Francis Howgill

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Dear Friends everywhere who have believed in our Lord Jesus Christ, and (who have been) called with an holy calling to the great salvation of God which is made manifest in this day of his power. Keep your first love, and let not the threats of men, neither the frowns of the world affright you from that which you have prized more than all the world. Now the sun is up, and a time of scorching is come, and that which hath no root will wither. Now every ground will be tried, and blessed is the good that brings forth the Seed which must inherit the promise.

Oh, let not the care of this present life choke that which God hath begotten. Seeing the Lord hath so marvelously wrought for us hitherto, in the midst of great oppression, let not your faith fail, nor your confidence in God who delivered Jacob of old out of his adversary, and Israel out of all his troubles, whose care is over his people now.

Having seen the emptiness of the world and its way and worship, let nothing blind your eyes again, and let not the things present nor the things to come separate you from the love of God in Christ Jesus. Mind not them that draw back to perdition, but let it teach you all more diligence, to be a those who press after glory, immortality, and everlasting life.

The way of God was ever hated by the world and the powers thereof. Never heed the rough spirits nor the heavy, for their bound is set, and their limit known; but mind the Seed, which hath dominion over all. And forsake not the assembling of yourselves together in which you have found God and his promise and power and blessing amongst you, your understanding opened.

Oh, rather suffer all tings than let go that which you have believed; for whoso doth, will lose the evidence of God's spirit in them, and their peace will be lost.

The Lord God preserve your all unto the end faithful.

Appleby Jail, the 10th. of the 3rd. month, 1664