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The Quaker Writings Home Page. (QWHP) A diverse miscellany of Christian Quaker writings from all time periods, including multiple perspectives and different genres. This includes early to late writings, polemical works, teaching tools, journal extracts, letters, poetry, doctrinal works, etc. Notice: These sites are not affiliated with or endorsed by any Quaker organization or association.
The Quaker Homiletics Online Anthology. (QHOA) This is more particularly focused site as far as genre, being probably the first attempt to compile a collection of Quaker sermons from all periods of Quaker history (there have been many print collections, most dealing with particular ministers or with ministers contemporary with the editors.)
The QuakerPages Branch Office. Containing larger files and more researched material, from the discontinued Old Quaker Printshop. Presently contains Robert Barclay, Thomas Chalkley, Elizabeth Levis, the only full account of the trial of William Penn and William Mead available that I know of, Jacob Ritter, and Samuel Rundell. Please be advised this site is on and does contain advertising.
Copyright notice on the above sites: Material on QWHP written and published prior to 1900 is dedicated to the public domain, unless otherwise specified. The transcribed texts of material written or printed after 1900 or which has not been published prior to its appearance on this site is declared to be the copyrighted property of Peter Sippel. In some cases, the content has been previously copyrighted by the author or publisher and is reprinted with permission. All of the transcriptions on QHOA are declared the copyrighted property of Peter Sippel.

Horsham Friends' Meeting. The one I am member of (they are not responsible for what you see here.)
Quaker Heritage Press, maintained by Larry and Licia Kuenning. Online texts of various early Friends's works including Margaret Fell, Isaac Penington, and Robert Barclay, material published by Quaker Heritage Press and information relating to ordering the same.
The Tract Association of Friends, maintained by Chip Thomas for the Tract Association. This site (the official site of The Tract Association of Friends) contains the full texts of most f the smaller tracts and pamphlets published by TAF, with a full listing of their material resently in print and ordering information.
New Foundations Fellowship(UK). and New Foundations Fellowship (USA) The group stated by Lewis Benson. These sites contain texts of various New Foundation publications, as well as information about the group, listings of events, etc.)
Friends Christian Website. Website and forum for Conservative ("Wilburite") Friends in Greece. Probably the largest Quaker site on the web, providing links to many groups and containing historical and contemporary material. Disclaimer: The webmaster finds many of the sites linked to contrary to the Christian principles of Friends.
The Street Corner Society, maintained by Kirk Wattles. Dedicated to early Friends, Levellers, Diggers, etc.
QuakerInfo.Com. Maintained by Bill Samuel.
Northwest Yearly Meeting Resources Page, an official site of Northwest Yearly Meeting(Evangelical Friend's International) containing mostly present writings; strong on Arthur O. Roberts., maintained by Bill Samuel. Featuring articles, links, discussions, links to other sites.

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