Transcribed by the Webmeister from the original handwritten manuscript, Spruance Library, Bucks County Historical Society.

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Langhorne, Oct. 13, 1884.

Dear friend

I have had it on my mind frequently of late of attending the different meetings of the county as I did last year; it may seem foolish to thee, but if thee and other could see as clearly as I have been made [triple underlined] to see, that the Christian religion is entirely another thing, different altogether from Ethical religion or Transcendentalism, or any Principles of action modes (?)  You would speed my on my way or methods. The Christian religion is revealed by God, and the Soul converted from the world to Him, and man is thereby enabled to worship in spirit and in truth, in reality -- God

Not only is the end reached which, Ethics, rules, law, principles, or doctrines aim at, or partially accomplish; but the axe is laid at the root of the corrupt tree, and the soul is at rest with God who gave it.

I know it sees like presumption (?) for me to set up a judgement different from nearly all my dear friends, relating yet there are some who can acknowledge my testimony or rather the testimony I have to bear (for it is not mine) that and the evidence of the work inwardly, is the reason why I know it is not mine, but of heaven. I am not only non presumptions but am low in heart, and would gladly stay at home where I could attend to the work of the farm.

If thee could give notice in the paper, I would attend your meeting next first day and have an appointed meeting some where in the afternoon; and so on to Buckingham the next first day, Solebury and Wrightstown as the time passes.

Please let me hear from thee as soon as possable.

Thee don't know how hard it is for me to start I am naturally diffident and have a poor opinion of my ability.

I have a strong faith and trust in the promises.

Sincerely thy friend

Simon Gillam.