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"8th month. 1771.

O merciful Father, who respectest the cry of the humble, who hast compassion on them that are wear, and heavy laden with their sins, and who hast promised that those who ask shall receive, and those who seek shall find rest and peace, - grant, I pray thee, a renewal of thy favour to my weary soul, that longs for thee; - forgive mine iniquities, for they are many; and cast me not off, O merciful Judge of quick and dead, but look with an eye of pity and compassion on thy offending creature, whose face is turned Zion-ward. I look towards Jerusalem, and mourn for my native home, for my Father's house. O long to enter into thy holy temple; but sin separates the soul form its pure and holy God. - Oh! that I were pardoned, and my sins forgiven, and that the Lord would be a light unto me."


"O Lord, have mercy on one who labours and longs for thy righteousness; who groans to be clothed upon that house from heave, and who desires to be numbered with the heavenly host. Remove my sins far away; lead and guide me by thine arm of power through and over all my oppressors."


"O thou tender Father of the children of men, give me an earnest of thy favours; renew thy covenant of peace unto thy feeble handmaid, whose cries are unto thee, morning, noon, and night. Clothe me with strength in battle; for mine enemies have set themselves in array against me. Enable me to stand, O Lord, for thy cause; strengthen and confirm me in the way. Arise, dearest Father, and support my sinking faith. My prayers are unto thee; my hope is fixed on thy promise, that thou wilt come, and wilt not always tarry.