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The Bunyan-Burrough Debate of 1656-57

Analyzed Using a Computer Hypertext

by Larry Kuenning

(Print Edition)

The print edition of this study is a photographic reproduction of my dissertation as I submitted it for my Ph.D. degree in April 2000. It includes the text of the Bunyan and Burrough documents (but not Fox) arranged in columns to simulate the effect of the hypertext.

It is not printed by Quaker Heritage Press, but it can be ordered from University Microfilms International in paperback, hardback, unbound pages, microfilm, or microfiche using the order number 9969853. See their website for prices, which depend on the format you want, where you live, and whether you have a university affiliation.

To order online, copy the dissertation's order number (9969853); then go to UMI's Dissertation Express website and answer its sequence of questions. (Unfortunately their website is so constructed that you must go through their prompts to order; I cannot provide a workable link from here to a partially-filled-out order form.) When you get to the "search" page, fill in the "order number" blank with the number you copied. If you don't like copying the number you can instead put "Bunyan-Burrough" in the "title" blank or "Kuenning" in the "author" blank, being careful to spell it right. (Using my last name will also turn up items by two cousins and an aunt.)

Or you can order by snail mail, phone, or fax from:

University Microfilms International
Bell & Howell Information and Learning Company
300 North Zeeb Road
P.O. Box 1346
Ann Arbor, MI 48106-1346

From North America: phone 1-800-521-0600, ext. 3781; fax 1-800-308-1586
Elsewhere: phone +1 734-761-4700, ext. 2825; fax +1 734-997-4210

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