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Temporary Outage Fixed

July 2014 (more mistakes found and corrected):

When our e-mail system failed in March 2013 and we got it restored on a new hosting service in April, we didn't notice that in the same disaster someone had also reverted our website to an earlier version, probably from an old backup. We unwittingly copied this earlier version to our new host, and it took more than a year before we discovered that parts of the site were out of date. Yes, we do have all four volumes of James Nayler's works, as well as our expanded edition of Job Scott's Essays, and now the site says so again, and provides online copies.

In the process we have also fixed a few other things, such as the pop-up text that is supposed to appear over the cloud icons in the Bunyan-Burrough debate.

April 2013 (original disappearance fixed):

E-mail sent to addresses at qhpress.org mostly failed from March 27 to April 3, 2013, and some continued to fail until April 11 when we moved to a new hosting service. Since then it seems to have been reliably delivered. If you wrote to us during that period and received a failure notice or no answer, please try again (spammers not included).

This website failed to appear at www.qhpress.org for most of the day on April 11 due to a problem with the changeover to the new host, though it could be found at qhpress.org (no www) if anyone thought of looking for it there. For about 5 more days it appeared at both locations but with some small problems in the www version. Now it is back to normal no matter which address you use.

A few low-volume mailing lists operated from this site took longer to adapt to the new setup and became operational in late April.

This page last modified 7/2/2014.