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The 5th of the 2nd mo. 1804. I hope I may ever stand open to reproof and instruction. But what an enemy to good is this busy, active self! The heart of man is said to be deceitful, and even desperately wicked when selfishness governs it; and the query is, Who can know it? Why, the Light discovers it, even in its close lurking places, to those who are advancing in obedience and faithfulness to their God.

I can sympathize with those who are under discouragement; for the principle of darkness seems every striving to keep us off the right ground. Oh! how many by-ways, snares and dangers surround us! But it is so permitted in the wisdom of our Creator, that we may know our safety is in watchfulness and humility. this life is like a field of warfare and combat. A watch and piquet guard is necessary to be set, to announce the approach of the enemy in all his policies and devices. If in the arduous task we faithfully attend to the General's motions and orders, we need not fear him, though with his fiery flying legions he may lurk in ambush ready to surprise and lead us captive. Let us, therefore, keep close to the Light, in a humble acknowledgment and sense of our own nothingness without its preserving power. Those that humble themselves hall be in due time exalted; and they who lean on the arm of Omnipotence, shall witness peace and preservation.