Transcribed by the webmeister from the original handwritten manuscript at Spruance Library, Bucks County Historical Society.

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Newtown Second Eve 9month 28th 1840

Beloved friend

Samuel Hart

It appears right for me to propose What with Divine permition and friends approbation I will attend Plumstead meeting on first day morning next the fourth of next month and be at Doylestown in the afternoon opr evening as friends may think best   I may attend the monthly meeting on the fifth but I am in a difficulty about Buckingham having been treated unkindly by some of the friends of N.S. & even wounded by some that profess to be my friends who have soundly asserted that I said in opposition to N.S. concern when before Wrightstown Quarterly Meeting what I never did say and tryed to bring me before a kind of Ecclesiastic Tribunal while some of N.S. friends complained to the overseers of Makefield M.M. under a discouraging consideration of these things I known not how I can attend that M.M.

Please let me know if thee can comment recently on what arguments are made or whether any --- In haste & in much love to thee they dear wife and children farewell

Edw. Hicks

I should be willing that parents and heads of familys without distinction should have peculiar notis.