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I think so much of my dear William that my heart seems full. But, O my child, I cannot amuse thy ears with pleasant things, for the general sound is otherwise, at least it seems so to me, - a sound that's solemn! the voice of thunder and hail rather remarkable! the sound of war and devastations abroad, and fears of its appearing in our once flourishing land! and the threatening pestilence, which baffles all human skill, quickly sweeping some of all ages off the state of mortality. Is it not for sin and disobedience? Every one, almost, seems rushing after the gains and pleasures of this world; - forgetting and neglecting the great duty of loving, in the first place, the Giver form whom our existence and all good proceeds. - Well; let the Lord perform his great work, and bring about his act, wherein the kingdoms of this world are to become the kingdoms of the Lord and of his Christ.

Oh! that thy mind, my dear William, were seasoned with heavenly virtue - established, and fixed on the Rock that is immovable! But the current downward is very strong: I feel it so; which humbles me on account of my children as well as myself. I have known a place of refuge in the storms of life; even the house of prayer, where the wicked spirit cannot enter nor the enemy find a hold. My heart abounds with wishes for thy everlasting welfare: but thy mind, I am afraid, is too much afloat, sufficiently to relish such serious counsel, so as to practice it. There is a want, my dear boy, of stability, which I covet for thee. And may heaven bless and preserve thee, is my sincere desire.

William, ever love all thy brothers and sisters. - Let nothing into thy mind to alienate thee from them. Be cautious of believing any thing that will weaken family connexions. If thou never seest me more, have respect and regard to thy dear sisters for my sake; they are all affectionate to me, and love their brothers. So, my dear son, I bid thee farewell. This is the second scrawl from thy affectionate mother,

Increase Woodward.