A Summary of a Sermon Delivered by PAUL CUFFEE to the Young Men at the Arch Street Meeting, Date Unknown.
In Cadbury, Henry. "Negro Membership in The Society of Friends." Journal of Negro History, Vol. 21, pages 151-213.

This is The Quaker Homiletics Online Anthology, Part 3: The 19th Century.

Paul Cuffee in a meeting in Arch Street, Philadelphia, addressing the young men present expressed himself to the following effect:

He said he was afraid to dignify what he had to say, by calling it a vision, but it appeared to him something more than a dream. It occurred at a time when he was very low in his mind and much cast down, and being very disconsolate there appeared to him the form of and enquiring what ail'd him? He said he could not tell. The Form told him the disease was in his heart and he could show him. Upon his expressing permission the Form took a sharp instrument, separated his heart from his body and laid it before him. He was greatly terrified in viewing it, it being very unclean and contained all kinds of abominable things. The Form said he could never be healed till he submitted to have his heart cleansed. Then said he I fear I never shall be healed. But on the Form asking him if he was willing to have it cleansed, and he consenting he took a sharp instrument and separated all that was vile: then closed up the heart, replaced it and healed the wound. Thus he said he felt himself a changed man and a new creature and then recommended the young men to that Physician who could heal them, although their state was ever so deplorable.