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Selections from: Fox, George. The Works of George Fox. Philadelphia:Marcus T. Gould and New York: Isaac T. Hopper, 1831.

Selections from Volumes VII and VIII: Epistles

Unnumbered, 1650, Praise, Honor, and Glory Be To the Lord

Number II, 1650, The Children of the Devil, How Expert They Are In Evil

Number V, 1652, To His Parents

Number IX, 1652, That Which is Set Up by the Sword

Number XII, 1652, If Ye Love the Light, and Walk In It

Number XXII, 1652, O Friends! Keep Close to the Light

Number XXIII, 1653, Fear Not The Powers of Darkness

Number XLII, 1653, To Friends, Concerning The Light

Number LV, 1653, Concerning The Spiritual Warfare

Number LXXXV, 1655, That With The Light, They May See Their Salvation

Number LXXXIX, 1655, For Plymouth, Keep Your Meetings

Number XCVI, 1655, A Warning to Friends

NumberCV, 1655, Concerning the Light

Number CXXIII, 1656, Men In the Fall Are in Wars and Strife

Number CXXXIV, 1656, Live In Peace, All My Dear Babes of God

Number CXXXVI, 1657, To Friends, To Dwell in that which Keeps Peace

Number CXXXVIII, 1657, To The Prisoners

Number CXXXIX, 1657, Know The Praying in the Spirit

Number CL, 1657, Dwell in Unity and Love in the Power of God.

Number CLIII, 1657, To Friends Beyond the Sea, That Have Blacks and Indian Slaves

Number CLV, 1657, Concerning the Light

Number CLXXVII, 1659, All Friends Everywhere, Who are Dead to Carnal Weapons

Number CCI, 1661, In The Stillness and Silence of the Power of the Almighty Dwell

Number CCX, 1661, Trust Not in Man

Number CCXXVII, 1663, Sing and Rejoice

Number CCXLII, 1655, The Saints' Weapons Are Spiritual

Number CCLIX, 1658, Be Faithful in the Truth, Which the Devil is Out Of

Number CCLXVI, 1669, And All Ye Believers In The Heavenly Light

Number CCLXXI, 1669, Concerning Those That Go Out Of Unity

Number CCLXXIII, 1669, Not To Trust In UncertainRiches

Number CCLXXX, 1670, All Dear Friends Everywhere, Who Have No Help But The Lord

Number CCLXXXIII, 1670, To Friends In Bristol, In The Time Of Suffering

Number CCCIX, (1674) Friends, - Seek the Peace of All Men

Number CCCX, 1674, In Everything Give Thanks to the Lord

Number CCCXXXVI, 1676, To Friends at Dantzic

Number CCCLV, 1679, To Friends In America, Concerning Their Negroes and Indians

Number CCCLXII, 1679, Concerning True Liberty

Number CCCLXXXV, 1679, To Suffering Friends In Prison At Bristol

Number CCCXCVI, 1684, To The Suffering Friends Of Dantzic

Number CCCXCIX, 1685, Concerning The Pure and Undefiled Religion

Number CCCCV, 1685, To Friends In The Ministry In Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Number CCCCXX, 1690, To Friends, Captives At Macqueness