By Thomas Ellwood

From Ellwood, Thomas. The History of the Life of Thomas Ellwood, Written by Himself. With a Supplement by Joseph Wyeth. Stereotype Edition. Philadelphia: Friends' Book Store, nd, page 318.

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Oh that mine eyes might closed be
To what becomes me not to see;
That deafness might possess mine ear,
To what concerns me not to hear;
That Truth my tongue might always tie,
From ever speaking foolishly;
That no vain thought might ever rest,
Or be conveived in my breastl
That by each word, each deed, each thought,
Glory may to my God be brought.
But what are wishes! Lord, mine eye
On thee is fix'd, to thee I cry;
Oh purge out all my dross, my tin,
Make me more white than snow within;
Wash Lord, and purify my heart,
And make it clean in every part;
And when 'tis clean, Lord keep it too,
For that is more than I can do.