A Sermon Delivered by Richard Barrett, date and place not given.
Sermons Preached by Members of the Society of Friends. London: Hamilton, Adams, & Co., 1832, pages 13-15.

This is The Quaker Homiletics Online Anthology, Part 3: The 19th Century.

Truly it is meet for us to give thanks for mercies past, and mercies promised; but Oh! my friends, let us take care that our thanks be given, not only in words, but in deeds also. It is true, many changes have taken place among us; many have been taken, but in the Lord's matchless mercy we are still left; many have been removed, and can we doubt that many more now numbered among the living, will soon be among the dead? We are left to prepare for this event, we are still called of God by Jesus Christ, our holy Redeemer; and if called, do we not believe hat we are put individually into a capacity of becoming chosen by him, and prepared and fitted for that event which has overtaken so many of our. brethren and sisters; have there not been removed from us of every class during the present year, and is there now any situation that gives exemption for another year; then whilst we are continuing to hear the Lord's call, let us endeavour to be found instant in prayer and supplication, and in giving thanks not only by words, but by deeds also; that we may be strengthened to become obedient unto that call which we have heard, and which we continue, in infinite love, and in matchless mercy, still to hear; but I have been earnestly desirous that our minds may become more and more deeply impressed with what it is that we are called from; from the gratification of self, unto self denial; we are called from the love of sin, to the love of God with all our hearts, with all our souls, with all our strength, with all our mind. Oh! let us bring ourselves day by day to the test of this consideration-what is the nature of my obedience to that call which I know to he from the Lord, and which, if I am obedient unto, I shall become chosen of him, through his Son Jesus Christ. We have been called, and who is there who is not continuing to feel, deeply to feel, that power which would bring unto God, which would bring into his acceptance, which would bring us, in a word, to become new creatures--into that state, which is availing and acceptable in the sight of God. Oh friends! our time is short, therefore let us be diligent, not only in hearing, but in obeying; let us bow the neck in humble submission unto him who is worthy to be served with our bodies and spirits, as they are his, let us come unto him day by day, with that which he is calling for at our hands. Oh! how little, how insignificant, how trifling are the things we have to offer, and which are required at our hands, compared with that which is included in the gift of being chosen of God., and being heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ Jesus our Redeemer: the Lord hath called and he is continually calling, but Oh! how sensible some of us feel that we have not long answered his call, we have not been obedient to the demands of his word, not walked in the direction of his counsel, but he is still calling, Come unto me and be ye saved; he is still calling us, many have been taken, we in matchless mercy have been .spared. Oh! that the mercy of God unto our souls may answer the purpose of its design, which if it does not do, it will be our own fault.