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Creating a Link to this Catalog

Authors of other web pages may wish to create links to this Catalog of Quaker Writings. There are two ways to do this: to create a link to the whole catalog, or to create a link to a specific name within it. The first of these is obvious to anyone familiar with writing web pages, but the second needs special instructions.

Linking to the Whole Catalog

This is the obvious part. Any one of the following links will work:

Of course these must be embedded in a typical HTML "a href=" code, like this:

<a href="http://www.qhpress.org/catalog/">Catalog of Quaker Writings</a>

Linking to a Name in the Catalog

It is also possible to link to the name of any author listed in the catalog. This will cause a user's browser to scroll down through the catalog to the specified name when the page is loaded.

This is done by looking at the HTML source code for the catalog and finding the "a name=" code for the desired author. For instance, the heading for George Fox looks like this:

<h4><a name="george.fox">FOX, GEORGE</a> (1624-1691)</h4>

From this it can be seen that the label "george.fox" can be used to reach this point in the file.

Here comes the tricky part. Readers familiar with creating web pages may assume that the correct address for a link to the George Fox heading is:


Please do not do it that way!

The reason is that as the catalog grows, it periodically becomes necessary to divide it into smaller files. When this page was originally written, all authors were in index.html, but this has been changed repeatedly. The Fox section was for a while in a-h.html, and has now been moved to f-j.html. More such changes may occur, and each will break any links that use the old filenames.

To solve this problem, I have installed a program that will find the desired heading no matter what file currently contains it. Sample links to that program will look like this:

Please create links using this pattern. Also, please be sure to reproduce the exact form of the desired label as found in the catalog's HTML source code. Notice, for instance, that the label for Robert Barclay (the apologist) ends with ".17c" in order to distinguish him from Robert Barclay the historian. Be sure not to change small letters to capitals, because some browsers will not recognize the labels if you do this.

Larry Kuenning, QHP webmaster

This page was last modified 3/18/2004.