. Ames, The cause of Christ, 62
  Lawrence Edward   not known   60       knpown only from reply. R. Hickock, The Saints justified, 60
      Leaf from the Tree of Life, A   59       Mentioned in Antiquakerism, A3507, by same author. Several similar titles in Wing.  
  Ledgard Thomas   Antiquakerism   53   p. 412, no. 66 C Ledgear or Ledger in Fox. Copy in LF. Published ed. Emlyn Warren (London: Friends Book Centre, 1996). See JFHS 1962-4, 211-216. Nayler, Few Words occasioned by a paper 54.
  Ledgard Thomas   A Discourse Concerning the Quakers   53   p. 408, no. 65 C References as last. See CJ 1.454. Referred to by initials in Baiteman Answer to Vindicate the Nicknamed Quakers, 53. Nayler, Few Words occasioned by a paper 54.
L 1506     Letter from Shrewsbury setting forth the design which the Anabaptists and Quakers had to secure the castles nd 60     C By George Pressick  
  Livesey James   ??????           Ref from Parker, ? oral. Parker Testimony of Truth 59
L 3493 Lupton Donald   Quacking Mountebank           See under title  
M 47 M.,J.   The Ranters last Sermon J.C. 54 2-Aug-54   O God's judgements on Quakers, Shakers & other wicked persons  
M 484 Manning Edward   The masked devil or Quaker   64     C Account of failed attempt to transport Quakers N. Lucas and others, A true and impartial narration of the remarkable providences 64
M 2061 Miller Joshua   Anti-Christ in Man, the Quakers idol Lloyd 55 11-Feb-56 p. 101, no. 17 C Cardiff, 20 Oct 55. Local encounters with Quakers Nayler, Antichrist in Man Christs Enemy, 56.
M 2599 Moore Thomas   Antidote against the spreading infection of Anti-Christ Chapman 55   p. 229, no. 39 D Dispute with Farnworth & Nayler. Ref. to Christopher Atkinson at Norwich Nayler, Satans Design discovered, 55
M 2600 Moore Thomas   A Defence against Poyson of Satans Design Chapman 56   p. 224, no. 38 D Answer to Nayler Satans Design Discovered 55 Nayler, Second Answer to Thomas Moore, 55
M 2604 Moore Thomas   A Lamentation over the Dead in Christ Chapman 57     X No reason for this to be in BA-Q. Not anti-Quaker, & not answered by Quakers.  
H 2795 Moore Thomas Horne A Brief Discovery of the People called Quakers   59     D Ref to dispute with J & G Whitehead and George Fox the Younger. NB Wing lists under Horne  
M 2602 Moore Thos. jr. Horne A Fuller discovery of the dangerous principles Allein 60     d    
M 2658 More Henry   An Explanation of the grand mystery of godliness Morden 60     C Compares Quakers with Familists  
M 2646 More Henry   Collection of philosophical writings   62     X 2nd edn enlarged  
M 2810 Morris Samuel   A Looking-Glass for the Quakers or Shakers and their Followers Thomas 55 20-Mar-55   C Noted in Thomason, not BA-Q. Against Quakers and Jesuits. Says Quakers are Mortalists  
R 670 Muggleton Lodovick Reeve Joyful News from Heaven   58       Part of Divine Looking Glass, which was rp 1661. R676? Not anti-Quaker  
M 3050 Muggleton Lodovick   A True Interpretation of the eleventh chapter of the Revelation of St John   62     X    
M 3048 Muggleton Lodovick   The neck of the Quakers broken nd, Amsterdam 63     D Wing queries date as possibly 1667. Note in Smith.  
M 3044 Muggleton Lodovick   A letter sent to Thomas Taylor   65     D    
M 3049 Muggleton Lodovick   A True Interpretation of all the chief texts   65     X    
N 1318 Norton John   The Heart of New England rent Allen 60 12-Jan-60   C NB pub. date, & its relation to Howgill's answer. Possibly Howgill had earlier American edn. The New England persecution Howgil Heart of New England Hardened 59
  Oasland Henry   Antiqueries   57       Known only from answer, but see Nuttall, `Bibliographical Note', JFHS vol.42 (1950): 75-79 John Humphreys, Vision of Eternity
O 796 Owen John   The Principles of the Doctrine of Christ Stephens 45   p. 421, no. 76 X Fox refers to a Catechism Book of 1657. This is a catechism-book, but no known edn of this date. Uncertain identification.  
O 784 Owen John   Of the Divine Originall...the Scripture Oxford, Robins 58 Nov-58   X Printer's date 59. On the textual purity of the Bible Fisher Rusticus ad Academicos [60]
  Owen John   Paper on tithes           Not identified Forster Winding-sheet for England's ministry 58
P 180 Pagitt Ephraim   Heresiography, 5th ed. Lee 54     O This edition includes a chapter on Ranters and Quakers. Furthe rp 1661  
  Palmer S Hooke The Form of Sound Words       p. 422, no. 77   Cannot identify. From Wing, most likely author Richard Hooke  
D 2147 Parker Wm Drayton An Answer according to the Truth np 55   p. 346, no. 50   Initialled WP, probably Drayton & Pollard. See Drayton Answer to 36 queries of Parnel
  Paul Christopher/Christian   German text   64       Listed in BAQ. Status of this group dubious. Caton's replies not listed in Wing nor in Smith's Quaker catalogue. Caton, Defence of the Innocent 64 & Certain sounding of truth, 65
P 1136 Pendarves John Ewens Arrowes against Babylon (incls. part Ewen's Antiqueries) Chapman 56     O Includes refs. to Quakers Hollister, Skirts of the Whore, 56; Nayler, Answer to some Queries, 56
  Periodical   sundry in 1655   55         Anon, A Declaration from the Children of Light, 55
P 1648     Perrot against the Pope   62     C Attack on John Perrot Perrot, John Perrot's Answer
P 2741 Pointel Daniel   Moses and Aaron, Ministers Right & Duty Gellibrand 59         G.Whitehead Unjust Plea confuted
P 2775 Pollard Thomas Haggar Holy Scripture clearing itself from Scandals Moone 55 9-Jun-55   D Answer to Farnworth, Truth cleared of Scandals, 54. Queries to Quakers Farnworth, Holy Scripture from Scandals Cleared, 55
  Pope James   A Plea for truth, in love to truth   59       Known only from answer Crook Unrighteousness no plea for truth 59
P 3295 Pressick George   A brief relation of some of the most remarkable passages of the Anabaptists LW 60     C Compares Quakers with sixteenth century anabaptists Burrough, Vindication of the people of God, 60
L 1506 Pressick George   A letter from Shrewsbury, setting forth the design to secure the castles TH 60       See under Letter.  
P 3496     Principles of Faith   54       See Goodwin Atkinson, Sword of the Lord Drawn, 54
      Principles of the Christian Religion, The           Pub. anon. Burrough thought by Eaton. Burrough Some False Principles & Errors 59
P 4045 Prynne William   The Quakers Unmasked Thomas 55 19-Feb-55   C LT also has enlarged 2nd ed, 19.6.55. accs. of Popery Audland Innocent Delivered and Schoolmaster Disciplined, both 55
P 4017 Prynne William   A New Discovery of some Romish Emissaries, Quakers Author 56 11-Sep-56   C Abusive attack, charges Quakers with being Jesuits. See also Some Popular Errors in LF cat.  
L 3493     Quacking Mountebank - Jesuit Turned Quaker, The E.B. 55 24-May-55 p. 80, no. 9 C See under Donald Lupton, called Daniel in Thomason. Stodart et al. thought author was Powell. Fox called it anon. Stodart et al., Answer to a Lying Scandalous Book, [55]. See also JFHS vol. 54/2 (1978): 126-134, C.M.Williams
Q 13     Quakers are Inchanters and Dangerous Seducers Dodd 55     C Account of woman who died after attending a Quaker meeting  
Q 22     Quakers Dream or the Devils Pilgrimage Horton 55 26-Apr-55   C Attributed to Henry walker, see CJ 1.42. Horton pub. several anti-Quaker papers. Fantastic descriptions of Quaker meetings  
Q 24     Quakers Fear, The Colet + al. 56     C Re fasting & death of Parnel. Vulgar illustrated ballad, attributed to L[awrence] P[rice], BQ 192 n2.  
Q 25     Quakers Fiery Beacon, The Horton 55 24-Jun-55   C Reference found in Thomason. Not B A-Q. Fierce attack on Quakerism, refs. to Gilpin and Jesuits.  
Q 30     Quakers Quaking Gilbertson 56 9-Dec-56   C Printer's date 57. On punishment of JN & associates. Anon. 2nd edn, see under Ives for 1st edn.  
Q 33     Quakers Terrible Vision, The Horton 55 4-May-55   C Attrributed to Henry Walker, see CJ 1.42. Quaking, Gilpin, Emmot, Fox mentioned. Anon. Declaration from the Children of Light, 55.
Q 163     Querers and Quakers cause at Second Hearing Brooke 53 20-May-53 p. 352, no. 52 C Queries & antiqueries, anon. Qs said to be inspired by Satan  
B 3219     Questions Propunded to George Whitehead and George Fox     29-Aug-59   D Wing has this under Blome. LF copy is part of Smith The Quaker disarmed  
  Rawson Edward   A True Relation of proceedings against the Quakers   60       Not found  
  Reeve John   Epistle to Friends, discovering the light   54       Possibly this & next are included in his Sacred Remains of 1706.  
  Reeve John   Epistle to Isaac Penington   58       See last  
R 670 Reeve John Muggleton Joyful News from Heaven   58       Part of Divine Looking Glass. Not anti-Quaker  
R 1223 Reyner Edward   Precepts for Christian Practice Newberry 55 2-Mar-55   X 8th edn 55,LT. On Christian behaviour Martin Mason, Proud Pharisee Reproved, 55
  Reyner John   Several Queries   55       Perhaps a letter? Nayler, True Discovery of Faith, 55
R 1660 Robins Thomas   The Sinners Warning Piece Tyus 50?     X Identification uncertain. Robins called himself England's Watchman . Farnworth Englands Warning Piece gone Forth 53
R 1929 Roper Randall   Truth Vindicated - Answer to Perrot Author 61     D   Perrot, Mistery of Babylon, 62
R 1941 Rosewell Thomas   Answer unto thirty Queries   56 7-Nov-56   D Careful ans. to Qs by one who agrres with much they teach.  
R 1971 Ross Alexander   PANSEBEIA, Saywell 53 7-Jun-53 p. 434, no. 80 X A View of all Religions . Fox uses this title. Useful review of all sects, esp. Familists Stephen Crisp Truth Triumphs, 70
S 9 S.,A.   The reconciler of religions   63     X Catholic tract against 'schismatiques' Coale, The Whore unvailed, 65
S 177 S.,T.   Review of that Richard Hubberthorne did affirme I C 61     D Thinks that Hubberthorne did not give an accurate description of Quakers to the King  
S 251     Sad Caveat to all Quakers Gilbertson 57 3-Mar-57   C About William Pool who drowned himself.  
S 788 Saye and Sele   Folly and Madness, the Quakers reply nd 61       Sometimes catalogued under Fiennes John Whitehead Manifestation of Truth, 62
  Scortreth George   Printed discourse           Identification uncertain. Cannot be Warning Piece S937; date wrong Martin Mason, Check to the Lofty Linguist, 55
  Scottow Joshua   Johannes Becoldus Redivivus   59     O Tr. part of French bk on continental anabapts. See Wing B4381 for later tr. of whole  
R 1276     Seasonable Exhortation npd 60       See Reynolds  
S 2493     Semper Eadem, or a Parallel Lowndes 61     C Ancient 'phanatics', such as Lollards and sixteenth century anabaptists Burrough, Persecution Impeached, 61
      Serious Review of some Principles of the Quakers   55   p. 413, no. 67   By PE - Peter English? See E3708 for a work of his. Thomason has this under Farnworth with wrong page ref. Farnworth, Scripture Vindication against Stalham, 55
S 3204 Sheppard William   The Parson's Guide; or, the Law of Tithes Lee 54 23-Jun-54 p. 573, no. 116 X Fox calls him WS. Guide to tithe law, useful  
S 3254 Sherlock Richard   The Quakers Wilde Questions objected Cotes 54 14-Mar-54 p. 390, no. 59 C NB BA-Q date 56 is 2nd ed. Ans to set of Queries sent to Sir Robert Bindloss(from RH). Fox in GM principles, may not refer to this book Hubberthorne, Reply to...a book by Richard Sherlock, 54
E 3556 Simpson Ewens Church of Christ in Bristol Brewster 57   p. 169, no. 29   See Ewens. Answer to Hollister, Skirts of the Whore, 56. Fox in GM has under Simpson, Wing does not. See Broadmead records Hollister, Harlots Vail Removed, 58
S 3949 Skipp Edmund   The Worlds Wonder, or, Quakers Blazing Star   55 28-Feb-55 p. 489, no. 107 C Thomason's seems to be only copy, and is defective Humphrey Smith, Something in Reply to.... , 55
S 4005 Smallwood Allan   A sermon preached at Carlisle Bulkely 65       Published in York Howgill, Oath no gospel order, 66
  Smith Samuel   Malice stript and whipt   56     D Answer to a paper re disturbances at Cressage, may be Payne & Overton's Priests Wickedness & Cruelty B.,I., Innocency cleared, 58; Howgill One of AntiChrists Volunteers Defeated, 60
S 4231bA Smith Thomas   A Gagg for the Quakers JC 59 3-Nov-59   C Anon., presumed this author. Answer to Denne, Quaker no Papist G. Whitehead, Key of Knowledge, 60
S 4231B Smith Thomas Blome The Quaker Disarm'd JC 59     D Rel to Cambridge debate of GW & GFY Denne Quaker no papist
      Some queries of W.S. tending to enforce the sabbath on Christians nd 60       Not BAQ. Known only from Penington's reply Penington, The new covenant of the Gospel, 60
  Spencely Bunyan See Bunyan Vindication           wrote Epistle to Reader  
S 5184 Stalham John   Contradictions of the Quakers   55     D Pub. Edinburgh. Contains important list of Quaker books he had read, bound together. Farnworth, Scripture Vindication, 55
S 5185 Stalham John   Marginall Antidotes Brewster 57 15-Oct-57 p. 482, no. 105 C Answer to Hubberthorne, Rebuke of a Reviler, 57  
S 5186 Stalham John   The Reviler Rebuked Hills & Field 57 6-Jun-57 p. 254, no. 43 C Addressed to the Protector. Answer to Farnworth Scripture Vindication against Stalham, 55, & generally anti-Quaker. Hubberthorne, Rebuke of a Reviler, 57
S 5452 Stephens Nathaniel   Vindiciae Fundamenti Paxton 58 24-Apr-58   X Not especially anti-Quaker. Is this actually the book Howgill attacked? Howgill, One of Antichrists Volunteers defeated 60
S 5680 Stillingfleet John   Shee[k]inah, or a demonstration of the divine presence Mortlock 63     C Against Quaker ideas and practices W.Smith, A briefe answer to a book entitled Shetinah 64
S 5827     Strange & Terrible News from Cambridge Brookes 59     C The bay mare bewitchment, a story that keeps reappearing Blackley Q202 59
T 248 Taverner Philip   The Quakers Rounds Lloyd 58   p. 448, no. 88 D Description of dispute at W.Drayton with Burrough, Fisher, others Burrough, Something of Truth Manifest & Some of the Principles of the Quakers Vindicated, both 58
  Taverner Philip   Some Principles of Edward Burrough   58   p. 485, no. 106   Title from title page of Burrough's reply. No copy extant. Burrough, Some of the Principles of the Quakers, 58.
T 987A Thomas William   A Defence of the Ministry of the Nation   56     D The same as Rayling Rebuked. The microfilmed copy lacks title page. Would be useful to compare it with LF copy of Rayling Rebuked. Details of Thomas' dispute with Speed difficult to sort out. Th. Speed, Christs Innocency Pleaded, 56
T 989 Thomas William   Rayling Rebuked, or, A Defence of the Ministry of this Nation Thomas 56   p. 383, no. 58 D Pub. Bristol. Answer to Speed, Christs Innocency 56, which refers to an earlier paper by Thomas. Dialogue form. Has a long unpaginated introduction. The same as Defence of the Ministry above. Speed, Thomas, Guilty-covered clergyman unvailed, 57
T 991 Thomas William   Vindication of Scripture & Ministry Thomas 57   p. 187, no. 31 D Not LF. Answer to Speed Rejoinder to a Reply, which is probably Guilty-covered Clergyman  
T 986 Thomas William   Christian and Conjugall counsell   61     X    
T 1166 Tillam Thomas   The Seventh Day Sabbath Author 58   p. 314, no. 48 X nd. Position of Fox's answer in first half of GM suggests 58 date. Lengthy book about sabbath observance Fox, Answer to Thomas Tillams book, 59
T 1295 Timson John   The Quakers Apostacie Williams & Tomson 56   p. 56, no. 6 C,D Comments on answers to his queries by G. & J. Whitehead, & Thomas Stubbs Dewsbury, Christ Exalted, 56
      To the Quakers, some Quaeries npd 60       BAQ only  
T 1767 Toldervy John al. The Foot out of the Snare   55 24-Dec-55 p. 85, no. 13 D Toldervy was a Quaker, left, & returned Nayler, Foot yet in the Snare, 56. Thomason had this on 2nd Jan, note closeness of dates.
T 1770 Toldervy John   The Snare broken Brooks 56 31-Jan-56   D Continuation of dispute. Again, note closeness of dates.  
T 1800 Tombes John   Antipaedobaptism: or the third part   57   p. 498, no. 108 X Fox principles , identity of book uncertain. Tombes wrote a good deal on the subject.  
T 1818 Tombes John   A serious consideration of the oath of the kings supremacy Hills nd 60 22-Oct-60   O    
T 1821 Tombes John   A Supplement to the serious consideration Hills nd 60 2-Mar-61   O    
T 1824 Tombes John Baxter True old light exalted above pretended new light Underhill 60     D   Fisher, Rusticus ad Academicos; Hubberthorne, Light of Christ Within both 60
T 1817 Tombes John   Sepher Sheba, or the oath book   62     O    
T 1986 Townsend Sampson   The Scripture Proved the Word of God Franklin 55     C Pub. Norwich, January. To Christopher Atkinson, G. Whitehead, James Lancaster & Thomas Symonds in Norwich gaol . C. Atkinson et al., Ishmael and his Mother, 55
T 2510     True and Lamentable Relation of the Death of James Parnell   56 7-May-56 p. 53, no. 3 C Anon. in Wing. Thomason has under Parnell. See Glisson. Anon. Lambs defence, 56
T 2998     True Relation of the Life, Conversation etc. of James Nayler Vere 56 20-Dec-56   C Printer's date 57. One of several books on this subject written at this time.  
T 3294 Turner Jane   Choice Experiences Hills 53   p. 452, no. 90 O John Turner wrote intro. to wife's book. Spiritual autobiography, includes attack on Quakers. Burrough called it imaginings Burrough Answer to a Book called `Choice Experiences' ,54
T 3416     Twenty Quaking Queries Page 59 6-Jul-59   C By Mad-Tom  
U 43 Underhill Thomas   Hell Broke Loose or an history of the Quakers Miller 60 13-Nov-59   C Dates given are correct. See what Howgil said about this in his answer! Answer to Nayler's answers to Bunyan, Ives, Moore. To the Army. Howgill Mouth of the Pit Stopped 59
V 254 Vernon Samuel   The Trepan T.M. 56 20-Jul-56   C Found by chance. Scurrilous attack on Quaker morals  
  W., R.   ??????           Known from reference in reply Howgill in Fox & Howgill The Papists Strength 58
W 159 Wade Christopher   Quakery Slain Irrecoverably author 57   p. 396, no. 63 C Answer to 24 named Quakers G. Whitehead & G. Fox Younger, Truth Defending, 59
W 190 Wadsworth Thomas   A serious exhortation to an holy life Kembe 60     X On need for inherent righteousness of those who wish to be saved  
C 1475? Wales Elkanah   A Catechism of Christian Religion       p. 552, no. 114   Seems the most likely book for the GM ref. Not BA-Q  
  Wallis John   No Info.       p. 394, no. 60     Possibly Fox & Nayler Several Petitions 53, also ref. in Nayler, Discovery of the Man of Sin, 54
W 1042     Water upon the flame, 20 queries np 59 7-Jul-59   X Mainly to 5th Monarchists. In BA-Q, but not really relevant  
W 1268A Weld Thomas Cole,al. The Perfect Pharisee Tomlins 53 14-Jan-54 p. 143, no. 25 C Also in Wing under Cole, C5045. Answer to Sauls Errand, & to personal meetings with Quakers Nayler, Answer to a Book called the Perfect Pharisee, 54
W 1268 Weld Thomas others Further Discovery of that Generation of Men called Quakers S.B. 54   p. 369, no. 56 CD Pub. in Gateshead. Answer to Nayler Answer to a Book called the Perfect Pharisee 54. Ref. to Eaton, Quakers Confuted. Thinks Quakers are Papists Nayler, Discovery of the Man of Sin, 54
  Whately Cresswell   The Quakers Libel           Known only from answer Whitehead G., The Pernicious Way 62
W 2096 Wigan John   Antichrists strongest hold overturned Author 65     D by W.,J. Curwen and Fell, This is an answer to John Wigans book
W 2802 Willington George   The Gadding Tribe Reproved Author 55   p. 98, no. 16 D Answer to Audland, Innocent delivered out of Snare 55 Audland, Schoolmaster Disciplined, 55
W 2803 Willington George   The Thrice Welcome   60       Ttitle in BAQ Thrice Happy Welcome of Charles II Burrough, Ptresentation of Wholesome Information, 60
W 3093 Winterton Thomas   The Quaking Prophets Wood 55     DC Answer to queries to anabaptists, & general denunciation Nayler, Discovery of the Beast, 55
W 3092 Winterton Thomas   The Chasing Young Quaker Harlot   56     DC Answers Burrough, Trumpet of the Lord; Nayler Love to the Lost; Lilburne Resurrection . Hubberthorne, Horn of the he-goat broken, 56
W 3418 Woodall, Frederick   Naturall & Spiritual Light Distinguished Tyton 55       No copy in the UK. Answer to previous work of Hubberthorne? Hubberthorne, Innocency of the Righteous, 55 and Brief Reply to Woodhall, 55.
B 1285     Worcester Petition   52     X See Humble Petition and Advice  
W 3705 Wright Joseph   A testimony for the Son of Man   60     D   Whitehead G., The Son of Perdition Revealed 61

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