Transcribed by the Webmeister from the original handwritten manuscript, Spruance Library, Bucks County Historical Society.

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Langhorne, July 2nd, 1883.

Dear friend,

I have had it on my mind for a long time to attend the first day meeting as they come in course, beginning at Plumstead next first day, at Doylestown the following one, and so on to Buckingham and Solebury and on down through the County. I would like the have an appointed meeting in the afternoon at each place or some little distance, among the people of other churches and those who do not belong to any meeting. I mean at some of the churches or in  hall where the masses would turn out too, or a few miles from friends meeting houses. I will write to Comly (?) Mitchener about their neighbourhood. Will thee put the notice in the paper, in both papers, They should not charge anything if I give my time for the  good of the world, and spread of the Gospel of Christ, they aught to do that much, I think. I am no sectarian and if the Editors will come to the meeting we will not charge then nor take up a collection. I am persuaded that I have received something, and understand that it is  not of myself but the gift of God. And all men have [crossed out: "receive" -pds] it, given them but they do not know it; and my mission is to make known that which is rejected by man, to be when received by him the riches of the mystery of the Gospel of the Christ.

Thy friend Simon Gillam.