Transcribed by the webmeister from the original handwritten manuscript at Spruance Library, Bucks County Historical Society.

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Newtown 2moth 7th 1841

Beloved Friend

Samuel Hart

Since I heard of the proceedings of Buckingham M.M. my mind has been sliped into tender Emphathi with thee having most coridally united with thy views touching a case before that meting and I rejoice that thou hast manifested such virtue and unflinching intagrity in having a faithfull testimony to the Truth don't be discouraged dear brother now thou art caled upon to suffer for the Truth but keep thy eye single to the precepts and example of thy blessed Saviour who when he had bornn a faithful testeemony to the Truth he was willing to suffer for it even the ignomious death of the cross saing greater love hath no man then this that a man lay down his life for his friend "ye are my friends if ye do whatsoever I command you. My dear Samuel I want thee to be a friend indeed not mearly the name but in the everlasting substance. Therefore as a brother I would tenderly advise thee to continue to attend Buckingham M.M. I have no objections to thy requesting to be releast from serving the meeting as clerk but I want thee to stand firm as a pillor in the Lords house that will go no more out I am no stranger to the exercize thro which thee art now passing for I have been in the street called strate and at one time was so offended at the inconsistant conduct of some of my fellow members that was high in profession but low in practice that I was almost ready to do as some weak disciples done formerly go back and walk no more with him but was admonished by the wise saying of Peter "Lord to whom shall we go thou hast the word of everlasting life" Dear Samuel Hart I want to se thee & thy interesting famely & if it was not that I had been so long out of my shop I would have been glad to have had thee with me in a late visit to Westbury & some meeting in Jersey. Apprehending that thou art no better pleased with long lifeless sermons I shall conclude in much love to thee thy dear wife and children


Edw. Hicks

P.S. Healing love in my heart particularly to that dear daughter that was indisposed the last time I was at thy house I wish my dearest christian love to be given to her